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Monday, April 14, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep1

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Ah, it's been a while since I sat down on a chair and really blogged lol. The weekend had been hectic with me trying to cramp as much FINM2401 stuff in my small little brain. But now, it's over and it AIN'T THAT bad after all, I could had skip alot of what I did revise LOL.

Last Friends OP

Anyways, introduce you guys this new Japanese Drama series call, 'Last Friends', Episode 1 broadcasted on April 10th and here I am, watching the Chinese Sub 3 days later lol.

Fans of Ueno Juri [Noda from Nodame Cantabile] should definitely catch this to see the different sides of Juri, from the 'high-pitched, wacky & cheerful' [MUKYYYAAA!] Nodame to this 'low-toned, solemn & cool' Ruka =). She's totally amazing in here.

Oh well, the spoiler pic below will explain why I'm watching this;


Last Friends Ep1 Spoiler

*Wide grin* A sneak kiss. I love the part where Ruka made such a sorrow looking face at the sleeping & crying Michiru then hesitating before leaning down.

It's apparent that Ruka really likes Michiru but too bad Michiru's too coughstraightcough dense to sense it and ... Ruka's really hid her feelings well. There were plenty of camshots of Ruka staring at the smiling Michiru like as long as she's happy, she's happy too.

I've already start predicting the plot after watching Episode 1 lol, from the way the timeline was organized, the present day, a pregnant Michiru's alone somewhere, hesitating here and there on whether to write a letter to Ruka. I believe Ruka doesn't know where Michiru was or she's away abroad on something related to motorcross and I'll go with both. Suddenly, I've got this crazy idea that Ruka might be dead but nah, since Michiru's trying to write a letter ... lol.

Anyways, along the episode, there were instances that Michiru's recalling on the subtle hints Ruka's leaving and regrets, signalling that it's a present day feeling. So I think that towards the end, Ruka will find Michiru in the whatever hole she was in and lived happily ever after LOL.

I doubt that it will happen, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Oh yes, the OP, 'Prisoner Of Love', sung by Utada Hikaru ROCKS! If you haven't listen to it yet, GO, GO! NO, you're not fast enough, click here instead! LoL.

Last Friends Ep1 Spoiler

Manz, the Media Player Classic thumbtail function seriously doesn't do justice to Ep1 ... oh well, I'm lazy to screenshoot and stuff, so go on, go watch the Episode 1 RAW on veoh. I can't wait for Episode 2 already XD.

Oh yeah, finally I'm changing the Song of the Month, Mnemosyne ED, 'CAUSE DISARRAY' by GALNERYUS. Enjoy, cos I did.

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  1. The last/kiss scene greatly reminded me of the last scene of Kannaduki no Miko 1st episode. Ruka=Chikane ^.^

    I will be following this drama as well. Hopefully the writers don't screw up the storyline.

  2. haha i sure will love tat the ending is like wat u dream too, but the worse is wat u said tat ruka maybe dead is unbearable. the song with the show was splendid esp when ruka ran in the rain while finding her... make me struck to the screen replaying it over and over ..... with my heart pounding away hehe. i'm like waiting for the 2nd eps to come in anxiety.... wonder can i wait tat loong before i go crazyyyy and start racing off to the airport, buying ticket to japan to catch it 1st hehe (even though i hav no $$ for it and i dun understand jap).. haha

  3. Wow, thanks for suggesting this J-dorama. I would have never known about it until like months later.. and I love Ueno Juri! Hehe, it's great to see 3 familiar faces from Nodame Cantabile all acting together in another drama. Ryo is also great (loved him in 1 Litre of Tears).

    Oh, and the opening credits of the drama really goes well with the song!

    Thanks again!

  4. I LOVE how you talked about the opening song and saying go go go then how we aren't fast enough and u posted the video haha

    man this drama
    i love it =d
    at first i was thinking ok..nice..abut friends..then at the end of the episode i was like...'friends' eh haha

    really good

  5. I wanna watch this for the hopes of Ruka x Michi, but according to the official site, Michi will have feelings for Takeru. She's too damn of a het barbie. =\

    But the Ruka x Michi fnagirls can dream, right?

  6. Yeah I just heard about this one. I can't wait to go and watch it. That screen shot of the kiss you have? There a whole one minute clip of it on Youtube. Come on RukaxMichiru! Whenever I see Ruka and Michiru I think of Sailor Moon. ^_^'

  7. I'm currently watching this as well...all for the yuri!!! it's cool that you mention it here :)

  8. to wavering-entity, o_O well in some way but I believe Ruka merely wanted to comfort Michiru and it wasn't that shocking to Ruka either in Ep2, like it was just a peck on the cheek.

    to anon1, ohhh it might be true if you watched Ep2 LOL. Oh nos, me and my big mouth! Haha, you can watch it via streaming here; http://pages.tvunetworks.com/channels/
    Remember to tune in Thursday, 10 pm, Japan Time =).

    to ni, no problems, yeah loveeee the OP XD.

    to moochi2000, lol. I was crazy at that time. Yeah friends huuhh lol.

    to zanders, yeah ... yep, but we can all dream lol.

    to amilais, yep, I saw it, lol Haruka x Michiru ... Ruka x Michiru XD.

    to anon2, yep, all for the yuri =).

  9. this drama seem like it's good, i want to watch it. Probably gonna go off downloading it.