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Friday, April 18, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep2

[Posted @ 8:37 PM]

LoL, Ruka really said that, I'm not lying XD. Sousuke was like, *rise eyebrow* 'Your Michiru?' while Michiru was all clueless behind Ruka.

I wanted to watch it 'live' online but I was freaking kicked out of the network last night ... DAMMIT! But sub's fast, it's up like one day later, saw it when I finished my last mid-sem test [It wasn't pretty].

Last Friends Ep2

Oh well, Ep2 was hm interesting, as Michiru's senpai continued to bully her, Sousuke as well continued his beating of Michiru [And you thought Michiru would had ran away or called the police *rolls eyes*] although not as bad in Ep1 but it's getting more angsty and psycho lol. Especially the scene where he grabbed Michiru who was holding a scissors and directed it at his right ear ... whoa, talk about spooky.

A new character in Ep2, Ogura Tomohiko, a ... lol wuss who's scared of going home to yell at his cheating wife to get the hell outta his house, as Eri nicely placed LOL. We got a glimpse of Takeru's phobia of sex [Must be some wild woman O_O] as he got uncomfortable while watching a kissing/love scene in a movie dvd they were watching. Anyways, blah blah, Sousuke got jealous and pissed when Takeru went to the hair salon Michiru's working at for a haircut. He was creepily standing outside the store, waiting for her ... lol.

Later, Michiru after promising Sousuke what time she would be back and stuff, managed to watch Ruka on her motorcross competition but unfortunately Ruka fell, had head concussion and was sent to the hospital. Loved the scene where Sousuke too arrived at the hospital to visit Ruka as if he's sizing up his competition lol and ironically completely ignoring Takeru who Michiru is supposed to like later LOL.

Sousuke went bonkers at the hospital and was overheard by Ruka who wanted to visit the bathroom [I thought there's bathrooms in the ward itself?! O_o]. Of course Ruka ignored her limping leg and ran full out to protect Michiru from Sousuke, yelling that 'Don't touch _my_ Michiru!' LOL. Oh well, then it's the end, can't wait for Ep3, it's getting more interesting ...

I believe Ruka tried to convince Michiru to leave Sousuke but like typical dumb lead girls, she refused, leaving a pissed Ruka off. More info revealed about Takeru's phobia and the woman behind it ...

Oh yes, I almost forgot lol, I reckon, the most nerve-racking moment in Ep2 would be that Ruka seemed to have contracted some sort of disease/illness related to Urology ... and it doesn't look pretty at all. I was thinking of cervix cancer and any other thing related to cancer ... I mean come on, it's a drama after all lol

Oh nos, that means my perfect plot in Ep1 was shattered!!!! T_T.

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  1. Omg, the guy in the big picture looks really kawaii lols!

  2. to blissmo, o_o fast comment, uh that's not a guy, it's a girl, Ueno Juri ... lol.

  3. LOL. *Sorry, I couldn't help myself.*

    Anyway, thanks for the info about an interesting series ;). It looks pretty angsty o.O.

  4. Cancer!! that doesn't mean Ruka is going to die right? If she does, this drama is really messed up by ruining the best couple I've ever come to idolize.

    Aftering watching 1 ep and planning on watching 2 ep, I can confidently say that Sousuke should be run over by a car, or scratch by an angry cat in the face, and maybe be imprison in a dark basement by a lunatic gay man. No one laid a hand on a woman and think he can get away with it >.<

    Did I mention how dumb Michi can get. A very bad representation of the real Michiru. I really wanted to knock some senses onto her head with an apple. Maybe by then she can see how ridiculously and very meatballhead-like she's acting.

    Other than that, Ruka rockz and this series better have a happy ending or I'm planning on knocking the producer in the head with not only an apple but also a big old watermelon!!!

  5. hrm this Last Friends sounds really cool. :3 i'm gonna have to find some english subbed videos of it... cute bishies. hehe~~

    also, i'm new to blogging, and i was wondering, how did you do your ad placements? mine suck. ;___; i don't know how to put it between posts. ^^;;

  6. lol @ blissmo's guy comment

    My Michiru? Ruka's getting more possessive now, eh? :D Go Haruka! Erm~ I mean, Ruka.

    Btw, did you notice the number on her motorbike at the championship? Is it just me or does it scream Haruka? Hehe.

    Thanks for the early updates about the episodes, I have your site bookmarked already. ^_^

  7. hello, this is the first time i am posting although i visit your blog Regularly so Hajimimashte and nice blog~~~ Otskari Sama.
    I couldnt wait for the show to be subbed so i watched it without one (eng subs) and Miraculously i understood about 92%of it...yay
    And i think that Ruka is maybe thinking of changing her sex i dont think that she has cancer ..
    i really cant wait for ep3 to relesse ,next ep~Rukia X Michiru~ fighto~ ...
    and by the way Ruka rocks , and juri rocks more cuz of her incredible acting skills...loved her in Nodame C.

  8. to rinu, no problems. Just continue watching it.

    to ri-chan, well I'm only guessing that it's cancer lol but many people are saying she's going for a sex change which I find ... well I dunno lol I never thought of that before! Wow. How controversial!

    Haha, I believe many fans out there want him dead haha.

    to winterrose, yep it's good, gotta watch it =). Hm, ad placements huh, I placed my ad codes on the template [Just below the posts/comment codes] and blogger will automatically generate the banners on every post for me.

    to zanders, XD. Coincidence heh? Maybe the producers were fans of Sailor Moon lol.

    to lulu-chan, glad you posted a comment then =). Yeah seemed like alot of people are speculating that Ruku's going to change her gender cos she went to the Urology website ... but there's more to Urology isn't it?

    Just because Sousuke yelled that Ruku's not a woman doesn't mean she's not right? I mean he could be yelling that statement in a fit of anger that a tomboy is stealing his girlfriend lol.

    Well I don't know, so I'm really waiting anxiously for Ep3 ... isn't that what the producers want!? Haha.

  9. Waaa there goes rukaXmichiru....

    btw ruka is over-protective of michiru....

    pampering her too much ~ sheez...

  10. Ohhh how manly Ruka is. Opps seems like Sousuke understands while our michiru is clueless damn! I so need wet kiss from the girls. I don't support 'stealing kiss' but it was beautiful and Ruka should steal few more times :D

  11. I tried to translate all those messages on Ruka's screen. Here is what I got -

    The first screen after the title:
    something surgical operation subject/contents/matter something.

    The second screen with two messages:
    Right institution access (?);
    Second opinion about recieving/acceptance

    I did some research. On every medical site they have the link about second opinion. This is a process of meeting with other doctor than a family doctor to hear his or her opinion if the operation is necesary... At least I think this is what was said there. My Japanese is horrible, and e-translator is not the best source of information. But it seems concistent.

    So, no, I don't think that Ruka is going to have a sex-change operation (although the way she looks at herself in the mirror is very suspicious). At some moment I even thought that she is planning abortion, but I don't think it is that, either. So far, cancer is the most likely outcome.

  12. oh come on..it's pretty obvious that Ruka gonna die and I'm sure its 'surgery complication' and it's too early to speculate.

  13. Oh. I forgot that there is one more screen with writings. And this time I watched it with sub, so it isn't just my ramblings.
    Ruka was considering a visit to gynecologist. Make of it whatever you will.

  14. Wtf Ruka did not die plz -.-

    She just wanted to undergo a gender-transfer surgery..! (when she was surfing the net) She doesn't have cancer lol and besides, she's too significant to die : )

  15. By the way, don't watch the SP episodes cuz they're just recapping the entire series, which is pretty much nothing new. Maybe just watch the beginning of the SP and then skip to the last few parts yeah? : )