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Saturday, June 7, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep9

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LoL, the first thing my eyeball targeted on was the table lamp ... kinda represents Michiru's presence in the confrontation between Ruka and Sousuke doesn't it?

Last Friends Ep9

It's very obvious that Michiru gave 'colour' and 'light' to Sousuke's 'dark' black, white and blue life. But then, black, white and blue are kinda a guy's colours isn't it lol.

Oh well, recapturing from the previous episode ... well not really because it seemed that quite some time had passed after the previous episode. The gang were sulking and listless over the fact that they're not able to watch Ruka's race on TV lol [As Eri said, bleh there's 45 channels and none of them are useful lol] and that Ruka's not with them. Michiru's handphone rang and then she announced that Ruka won the race. The rest were overjoyed and planned to open a champagne to celebrate but Ruka hanged up after telling Michiru that she will visit them the next day. Nevertheless the rest went on to open the champagne to celebrate in advance [I think they're celebrating that it will be the 2nd last episode of the series instead LOL, OMEDETOU! KANPAI!].

Last Friends Ep9

Later, Takeru wandered in Ruka's room and was reminded of the emotional scene back in Ep8. It seemed like he had failed to get Ruka to stay in the Sharehouse but nevertheless the tight friendship bond between then was still there. Michiru cameby and they chatted, Michiru who misunderstood the scene in Ep8 assumed that Ruka and Takeru were a couple. Takeru insisted that they're merely friends ... friends forever even at their deaths [This might sound creepy but that statement by Takeru's sooo touching!! Especially if you recall the scene in Ep8 ... just so suiting! Yet it's so sorrow because it's an unrequited love]. The next day, Ruka came by the Sharehouse, much to her surprise, the door wasn't locked [LOL!] and much to her surprise once again, the gang welcomed her back by ... singing 'Zip-a-dee-do-dah' cosplaying in cowboy suits LOL [Seriously, I bet Ueno Juri had quite a few takes before she could had that cool 'wtf' expression on her face!? I was laughing and repeating the scene over and over again lol].

While the rest were preparing dinner, Eri pushed Ruka out as she was the guest and wasn't supposed to do anything lol. Takeru joined her later and he once again congratulated Ruka for winning the race. Ruka smiled and said that it's all thanks to Takeru who gave her the confidence and overwhelmed by feeling of a dark cloud off her head when she realized that there's someone who understood her. Takeru then persuaded Ruka to return back to the Sharehouse but Ruka just kept quiet. Michiru volunteered to call Ruka when dinner's ready but was stunned by the scene between Ruka and Takeru who were chatting quite happily. At that moment, Michiru realized that it's the first time she saw Ruka smiling and truly enjoying herself that much and thought to herself that she had saw true happiness she's been searching for between Ruka and Takeru [Probably she's envious and jealous?].

The next morning, the gang had fallen asleep in the living room. Michiru woke up first and saw ... the innocently intimate position Ruka and Takeru were in and probably had doubts on Takeru's claims of them being only friends.

Last Friends Ep9

Anyways, someone rang the door and guess who ... *gasp*! It's Takeru's older sister! Onee-san then made some reasons which I'm not interested in [lol] and rushed in when Michiru confirmed that Takeru's in. When Onee-san saw Takeru, she had this small Mona Lisa-like smirk on her face lol but then got darker as she stared on [Probably thinking 'Who's that hussy lying so close to my Takeru-chan!!']. Michiru looked on with this weird wth expression on her face and offered to wake Takeru up but Onee-san said that it's okay, left a bag of Banana bread on the table and left. [Seriously ... that's not how a normal older sister should act ... I would had kicked my brother awake and yelled, 'Oi, get up ya bloody lazy arse!' Lol.] Takeru dropped the bag when Michiru told him that his older sister came by, Takeru then asked Michiru not to tell anyone about his sister and left after throwing the bag.

[Did you guys see a circle here? Ruka's the one who noticed Michiru's problems, Takeru's the one who noticed Ruka's problems and now Michiru's the one who noticed Takeru's problems. LoL] Anyways, Eri told Michiru that she will need a guarantor to sign the house lease since she's kinda 'unemployed'. Michiru awkwardly replied that she hasn't seen her mum for quite some time and ... then Takeru offered to go with Michiru to get her mum to sign it. -Cue Sousuke's theme song- as he stalked around the Sharehouse. Michiru's mum was skeptical about the whole issue and brought Michiru to a corner and bluntly questioned Michiru's relationship with Takeru LOL. Mum even went as far as calling Takeru a 'male host' and that he doesn't look decent [It's so ironic that the indecent person who looks decent is not decent and yet the decent person who doesn't look decent is decent ... lol].

Pissed, Takeru interrupted their conversation and went down formally to Michiru's mum not to let Sousuke know Michiru's whereabouts. The reason why Mum's so chummy with Sousuke was that she had borrowed money from him. Takeru told mum that Sousuke had abused Michiru physically and sincerely requested mum to protect Michiru from Sousuke. Meanwhile, Eri went to the hospital to pay Sousuke a visit and was surprised that he wasn't there and that he had 'escaped' from the hospital. [I believe Eri's repeat visit to Sousuke was that she's ... fascinated by Sousuke's apparent 'love' for Michiru and probably she wanted that 'love' herself. Remember she told Ruka that she had been with alot of men before and had never believe in eternal love and ... Sousuke's actions seemed to have touched her in some way]. As Eri's leaving the hospital she witness yet another DV incident, this time, the victim's Michiru's senpai in the hair salon o_o. [Well some might say the senpai deserves it but probably that's the reason she treated Michiru that way so that she can vent her frustrations on someone weaker?]

As for Takeru and Michiru's mum, they had became great buddies LOL and were drinking sake and having fun lol [At least we know Michiru's mum's not a fan of violence and truly cared and believed her daughter]. Walking home, Michiru wondered that if only she had met Takeru before Sousuke and that way she will like Takeru more [Does this mean she still liked Sousuke? ... And speaking of like, Michiru's pretty vocal about confessing that stuff huh ... lol]. Anyways Takeru told Michiru that he had a heart problem and that his heart's as small as a mouse's LOL, but then he said he was joking about half he was saying. It started raining and luckily Takeru got an umbrella however, Michiru's quite uncomfortabled that they were standing that close to each other and bumped arms each step they walked. She then told Takeru that she's got something she want to purchase and ran off.

While Michiru's browsing for umbrellas, Sousuke appeared and scared ten years off Michiru's life lol. Sousuke plead with Michiru to go home with him since he's injured. Michiru repeated that she had broken up with him. Sousuke was taken aback for a moment before asking Michiru if she saw his letters. Filled with fear, Michiru dashed out but stopped when Sousuke yelled her name. Sousuke plead with Michiru to go home with him again but when Michiru apologized and told him that she's in love with someone else, he was left stunned. Takeru was informed by his boss that he was requested to be the make-up artist for a movie and the first person he told was Ruka [Aww~]. The next day as Takeru was going to work, he was ambushed by Sousuke who clouted him with his crutch as he was going up the stairs. Takeru tumbled down the stairs and hit his head against the sidebar railing, surprisingly, the bike didn't tumble down with him LOL. As Sousuke slowly made his way down, Takeru was probably too stunned to make any movement except to glare at each other.

However, when Takeru tried to get away, Sousuke blocked him using his crutch, warned him not to have any ideas with Michiru before smacking him with his crutch again. All the time, Sousuke was whacking the back of Takeru with his crutch and stomped on his hand, breaking a few bones I believe. [The scene was interestingly realistic, Nishikido Ryo really gave Eita's bag a wallop of its life lol and of course the bag was there to cushion the impact of the swing XD.] Still fearful from the impromptu visit from Sousuke from the other day, Michiru was hesitant to open the door when the bell rang [Get a spy cam like Sousuke did next time!]. Anyways, she was alarmed when she saw the badly injured Takeru against the side of door and of course shifted away when Takeru was falling towards her LOL. Poor Takeru hit the door right hard lol. Michiru called Ruka and by the time she returned to the Sharehouse, Takeru was in bed, conscious and all wrapped up.

Michiru blamed herself for Takeru's attack because she had thought that if she told Sousuke that she has someone she likes, he would avoid her. Ruka told Michiru that it's not her fault and rather it's Sousuke's fault [Kinda reminded me of how Takeru convinced Michiru that it's not her fault in Ep6]. When Ruka asked if Michiru likes Takeru, she shooked her head and replied she don't know and besides Takeru likes Ruka and Ruka ... Ruka answered that they're just friends. Overwhelmed by the tense emotion in the Sharehouse, Ruka lashed out at the wimpy Ogura who seemed to imply that it's Michiru's fault. Ruka announced that she will return to the Sharehouse and protect Michiru. The next morning, Michiru's still feeling bad over Takeru's attack and went to the hospital with him later for his examination [It's very apparent that Takeru's fingers on his right hand were broken? and this will probably cost his hairstyling career].

CLIMAX: Ruka returned to the Sharehouse and picked up a call ... most likely from Sousuke since the next scene we see was Ruka waiting at the door of the apartment of Sousuke. Sousuke made a show of him throwing a magazine article of Ruka's win in the trash kind symbolizing he doesn't give a damn. He went on to threaten and admit that the letters he sent to Ruka's parents were from him. He added that he will also send consultation information which were supposed to be confidential to them too and went on to sarcastically say that he had simplified the situation and this time, Ruka's parents will definitely understand the whole thing. Before Sousuke could state out his conditions if Ruka doesn't want that to happen ... Ruka interrupted him, telling him to do whatever he likes and added that she no longer fear anything [LOL it's like an innocently simplified 'Do whatever the fuck you like, I don't give a flying fuck anymore, loser!'] .

Sousuke went to ask if Michiru's with Takeru. Ruka replied, even so, so what? And continued that Michiru's not Sousuke's girlfriend nor any person to him now. Sousuke accused Ruka for scheming against him. Ruka said no, it's because Michiru changed, now she want to stand on her own two feet and depend on her own strength to live on. In addition to that, the person Michiru liked currently was a hundred times kinder and better than Sousuke ever was, a man who can truly love Michiru. Michiru's life will be filled with happiness and Ruka promised that she will not allow Sousuke to interfere that happiness. Sousuke looked down and had the cheek to smile and asked Ruka why would she say that. Ruka stared at him and declared that, 'Because the one who truly loves Michiru is ... me.' -Cue OP- [Kyaaahh!! Ruka confessed! But, in front of the wrongggg persoN!!!! LOL] Ruka went on to mock the pseudo 'love' Sousuke had for Michiru.

VIOLENCE: Sousuke went into 'DV mode' again as he lashed out at Ruka and tried to push her down or something but Ruka stood on her ground and headbutted him on the floor. She went on to kick him once [Should had kick him in the family jewels or something but nooo~] before Sousuke grabbed her leg and twisted it against her. He went on to give her a punch on the face before attempting to strangle her with his bare hands. Thankfully, Ruka used her legs to push him off her, making him slam against the table and knock down the poor lamp lol. Ruka grabbed her damn heavy sling bag and swinged at him, slamming him successfully once before he stopped the second blow and flung her on the bed. Ruka tried to use the bag again but Sousuke deflected the blow, grabbed her by the collars of her t-shirt and threw her against the shattered remainings of the lamp. He went on to straddle her back, trying to poke her eye on a sharp piece of the lamp. Ruka managed to move on her back but not before Sousuke delivered a blow to her stomach. Grabbing Ruka's buttoned shirt, Sousuke ripped the shirt open, exposing Ruka's black sports bra O_O! [NO! I don't think Sousuke will rape Ruka or something, probably trying to ... show that he's the man and she's a woman no matter what she does, HE will be stronger and on top of her].

Meanwhile, Takeru and Michiru returned to the Sharehouse and the handle of Takeru's cup broke and the cup fell on the ground [Instead of shattering into little pieces! It will be more spectacular that way though lol] foreshadowing a certain disaster ahead of them! - End of Episode 9 -

Basically, in the preview of Episode 10 [Finale];
Sousuke: 'The only place you should be is here.'
Sousuke: 'I will never abandon you, even in death.'

Creepy. LoL.

Preview of Last Friends Ep10

Next episode: Finale - Love and Death.

Anyone want to guess who will die?

I love to hear your comments and justifications on who will die since the title of Ep10 [Finale] clearly implied that there's death and also in Michiru's statement in Ep1. Btw, I thought there're 11 episodes ... how come Ep10 is the finale? I was shocked to see that too but ... probably Ep11 is a kinda wrap up special like a reunion or something?

One thing for sure, there will be a confession by Ruka to Michiru in the last episode since the present pregnant Michiru kept repeating that she doesn't know Ruka's feelings before. And we all know Michiru will NEVER know unless it's SPELLED out in front of her.

I highly recommend you guys to re-watch Ep1 again as you can see Michiru had kept some of the items and memories along the episodes =) and I think you'll go, 'Hey! I never noticed she had that when I first watched Ep1 before.'

It's amazing to see Ruka change from wimpy, scared to confident and determined in a matter of ONE episode lol. Reckon Takeru's acceptance really mattered to her and she felt alive again even though everyone might abandon her but at least she knows that Takeru won't. Glad to see Ruka not angst-y anymore but she's really in a pinch now. Will Sousuke rape Ruka? I doubt so. I mean, I dunno, maybe a woman's instinct. One possibility is that Ruka managed to run away from Sousuke after the adrenaline of the likelihood of being raped. I believe some people might really get the rush and boost if the seriousness of the situation is laid in front of them. But then I can't think of HOW Ruka can run away from him or what. But then, Sousuke could just proclaim, 'HA, you're a woman, how can you satisfy Michiru, she's straight! You're weak, I'm strong. She needs me!' and lets her off whimpering with her tail between her legs.

Ahhh ... I dunno lol can't wait!!!

So cast your votes and not to forget to comment on why you think that person will be the one to die lol.

Btw, my vote's on Sousuke, cos there will be some form of struggle and Sousuke will try to drive his 'love' for Michiru by doing something stupid.

[Signing off @ 5:14 PM]


  1. i dink its sosuke too since ruka may freak out n can juz grab a piece of glass n kill him or sth liddat... heh

  2. Japan is evil. Its always the lesbian who die(only in TV though, not in mangas or novels). Well, lets just wait and see ne?

  3. yo, i voted 4 Sousuke but i think that that whom i want it to be not whom i think its gona be "nways fingers crossed" , i really loved this ep sooo many things happend peronally i loved how Ruka confessed like she doesnt care nymore and really Michiru she doesnt have the right 2 be jealous or angry or envious , one thing i also liked is that the gang dont have a taste without Ruka "kinda made me happy that Ruka is the centre not Michiru".
    its a shame tho next week's ep is the last ep , like u i thougt that the show was gonna be 11 episodes...."i want it to end nd in da same time i dont want it 2 ....weird i know ^_^()".
    for now i'll wait patiently like a good kitten for tha next ep , infact i dont wana even think 'bout it or whats gona happen i dont wanna be disappoint it or some thig like dat so i'll just wait nd see ^_^ u should do the same ...ne

  4. I think Ogurin is going to die, just because he is the least obvious choice, but everyone love him, nonetheless...

  5. to anon1, o_o that might be possible but I don't want Ruka to be a 'murderer' or something heh.

    to karecat, o_o well yeah perhaps. I'm sure the ending will be some sort of open-ended ending haha.

    to lulu-chan, lol, yeah just wait and see, well I'm trying to speculate what will happen so that I can get my mind off exams hahaha.

    to ida leter, haha, I don't think everyone loves him, in fact I think he's rather selfish to 'take advantage' of Eri where and whenever he likes. I mean if he's getting a divorce, seriously, do it, if not, don't play with another person's feelings. Oh well.


    Sousuke 39% 23

    Ruka 33.9% 20

    Takeru 16.9% 10

    Michiru 6.8% 4

    Others: State In Blogger Comment 3.4% 2

  6. My speculation is Ruka will be killed by Sosuke and Sosuke will go to jail.

  7. i love this drama in crz
    everything japanese i love it in deep

    i hope that ruka will not killed or die
    i like her character
    i feel what she feels about other deals with her as a person not as a woman or man
    deals with our souls .. minds .. thought
    Ruka her character is uniqe throw all dramas i watched before
    hope Ruka will be till the end .
    I think Mich will not die coz at the bigning sceen of 1st ep she was pregnant and she was talking to Ruka
    maybe Ruka or Sosuke or Odg will die

  8. Actually, I don't think that the
    10th episode is the last one. I think there's supposed to be eitherr 11 or 12 episodes to the series. There's still too much too be explained within one episode.
    Seriously, it is not unlikely that the one who ends up dying is the last person you'd expect. My bet is on Takeru and Ruka, who'll end up dying in the end. And that Sousuke would probably be sent to prison, operation, Eri ends up alone, and the overwelming sadness and tension is what tears the group apart. Still, I'm only guessing and this series would be better if they started out in the beginning differently...like instead of the future, looking back into the past.
    my last comment is that MIChiru is possitively the most annoying character on the show...poor acting...poor dialogue..just annoying.

    P.S. I hope that I'm wrong and that Sousuke is the ONLY one that ends up in the grave

  9. I think that Sosuke will die, but that Michiru kills him in panic/self defense and thats why she runs away and can't see the others again due to the fear of being caught. Sosuke would never let her go unless he was dead

  10. to ep, o_o I still don't think Ruka will die ... argh, probably Sousuke will try to hurt Ruka and go to jail?

    to amarue, haha I don't usually watch J-Drama but Last Friends is an exception and I enjoyed it =). Yeah me too, I really like Ruka ... or probably I'm just biased lol.

    to anon2, yeah those who watched ep10 said that there's ep11 ... I'm still dling ep10 so ... and yes there's still many undiscovered plots and explanations like Takeru and Onee-san lol.

    And yeah, the actress of Michiru's kinda ... well boring but solo Michiru scenes were okay but if Ruka or Takeru were in with her, it really made her look bad hahaha. I love the acting between Ruka and Takeru best, Ep8 farmost my fave episode =).

    to anon3, o_o Michiru a killer? Well probably heh.