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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

[PV] Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba~

[Posted @ 6:23 PM]
Woohoo, the PV for Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba~ OVA is out in the offical site! However you can click here to go directly to view it online.


YES! There's still KonoSetsu ... and the seiyuus for both of them are still the same XD, well basically the whole cast remained I think. The Animation Production is by SHAFT [YEAH!] that did Negima!? Second Season after the butchered First Season [Don't get me going]. SHAFT also did the Haru and Natsu OVA of Negima and well for this OVA, they seemed to mellow down the 'distinctive' SHAFT-ish character designs. Probably due to the fact that Akamatsu Ken-sensei's playing a major part in production after the fiasco of the First Season lol.

Somehow, I think this OVA is going to surpass the high standards set by the Haru and Natsu OVAs since they're following closely to the manga ... and if you saw the info in Wiki;

The first OVA will cover chapters 176 and 177 while the second one will cover chapters 178 to 180 and lastly, the third one will show chapters 182 and 183.

So basically, the first OVA will revolve around former 'Club Negima', then 'Ala Alba' protecting their badges from their other classmates lol. I really liked the fact that they called themselves 'Ala Alba' aka 'White Wing' partly due to the relations between Negi's father 'Ala Rubra' aka 'Crimson Wing' and Setsuna's snowy white wings XD.

Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba~

Hopefully, some KonoSetsu fluff and loving in between XD, can't wait for August!

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PS: If you're wondering what's the OP for the PV, it's actually the first season's OP, 'Happy Material'.


  1. wahh the negima storyline(s) is(are) starting to confuse me. the main manga storyline is getting really hectic, then i found out theres another negima manga series called negima neo, something like that. they do a 26 anime series on negima, which seemed to be based on the manga, but i heard it has a really weird and unexpected ending. then theres the other tv series called "negima?!", which doesnt seem to have to do with anything, and its one of the most random things ive ever watched (not surprised tho, as it was made by the same people who did pani poni dash ><). lol and theres like these random OVA's now, where some r like exclusive screenings, and cover random sections of the manga series. good thing i love negima though lol. also, we need more konoxsetsu service!

  2. to tsuyo_puyo, as far as I know, Negima Neo (Manga) follows the plot of Negima!? Anime (Second Season) and yes it's random ... it's SHAFT afterall lol. Well at least the OVAs are following the manga ... somewhat at least the important scenes. Not to mention it's pretty fanservic-y lol if you saw the Haru and Natsu OVAs ...* Squeals KonoSetsu!!*

  3. Hi. I finally started watching Negima!? and I am grateful that my friend pushed me to do so. I was discouraged by the original series (stopped somewhere at the beginning) and I am chronological viewer, so I have been reluctant rather long time ^^. lol, I didn't expect Konoka will be so playful. Poor Setsuna :D And OAV with bath scenario background was simply awesome. I commanded myself to watching series on my very old plan-to-watch list where is even Ikkitousen and after it I can say only one thing about ecchines of Negima OVAs - What ecchi? I don't see nothing :D. And yeah, of course, I am watching it for yuri and trying to prevent myself from pantsu overdose; not so useful thought.

    Looking forward to Ala Alba... Hm, it is some hint on Abra Kadabra?