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Sunday, June 8, 2008

[PV] Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 1

EDIT on July 29th 2008:
I've noticed alot of people came to this post looking for the Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 1, but this is ONLY the Promotional aka Trailer post, click here instead to go to the ACTUAL OVA post where I've posted up the screenshots of the OVA and kind souls posting up the direct link to the OVA.

[Posted @ 6:59 PM]
Oh. Moi. God. I'm glad to be alive!

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 1.

Japanese Title: 少女セクト ~Innocent Lovers~
English Title: Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~

Yes, you've read the manga.

Yes, you've heard of it being animated.

No, you've not seen the PV screenshots.

... ... ... ...


Duh, it's NSFW [Not safe for work] well, just two ... of them I think.

Anyways, the animation look good ... basically the screenshots are from [NSFW!] getchu.com except this time I get to see it play it out with voices lol so if you haven't seen it, just go there.

Be warn, what you are about to view contains mature themes and it may not be suitable for minors [Those below 18] so if you're weak in the heart, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED. I will NOT be liable for any damages - be them physical, emotional, or blood loss from viewing. =)

If you agree, please click on the 'SHOW' button to see the link.

See Screenshots:

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA.

... looks kinda romantic haha.

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 2.

Thoughts; I'm really surprised/stunned by Shinobu's girlish voice since she's the first one that spoke when I played the PV ... but then I have no idea what to expect hahaha. Well I mean it's a 18x OVA ... so be prepared, they had recuited seiyuus who have sultry pitches, can moan/groan really well with the typical squeaky-borderline-irritating-nearing-hotness voices LOL. Ahh ahhh.

Lurk these sites! uh Sources;
Mangaka: Kenn Kurogane.
Wikipedia: Wiki.
百合な日々: 百合な日々

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA.

Until then, await and see you on July 25th.

[Signing off @ 7:37 PM]


  1. Long time I haven't posted here but when I saw this *-*

    I'm definitely getting this *drools*

  2. to wing of light, hey hey, how are you?

    And yes, definitely *grins*.

  3. ...so be prepared, they had recuited seiyuus who have sultry pitches, can moan/groan really well with the typical squeaky-borderline-irritating-nearing-hotness voices LOL.

    Rofl, how fitting.

    I hope they tried to not use all these scenes with pencil, clip or something ><. But I bet it's naive wish. We are talking here about H, after all ^^.

    Anyway, a drawing is smooth and it's another rare "clear" yuri (or I wish they don't come up with something, ehm, refreshing ^^), so who would let it get away? ^^

    Thanks for sharing with snapshots.

  4. I can't believe it!!!
    I want to see it!!!
    That's too much, I'm dying!
    *...* ok *back to normal*.

    That's so cool, i have the raw of the manga (there are only 2 volume right?) but i can't read kanji so there are things i can only guess. BUT! With voices it'll be easier! YATTA!!!

    Thank you so much for the news!!!

  5. Who do I have to beg to see this?

  6. my gawd... I'm a girl...this is a girl thingy...(nose bleed)
    my gawd!!!... (X_X) it is so erotic...it's ok to see polite kiss between girls...but seeing something nude..and French kiss and touching things...and..SECTS!?...it's kinda not good...BUT!!...ok I'll try to watch this! lol (^_~)

  7. been waiting for this to come out, and from the screen shots, it looks like my favorite chapter from volume 1 has been animated; the pet store one! hmm looks like im going to go into hunting mode on the internetz

  8. O___O

    Oh...My...Gooood!!!!!! I must've done something in this lifetime to deserve this...this...speechlesss. Oh man, oh man, jumping up and down like some crazy cat on med and trying not to nosebleed to dead. Shoujo Sect is without doubt one of the best or at least on the top five yuri manga out there and now there's an a-a-anime too.**Dropdead** And no, I'm not a guy who watch born all day. I'm a girl actually who just have taken a liking into watching yuri this recent year. Is it wrong. No. But I gotta admit, this is turning me on... Yaoi is getting really boring lately. Yuri is definately turning on the heat. Hot, hot, hot *fan myself*

  9. Where can I see Shoujo Sect OVA trailer???

  10. I found this. It seems to be a trailer. Be careful there is nosebleed material in it.


  11. It's really following the manga, really... *seatdrop*

    Jo, thank a lot!! ^^.

  12. Oh my gosh! Thank you very much! ^__^

  13. ...my god...
    hey, have you noticed that the music at the end of the trailer is the same on Candy Boy ONA, when Kanade was remembering when they were childs?

  14. to rinu, o_o pencil, clip? Haha. Well from the PV, they seem to follow the manga chapters quite closely ... probably more tension to spice up the H scenes.

    to zp, yeah 2 volumes.

    to jo, I think you found it, lurkers of 4chan unite!

    to otakublaze, haha ehh well I read the manga and kinda liked it so probably give this anime a shot.

    to tsuyo_puyo, thats cool, since there's 3 OVAs, I think they will animate all the chapters?

    to ri-chan, ha, the PV's just the tip of the iceberg I wonder how people will react if they really saw the whole OVA o_o.

    to anon1, jo, yep and thanks for sharing.

    to len, LOL, yeeeeah that kinda threw me off there, I wasn't thinking of innocent fluffy Candy Boy at all when I was watching the PV ...

  15. I've only found something that seems to be the trailer. I want the OVA. Raw or not, I don't care!

    *Jo troughs tantrum*

  16. to jo, yes, PV = Promotional Video which means trailer, the 1st actual OVA comes out only on 25th July. So no matter where you find, there's no such thing haha, unless you work in the animation production o_o.

  17. Want a funny bit of info? 7 people have marked it as "seen" in anidb and I'm not quiet sure that they were talking about the trailer...

    Funnier bit of info. The actual release falls on my summer vacations. No internet and barely enough signal for my cell for a month.

  18. to jo, no way. Maybe they got it wrong? Well, all we can do is wait ...

  19. I've just dled the OVA ~~~~ HEHE....u guys better watch ;)

  20. to orangegurl, lol thanks for the ups, *rushes* !!!

  21. where do I find the manga and video so I can view them?

  22. to anon, go to this post,


  23. Is there somwhere I can actully view the anime, not just a trailer? Then please tell me n.n

  24. XD OtakuBLAZE, I'm a girl too, but I'm a lesbian, and am THRILLED to have this OVA. Hentai anime for me and my wife, ita about time. I'll be getting it soon, but have to say, that silver-haired girl with goldish eyes makes me CRAVE this series.

  25. to shelby...Whaaaaa~?hahahaha...lolzzz...wife??ahahah..lolzz..how old are you anyway??... Oh well...I kinda like shoujo ai..coz think its cute...lolzz...all I think in this world are cute...big or small they're cute..lolzz...nahhhhhh...dont mind me..I just ate a poisonous bug..lolz me....

  26. you guys, where can i watch these OVA episodes??? i really really REALLY want to watch it so can u please tell me?.