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Friday, June 20, 2008

[Manga] Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 13 [END]

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Quite a bit of tears running in this last chapter of Hatsu Koi Shimai. If you haven't bought the first volume from Seven Seas, shame on you! LOL, go buy it, it's great ... too bad I've got to wait till November before I can get my hands on it *sob* ...


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'Our first love, starts now ...'
'From now on, I want to foster these feelings with you.'
'Thank you-'

Hatsu Koi Shimai 1. Hatsu Koi Shimai 2.

Recapturing from the previous chapter, Haruna's giggling to herself at how her touch energized Chika. A lady walked up from behind Haruna and commented that Haruna's with a cute girl [Chika]. She went on to add that it's been a long time since she's in Tsunojo ... and it's been a while she last saw Haruna too. Haruna turned back and muttered, 'Senpai!!'.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 3. Hatsu Koi Shimai 4.

Meanwhile, Touko's fangirls were pestering Touko regarding the rumours of her leaving the school in the next semester. Akiho walked up to Touko and grabbed her arm. Glancing at the forlorn expression Akiho had, Touko was stunned for a moment. Touko quickly made a excuse of Akiho having a question for her and made a swift escape with Akiho, leaving the fangirls bewildered on what's going on. When they're alone, Touko confessed she was both surprised and happy at the same time when Akiho grabbed her back in the classroom.

With a carefree tone, Touko confirmed that the teacher she's relieving is coming back next semester, that even though she had a short time with the students, she's very happy because the students of 1-3 were good kids and that she's happy to be teaching them. Unable to take it any longer, Akiho lashed out at Touko, asking how could she say that in 'happy' tone. Touko smiled and teased Akiho's flustered and distracted tone. Akiho blushed and told her to stop teasing her. Overwhelmed by the emotions, Akiho started sobbing, hating for not able to express herself well and after a few times, she got afraid and that she's been constraining herself ...

Hatsu Koi Shimai 5. Hatsu Koi Shimai 6.

Touko embraced Akiho, consoling with words of praise that she know Akiho's trying her best and she likes her as she is. However if Akiho's more straightforward, it will be even better. Unable to control herself any longer, Touko kissed Akiho. A while later, Akiho finally confessed that she don't want to be apart from Touko-sensei. Touko smiled, patted Akiho for finally admitting and started chuckling lol [I think it's more of her own joy that Akiho is truly concern/jealous about her than merely teasing Akiho =)]. Akiho got a little pissed, remarking Touko-sensei's indeed sneaky. Touko announced that since summer pass very quickly and suggested that they should make alot of summer memories together.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 7. Hatsu Koi Shimai 8.

As for Chiori even though she had this depressed expression on, she unconsciously went to the usual place to meet up with Rie. Rie doesn't look good herself too as she told Chiori that she's saying goodbye to her that day. Rie explained that her parents weren't in good terms with each other and it was decided that Rie will follow her mother back to her hometown where they will live there. Rie added that because she's feeling bored staying at home and in school so she came over to Tsunojo to tease Chiori lol and she was darn happy over it. Rie went on to confess that in the process, she had fallen in love with Chiori however, Rie added that Chiori has someone she liked already isn't it? Chiori replied that it doesn't matter already and started crying.

[Looks like Chiori realized that Akiho's with Touko-sensei, awww.] Rie tried to console Chiori by saying that she's really happy that she's able to meet her and talk to her. Even though her love's unrequited, she's still happy that she had fallen in love with Chiori. Chiori cried even harder, calling Rie an idiot lol. Rie smiled. Chiori got angry, yelling at her that how can she laugh and cry at the same time LOL. Rie replied laughing that Chiori herself's angry and crying at the same time too lol. [LoL, very comical dual.]

Hatsu Koi Shimai 9. Hatsu Koi Shimai 10.

Back to Haruna and senpai, the senpai recalled that the younger Haruna used to wait at the same spot for her to finish her classes before going home together. -Flashback- Facing the senpai, Haruna questioned how the senpai felt about her, is it merely an innocent kouhai [junior]? But Haruna's feelings for her senpai's ... The senpai interrupted her by stating if Haruna really liked her that much then they should kiss. Haruna blushed. Senpai pushed on, asking if they could kiss right here and right now. Haruna’s visibly hesitating and trembling by the request. Senpai bluntly told Haruna to understand the love between two females and that it's just a moment of folly [Perhaps just a phase].

She added that after Haruna graduated from the school and step out into society, it will be like waking up from a dream. With that the senpai said her goodbyes and left, leaving the flustered Haruna trying to convince her [and herself] that she really likes her senpai. However, if Haruna had really liked her senpai, why didn't she kiss her? -End of Flashback- The senpai asked if Chika's Haruna's lover. Haruna smiled and replied yes. Haruna explained that she thought that what the senpai had mentioned on that day in the flashback were right in to a certain extent. However, now, she has found something much more important. Haruna expressed that it's a desire to cherish the feelings, it's not a moment of folly nor a blind love but as a person, Chika's very important to her.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 11. Hatsu Koi Shimai 12.

A moment later, the senpai commented that Haruna changed ... no ... rather it was the appearance of Haruna's real most important person and it wasn't her at all. The senpai wondered what will happen if the person Haruna really liked was her back then ... but then shrugged if off, saying that she had to leave. After the senpai left, Haruna called Chika who was eavesdropping behind the pillar LOL. Haruna wasn't angry, instead she hugged Chika and expressed her love for Chika. 'I like you, Chika. From the bottom of my heart, I like you.' [Awwwww~~~] Chika happily replied that she likes Haruna too =).

Hatsu Koi Shimai 13. Hatsu Koi Shimai 14.

Fast forward to happy moments, Kirika peeked into the theater club and Miyu's in her 'Princess' dress. When Miyu saw Kirika, she got an idea which made Kirika pale with bad feelings lol. Miyu got Kirika to dress up as a 'Prince'? get-up XD lol.

Chiori gave a note to Rie [Too bad it's not love letter yet! LOL] which had her home address and handphone/email address in it. Rie's so happy that she hugged Chiori saying she will mail and write letters to her everyday lol. Chiori blushed and protested that it will affect their studies lol. [How tsundere~~ XD]

The fangirls were still pestering Touko over the rumours lol as she haven't really gave a definite answer. Touko replied that yes, the teacher she was relieving will be back but it doesn't mean she's quitting lol. She will just fall back to being an assistant teacher again, of course Akiho's pissed when she realized that she had 'cried' over nothing LOL.

As for Chika and Haruna, Chika came running towards Haruna apologizing that she had overslept because her parents went on vacation. Haruna teasingly asked if she could stay for a night at Chika's home then? [Bad Haruna lol] Chika of course welcomed the idea heh.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 15. Hatsu Koi Shimai 16.

'The warmth of summer embraces us'
'Under the bright and white sun light'
'There's no way, no way we will lose sight of each other'
'That's because we will never let go of each other's hands'
'That's right'
'The first love of the girls in Tsunokamizaka Girls' Academy ...'
'Has only started-'

-Thank you for your support!-

-End of Hatsu Koi Shimai and Chapter 13-

Woohoo, the end of Hatsu Koi Shimai, well it was a satisfying ending XD. The senpai's not such a bad person after all ... haha if she had accepted Haruna, Chika and Haruna might not had met. I need more development between Akiho and Touko and of course Kirika and Miyu~! LoL.

Random rants;
Saw the spoilers for Last Friends Ep11, there's one more to go, yep, 12 episodes. Seems like Episode 12 is a Special. However, if you're interested in the script of Ep11, here it is. Thanks to the staff in jdrama.cc =).

"My dear friends, you are my last friends".

!? I'll post up my summary and review tomorrow after I get my paws on the Mandarin subs ... it's still not out XD. I kinda liked the idea of Michiru naming her baby, 'Rumi' after Ruka, Takeru and her own name Michiru.

It's a realistic ending I supposed ... avoiding the issue of Michiru x Ruka as more than friends lol. I sensed quite a bit of Ruka x Takeru scenes too, somehow I think this series became Ruka x Takeru in the end. I mean, I remembered and liked more RukaTake scenes than MichiRuka ... wait were there even MichiRuka scenes in the first place!? LOL. Oh yeah I love the scene in Ep1 where Ruka kissed Michiru in the sleep, that's all. Nothing about Michiru at all. Sorry.

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  1. It's a really cute story.
    An i like your writing.

    Thanks you!

  2. Thank you SO much for posting the last chapter of Hatsu Koi Shimai!! I had been waiting with bated breath and now I'm just thrilled this ended on such a sweet note. Thanks for your work and congrats on finishing up exams and papers! Hopefully the summer will be filled with more fun.


  3. to zp, thanks =).

    to grace, no problems and yeah thanks, hopefully I'll have fun exploring haha XD.

  4. Woots! Finally finished Hatsukoi Shimai after 2 hours of reading over here.. i really like your writing.. oh man, I'd regretted not purchasing this book which comes along with voiceful.. instead, i only purchased voiceful >< nevermind, soon I'll get this xD

    Lastly, thanks for the whole story of Hatsukoi Shimai :D