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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Volume 2

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Japanese Title : ストロベリー・パニック! 2 (コミック) by 公野 櫻子 (著), たくみ なむち (イラスト)
English Title : Strawberry Panic! #2 (Comic) Story by Kimino Sakurako, Art by Takumi Namuchi

Strawberry Panic! Volume 2 Cover.

Hate to admit it but the cover's hot. Argh lol. Volume 2 consist of Chapter 7 to the current Chapter 12. So um, see ya later for Otoboku Ep4 summary =).

Updates in my schedule this week again~;
- Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora Trailer, 2/11/2006
- Venus Versus Virus Drama CD Special - 2/11/2006
- Urahime doujinshi - LAST PAGE, 3/11/2006
- Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl Ep13/OVA - 4/11/2006
- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 1 - 5/11/2006 [If I don't get lazy]
- Negima!? Haru OVA summary - 10/11/2006
- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 2 - 11/11/2006

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  1. If only I get to see Shizuma wearing what Nagisa and Tamao wear. I thought they gonna have Hikari x Amane as cover like the novel.

  2. Yeah~ the Shizuma-fangirl in me is raging~~!

  3. Jesus, you got a schedule on you!
    Don't stress yourself too much! ;.;

  4. Shizuma in bikini is hot. I can't believe Amane and Shizuma is hot in everything they wear. Why is that?

  5. haha, I'm alright wing of light, thank for ur concern =), juz feeling a little disorientated this week, usually I planned the posts in my mind ... haha.

    to anonymous, cos they're hot lol and even hotter if they're not wearing XD.

  6. If they wear nothing, I'll pay my church forever visit. I wish to see Amane in bikini -.-;;

  7. Hey i just heard that Dynasty might stop scanlating Sto-Pani manga, because their translator just quit from this job. I hope someone will continue translating. Maybe you can aAkayuki?

  8. Amane in a bikini? *holds nose from bleeding* I wonder who'd win that competition. I can see Shizuma flaunting it for sure. Amane would just be embarrased.