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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Negima!? Ep8

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As always.

Fumika And Fuuka.I'm Pregnant!?Jaken.
Ju-On LOL.Kiddies? ...Be Careful Ne?
Hm.LOL.Yamada Desu.
PPD Style.Ehhh? Ojou-sama, Are You Sure?Moon.
Snore.Chupacabra Pictorial!Ask Onee-san Anything Ne?
!?Pactio With Us Ne?Kissu.
I'm Lost.Welcome To The Chupacabra Club.Heh, Call Me Black Rose Baron.

- The twins, Fumika and Fuuka were drinking coffee in hopes of becoming more like an adult by doing it. Kaede hopped by and asked if they would like to go for a walk, Fumika and Fuuka happily agreed, Kaede commented that they're so obedient like children. The twins then got an idea of doing what they think adults do and hope to be more adult after doing those. For example, run past a scary dog [failed], watch a scary movie without closing their eyes [failed], walk straight on the white line on the roads [failed] lol. In the end, the twins went to get ice-cream after thinking that they had at least grown a bit lol. Shichimi and Motsu walked past, Motsu commented that the twins and Kaede kinda looked like mother and daughters LOL!!!! Hence, the twins gave people the impression that they're children. Fuuka demanded to shut down the walking club. Kaede suggested that they upgrade their internal beauty to be more adult-like. The twins then got another idea to train their internal beauty by going to the Library Island. Elsewhere, Camo suggested to Negi to might as well do the pactio with all his students since he had did with 4 of them in such a short time lol, Negi was like you nuts? Konoka even joked about Negi taking responsibility by marrying because they had kissed LOL. Asuna, Konoka, Negi, Nodoka and Setsuna then went to the Library Island to look for information about this red crystal thingy which might be related to the Star Crystal.

- As they were about to leave the room, Negi noticed someone watching them but only a petal of black rose came floating in. Meanwhile, Negi and company were walking in the Library Island, Setsuna warned Konoka about touching the books however she herself went and touched it, activating a trap at the same time. Luckily, Setsuna's keen senses broke the trap arrow to half, Setsuna was like 'See Ojou-sama, it's dangerous.' LOL, Konoka was like 'You're the one who touched the books ...' LoL. Suddenly the care taker of the Library Island, Yamada walked in, Nodoka explained that he knows everything about the Library ... suddenly Yamada dropped down a trap. Everyone were like 'Knows everything huh?' LOL. Nodoka asked Negi what kinda of books he's looking for, Negi replied, magic kind of books. Nodoka said that to find those kinda of books, they would had to go down the dangerous lower levels of the library ... however for Negi-sensei, she would try her best! LoL. Kaede, Fumika and Fuuka were also in the Library Island looking for a book that teaches them to be an adult. Negi and company continued to walk down the library to the level they were heading to. The level was filled with books, books on trees, river of books and even a restaurant with books menu lol. Kaede, Fumika and Fuuka went check around under the directions Yamada gave but failed. Kaede offered to check around, Fumika and Fuuka tried to stop her but lost her in the end.

- Meanwhile, Negi and company were checking the books only to find nothing about the red crystal however Asuna managed to find a Chupacabra Pictorial LOL. Camo suggested to use Nodoka's artifact to find the red crystal, Negi tried the first time but summoned the botched card. After eating the meal Yamada prepared, Negi tried again and this time he succeed. However, Nodoka needs to know the name of the red crystal in order to find information about it. In the mist, Konoka could even joke that the red crystal looked like a scallop LOL. In the end, all efforts were wasted as Nodoka's time limit was up lol. Suddenly, Negi noticed a dark shadow leaping around and chased after it. While trying to stop the person, Negi accidentally revealed his magic powers to the twins lol. Negi had no choice but to tell them all about his secret and his mission in Mahora. The twins agreed to keep the secret in exchange Negi did the pactio with him. Negi encouraged them that they would be great adults. Back to the dorm room, Asuna gave the twins Chupacabra t-shirts and declared them as members of the Chupacabra club LOL. Setsuna then said that this was to give an excuse of them meeting up together lol. Asuna felt insulted. As they were talking, a voice rang out about Negi's partners, everyone turned and saw this guy in a black cape. He introduced himself as Black Rose Baron and disappeared leaving black rose petals behind ... Is he a friend or a foe!? - END -

Do We Have Tissue In That Era?LoL Street Fighter! Chao Rinshen VS Ku Fei.Chao Rinshen Wins!

Ohh, different seiyuus singing ED, 'A-LY-YA!', this time it's by Ishige Sawa [Seiyuu of Haruna], Kuwatani Natsuko [Seiyuu of Yue] and Noto Mamiko [Seiyuu of Nodoka].

Wth? The twins did pactio with Negi!? It's not even found in the manga! Not much action in this episode, merely fun random lame jokes around but they all made me laughed haha. By integrating the Library Expedition Trip Chapter minus the action with the Twins Chapter minus kissed on cheek only in the manga, a little here and there plus some original ideas, the turn out was pretty smooth la. I guessing that the anime's going a different direction than the manga where Negi's father, Nagi seemed to play a huge part here, issuing challenges to Negi's way. I'm reckoning Nagi to be the mysterious Black Rose Baron haha but I might be wrong anyways.

Preview, next episode's about Kaede!? Is there going to be a pactio again? Or izzit going to be the same as the manga where Kaede encouraged Negi when he was down? Till then.

Art: 7.5/10 [Nice close shots.]
Story: 7/10 [Funny though ha. Especially this ]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Loli Twins, not really interested.]
Overall: 7/10

For those megane lovers;

Setsuna.Fumika And Fuuka.Kaede.
Makie.Shichimi And Motsu.Negi And Camo.

Surprisingly, Asuna looks pretty good in megane, not to mention Secchan too XD.

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