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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep6

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It's raining~

Hehe, Summer Is Here.TRAP!I'm ... I'm Having ... My ... My ...

It's summer but everything's usual at Seiou Gakuen, Ichiko's adapting well, Mizuho getting along well with his peaceful moments in school. Yes, summer. At the dorm, Mizuho's posing in various swim suits for Mariya, Ichiko and our viewing pleasure lol. [Personally, I think Mizuho looked good in the Pareo so did Ichiko and Mariya] After that, Mariya's troubled over the fact that it's weird for Mizuho to wear a different swim suit for swimming lessons. It's apparent that Mizuho CAN NOT wear the normal school swim suit without revealing ... his real gender lol. Mariya said that it can't be help then, they just had to use that ... use what? The next day, a furiously blushing Mizuho robot-walked to the P.E room and stammered over his 'womanly reason' why he could not attend the swimming class to the teacher lol. After the whole ordeal, Mizuho ran out of the room [LOL I LOVE the SD expression he had when he ran out LOL] and started panting about him losing some of his life-span lol. And so, during swimming lesson, the other girls were changing as Mizuho was like sheepishly looking at them lol. Mariya reminded him to act like a girl having 'womanly problems' and stomach cramps.

Oh.My Dream ...Manz, It's Hot  ...

Shion walked in and asked what happened. Mariya explained that it's Mizuho's 'that time of the month' lol, Shion was like ohh, I can understand that, I've worse than that. Mizuho was like ... speechless lol. Mariya reminded Shion about Mizuho's real gender, Shion giggled and said she totally forgot about Mizuho's secret lol. Mariya smiled and said isn't that good, Mizuho-chan? LoL. Mizuho was like ... my hopes of returning to a male keeps shunning away lol. During swimming lesson, all the girls were having fun, even Shion, whose health was rather weak. Mizuho missed the first swimming lesson ... and the second and the third. The girls started wondering about why Mizuho's skipping swimming lessons. Mizuho's like dying from the summer heat wave lol. At the Student Council Room, Kimie reported to Takako about the rumours of Mizuho's continuous absence from swimming class to be boycotting. As Mizuho and company were walking back to the dorm, Takako marched over, shoving Mariya away in the process [LOL!!! I repeated that 5 times] and confronted Mizuho on the reason why he wasn't attending swimming lessons and whether if he's boycotting it. Takako's puzzled why the usually athletic Mizuho would skip swimming lessons ... and after thinking over, the only reason was ... !!!

You Don't Know How To Swim!Mizuho's Actually Afraid Of Water!This Happened ...

TO CONCEAL THE FACT THAT MIZUHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM! ... Mariya and Mizuho were like ... ehhh yeaaa....hhhh that's how normal people will think lol. Takako thought she hit the bull's eye and started rambling about Mizuho's position as Elder and a role model for everyone in school. Mariya had an idea, picking on Takako's theory, Mariya blabbered a lie about Mizuho having a traumatic experience with water and him dying over it LOL. Takako doesn't buy it. Kei told Mariya to explain. Mariya dramatically recalled the time when they were young, Mizuho slipped and fell into the river. Mariya yelled for help at the same time tried to save Mizuho by um stretching a bamboo stick for Mizuho to hold on. However, Mariya only managed to whack Mizuho's head, sending him down the water and nose bleeding each time LOL. [I repeated that 10 times!!!] From then on, Mariya added, Mizuho's not only afraid of pools ... but also drains and had to walk a huge round to go to the other side LOL. Mariya stated that everyone has fears ... even Takako who was afraid of frogs. Shrinking back, Takako suddenly remembered that IT WAS MARIYA who placed a huge desk full of frogs LOL. Mariya retorted that she was cared her enough by helping Takako to overcome her fear, Takako snapped back to apply that on Mizuho then.

LOL Puppy Eyes! Kawaii~!Mariya VS Takako ...Training!

Mariya then touched a raw nerve between them as she mentioned about Takako forgoing extra curriculum actitivies to join the Student Council. Pissed, Takako, to prove that she's working hard in the Student Council too, issued Mariya a challenge to settle their differences once and for all in a swimming match. Mizuho was like, ehhh, it's my problem you know lol. After that, Mariya was like pissed over Takako's attitude and revealed to Mizuho that it's foreordained that their paths had crossed with each other as Mizuho's family company, Kaguragi Corp and Takako's family company, Itsukushima Corp were rivals. Mizuho then explained that he had adopted his mother's maiden name when entering Seiou Gakuen when Ichiko asked. So both Mariya and Takako were training very hard for their up coming swimming match. The rest of the girls were worried that their battle might go out of hand. Kei offered to place a measure to make sure those two doesn't hurt themselves. During World History lesson, Mizuho noticed Takako looking sleepy and tired, Mizuho then passed a note to Takako asking her to have lunch with him. Takako seemed surprised that Mizuho would want to have lunch with her, Mizuho explained that he wanted to chat probably with Takako. Takako told Mizuho that he must had thought that the battle between Mariya was stupid wasn't it?

Onee-sama, How Did You Know? ...KYAH! What Did You Do To Kaichou, Onee-sama!?Don't Cry If You Lost ...

Mizuho wondered why Takako's so intend on winning the match and besides with the work load in the Student Council, it's piling on Takako. Takako said that it's her job as she need to uphold her reputation. Mizuho tried to accept some responsibility on himself when Takako explained that it doesn't concern Mizuho now, as it's fate or rather foreordained that she and Mariya's having this battle. Mizuho smiled and muttered, 'Foreordained huh ..., Mariya said the same words too.' Takako told Mizuho that she was invited to the school's track and field club, not that she didn't want to join but the timing clashed with the recruitment of Student Council members. After thinking it over, she rejected the track and field club and joined the Student Council. Takako refered Mariya as that Track and Field Club member lol and said that probably she couldn't accept it and called her a traitor. Mizuho defended Takako's decision and Takako seemed a little shocked. Takako stated that she will win the match to show Mariya that she placed extra curriculum as an important part too, not to avoid it over joining the Student Council. Smiling, Mizuho said that it's Takako's way of settling that time's rejection to the track and field club isn't it?

Peace.Must Win Ya!Hehe.

Takako seemed shocked again, puzzled how Mizuho knew about it when suddenly she felt faint and collapsed. Mizuho rushed over to capture Takako and laid her head on his lap to rest. Mizuho assumed that Takako probably got too tired. Kimie saw the scene and began blabbering about Mizuho trying to take advantage of Takako LOL. Mizuho snapped at Kimie to keep quiet and explained that Takako fainted and told her to get a wet towel. Kimie immediately ran to get a towel. That time, Mizuho confessed that although many things had happened, but he kinda like Takako. And so, the fateful day arrived, as Mariya and Takako met to walk to the swimming pool together, they were shocked to see that their match had suddenly become a swimming school event LOL. Who's the culprit? Kei. LOL. Mariya VS Takako! LoL, both Mariya and Takako had fun even though they were having a match and the other girls too. In the end, we don't know who won but who cares lol ... it's the start of summer holidays. Takako's probably holidaying at her resort as she received a photo postcard from Mizuho of the girls in swim suits and ended with Mizuho saying that he'll try his best to overcome his fear of water too lol. - END -

Mariya Having Fun.Takako Too~I'll Work On My Phobia Of Water, Well, Kinda ...

It's Summer Time! What's Summer without the swimsuits, yes, this episode of Otoboku, the girls were having swimming lessons. Mizuho, being a trap uh I mean guy, of course couldn't attend the lessons without revealing himself. However, we were given a eye-full of Mizuho in various difference swimsuits though haha. It's funny how Shion forgot Mizuho's a guy, seemed like he really blended in lol. The way Takako announced that Mizuho's reason for avoiding swimming lessons was not being able to swim was hilarious. Everyone were like ... ookay, yeahhhhh, that's it! LOL. Mariya's over dramatic enactment of the real reason behind Mizuho not swimming sent my hips splitting into two lol. Especially the part where she tried to save Mizuho but ended up whacking his head and sending him down the water continuously LOL.

Another funny scene was when Takako fainted and Mizuho laid her head on his lap when suddenly Kimie shrieked and asked him what did he do to Kaichou lol. Not only that, Kimie said that to push Takako down in this secluded forest was so impure then she kept chanting 'How impure, how impure, how impure ...' LOL. Kimie added that even though Mizuho's Onee-sama, this kind of impure actions cannot be forgiven! Haha. Oh yes, Kei kinda reminded of Akira from School Rumble lol, always the one trying to pull out crazy stunts from the characters lol. When things go wrong, the arrow will be pointed to her as the culprit but she wouldn't be blame that kinda feeling hahaha. Anyways, a happy ending in the battle between Mariya and Takako, we learnt that they had a 'rivalry past' with each other too. I think Mariya's just pissed that she lost a good rival in the track and field club that's why she's picking on Takako so much haha. I think Mariya and Takako used to be best friends and loved track and field and probably even made a promise to join the track and field club together. However, Takako's suddenly broke that promise probably broke Mariya's heart and trust too ... haha I'm merely guessing, could be wrong =). Overall, an amusing episode as usual dashed with lots of laughter.

Oh a special treat taken from Random Curiosity;

Mizuho In Bikini.

[Be warn! Trap!]

Art: 8/10 [As usual.]
Story: 7/10 [Back to comedy.]
Characters: 7/10 [Takako, Moe.]
Overall: 7/10

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  1. I fell into the trap!!!!!! I can't believe this guy have a nice perfect girly body. Better than Shion and Mariya..... and he's beautiful too... really amazing..sugoi ne....

  2. How can a man be this beautiful?! And I really hope he stuffed the bra with tissue or something because his boobs look too real! ._.

  3. Prolly he went plastic surgery coz I see flesh....

  4. lol ... yeah Pretty Face ... maybe he got it from there haha.