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Thursday, November 2, 2006

[Drama CD] Venus Versus Virus Special Edition Drama CD

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Was at the driving centre just now for my lessons ... awww, I really sucked in vertical parking lol, out of 10 attempts, failed 9 lol.

Japanese Title : 「Venus Versus Virus」 ドラマCD特別編
English Title : 'Venus Versus Virus' Drama CD Special Edition

Venus Versus Virus Special Edition Drama CD 1. Venus Versus Virus Special Edition Drama CD 2.

This Special Drama CD was included in the Issue 12/06 of Dengeki.

CD Tracks;
01. Piece 01 名橋さんの日記① [Piece 01 Nahashi-san's Journal 1]
02. Piece 02 名橋さんの日記② [Piece 02 Nahashi-san's Journal 2]
03. Piece 03 愛の狩人 [Piece 03 Hunter Of Love]

Casts in 'Venus Versus Virus' Special Drama CD;
生天目仁美 as 名橋ルチア [Nabatame Hitomi as Nahashi Ruchia]
佐藤利奈 as 鷹花スミレ [Sato Rina as Takahana Sumire]
大木民夫 as 名橋総一郎 [Ooki Tamio as Nahashi Suchiro]
野中藍 as ミカ [Nonaka Ai as Mika]
加藤英美里 as 京子 [Katou Emiri as Miyako]
阪田佳代 as しず [Sakata Kayo as Shizu]
甲斐田裕子 as ミネリア [Kaida Yuko as Mineria]

I'm not sure for the surnames of the characters because the Kanji meaning might be different, I'll update later when the offical Romaji words are out. OoooOoohhhh, I really hope the seiyuu for Ruchia's to be the same for the anime~~~~ LoL. Hope to hear the seiyuu of Shizuma from Strawberry Panic!, Nabatame Hitomi's voice again =). By the way, the Offical Drama CD is already out on 25/10/2006 too, click your friendy amazon link. If you want to know more about the anime, enter the offical website here, I heard it's coming out on January 2007 =). I read the manga, the story's well cool, the art's pretty good too, plus it has shoujo-ai =).

Updates in my schedule this week;
- Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora Trailer, later
- Urahime doujinshi - 3/11/2006, Editing
- Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl Ep13/OVA - 4/11/2006
- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 1 - 5/11/2006 [If I don't get lazy]
- Negima!? Haru OVA summary - 10/11/2006

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  1. OMG.... Hitomi Nabatame again?! I'm gonna look out for this. Thank you for the head up. *kissu*

  2. welcome, yeah her voice's in VVV is really like what she did for Shizuma =)

  3. Ohh really????????????????? Shizuma alive again and ONCE MORE repeatition of her?! This can be a bad thing. I'm going to hear this.

    Thank you for informing this, but what is coming on Jan 2007? Is it the anime? (will they have one?), manga? novel? soredomo a new drama CD? I'm sorry for being an ass here. I never like shojou-ai anime but after Stopanic, I completely go for it. Yeah you can tell that I'm all for Shizuma Hanazono.

  4. I forgot to ask. Which one is Nahashi Ruchia? Is it the short hair girl or one-eyed girl?

  5. Ruchia is the one-eyed girl.

    I want to listen to the drama cd. I really want to hear Shizuma's voice again.

  6. I can tell you that the background music for the drama cd is really catchy

  7. to anonymous, yes the Venus Versus Virus anime is coming out on Jan 2007, see the offical website link in the post. VVV had manga too, currently, i think it's on volume 3. As for novel, I'm not sure if they had.

    Yes, Ruchia is the girl with the eye-patch. If I'm not wrong, she's not really blind in that eye haha. I gotta start reading the manga soon.

    to luce, yeah, those kinda mysterious melody haha.