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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep8

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Wait For Me~.Onee-san?Dying~ ...

This episode opened with Yukari smiling and running after a shadowy person however she was just daydreaming. Stopping for a breather, Mizuho offered a towel to Yukari to wipe herself, while wiping herself, Yukari saw a reflection of a person she knew in Mizuho ... but then who's the person she was running after in the dream? Later we learnt that that person's Yukari's elder sister. During lunch, the girls found out that Kana's going to be the heroine for a upcoming play put up by the theatre club. Surprisingly, Kei's the President of the Theatre Club and was the one who had chosen Kana to be the heroine of the play. Kana's afraid of not becoming to Kei's standard but promised to try her best and give her life to it anyways lol. Yukari wasn't listening much and was pretty much spacing out.

... Angst.Ekk.Ne? ...

After that, Yukari went for her track and field practice, listening to the Second Years senpais giggling at the side pissed her off and she ran off for her regular run. The teacher in charge told her to buck up since she's been slacking in the timing lately. After practice, Yukari saw Kana and the theatre club practicing hard for their play and felt a little dejected. Over dinner, Kana was eating very well after a hard day of practicing however Yukari was emotionless the whole time. Since Mariya's in her third year, she had 'retired' from track and field club and had high hopes of Yukari being the next heroine in the club. Yukari doesn't look happy or excited by it, excused herself and left.


The next day, after club practice, Yukari ignored Ichiko's greetings and locked herself in her room. Ichiko told Mariya and Mizuho that something's wrong with Yukari. Mariya said that it might that Yukari's losing confidence in herself. During World History class, Mizuho's sighing over Yukari's loss of confidence. Mizuho then asked Takako if she had lost her confidence before. Takako smugly said no of course lol, it's unseemingly for a leader to lose her confidence if one wants people to follow one's footsteps. Mizuho came to a conclusion that maybe Yukari's too hard on herself that lead to her loss of confidence.

ANGST~.Chibi Yukari....

That evening, Yukari's thinking about her elder sister, a while later, she went over to Mizuho's room to prepare a traditional tea ceremony for him. Yukari then told him about her elder sister who had passed away, used to prepare traditional tea too. Yukari then described her elder sister as a beautiful, gentle, kind and even tempered person who never blow her top even near her death. Mizuho then added that Yukari had joined track and field because of that too? Yukari seemed a little surprised by the comment and cried saying she wouldn't be able to do it. Ichiko saw the scene and was sadden by it. Over dinner, Mariya had gotten news that Yukari had slackened in her club and confronted her about it. Yukari tried to give excuses but Mariya yelled at her that she's asking about Yukari not them. In the end, Yukari doesn't like track and field isn't it, Mariya added. Looking away, Yukari mumbled ... maybe that's so and left saying she'll consider. Ichiko went to Yukari's room to comfort her and encouraged her to continue track and field.

Yummy~.Nice Scene.Aww, Hug.

That morning, Yukari didn't come down for breakfast nor went to track and field practice. Mariya's really worried about Yukari even though she doesn't show it. That afternoon, Mizuho asked Yukari out for a walk and they chatted. Yukari admitted that she's giving excuses about her poor performance and thought to herself that maybe she doesn't like track and field as much as she thought. Mizuho said that Yukari had been chasing after her Onee-san's shadows. Yukari replied that she wanted to be like her Onee-san but no matter how hard she tried, she can't ... and began tearing. Mizuho then told her about his father wanting to cut his long hair off but Mizuho didn't want. When he was young, Mizuho's mum didn't want to cut Mizuho's hair off because she wanted him to make his own decision about his own hair. The bottom line was that his mother wanted him to choose his own path. Mizuho teased Yukari by mentioning about cutting his hair, Yukari protested, Mizuho continued that he wouldn't cut his hair because his hair enabled him to meet the girls. This is his wish and decision. Mizuho said that Yukari's Onee-san must had wanted Yukari to make her own decision and path by recommending her to Seiou Gakuen so that she could find her own happiness. Yukari thought about what Ichiko and Mariya said to her ... and realized that all of them cared for her.

Kyaaah!Big Hug.Happy End.

Suddenly, Mariya rushed over saying that Ichiko's trying to force herself out of the dorm's barrier and hurting herself to support Yukari. Ichiko felt that Yukari shouldn't give up. Yukari ran up and hugged Ichiko. The girls then smiled and everything's well. That next day, as Yukari's going for her usual run, she saw Ichiko, Kana, Mariya and Mizuho waiting for her in running suits to join her in running too =). - END -

Ok, Otoboku's trying to inject some angst themes in this episode. Seriously, I tell you, they fail. Try, try again. Haha. It's just sooo drama haha almost to the point of chessy and making the hairs on my back stand lol. Maybe they used the wrong character to play the angst part ... should had used Shion or Takako ... the mysterious Onee-sama kinds. Yukari seemed too happy go lucky to be the angst type la haha, but well at least they're trying. Not like it had much plot anyways ... about dead Onee-san ... trying to be like perfect Onee-san ... running after their shadows ... and stuff.

Art: 8/10 [As usual.]
Story: 6.5/10 [Try, try again.]
Characters: 7/10 [Takako, Pouting, Win.]
Overall: 6.5/10

Next episode's about the play ... Romeo and Juliet ... how typical hahaha, who's Romeo? Mizuho or ... Takako!? But the title's Mariya's feelings ... who would it be ... !?

Probably Negima!? Haru OVA post tomorrow and summary for Mai Otome Zwei OVA.

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