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Monday, November 20, 2006

Negima!? Ep7

[Posted @ 9:30 PM]
Ahhhhh, Otoboku Ep7 tomorrow, I hope.

KITTA!How's It, Secchan?!?.
Skipping My Name Again.Bob The Builder?Oooh.
Negi-Sensei.WHAT?!HAZUKI! Um No, Sayo! ...
...Animal Abuse! ...Eh?
Well, You See ...Full Of Negi-Sensei Merchandise ...I Saw The Cup Move ...
Dead Beat.Kyaah, I'm Good!Hehe ...
!? ...MUAHAHAHA ...Kawaii~ ...
Hmph ...Hehe ...Shessh.

That night, Asuna happily received a crate of Chupacabra T-shirts ... the others were like ... ekk why doesn't something as ugly as that even existed lol except Negi who was like 'Cool', followed by Nodoka who because of Negi, added it's 'Cool' too lol. Setsuna was protesting against Asuna having her precious Ojou-sama wearing that hideous T-shirt lol. However, Konoka doesn't seem to mind and slipped on the T-shirt before Setsuna could say anything. Realizing that she couldn't stuff her room with crate fulls of Chupacabra merchandises ... Asuna decided to sell some of them away. At class, as Negi was reading out the class attendance, skipping the spirit, Aisaka Sayo in the list, Asuna's calculating her cost for bringing that much Chupacabra stuff lol. After class, Kasumi asked Negi why the seat beside her had been blank for the past 3 years she had been in that class. Negi merely asked Kasumi to give him some time and he'll explain it some time soon. That night, Negi's practising his magic on summoning/seeing spirits as Takahata-sensei looked on while slurping Ramen lol. Oh Chachamaru and Eva were there too because he was practising near her house haha. At 3-A classroom, Negi used his magic to reveal the usually invisible Sayo, Negi then introduced himself to her and her to him. Sayo's delighted that someone could finally see her. Meanwhile, Asuna's going around the dorm trying to sell her Chupacabra merchandises, as expected, NOONE wants to buy it. Back to Negi and Sayo, Negi asked the reason why Sayo became a spirit and whether she had any unfulfilled memories. Unfortunately, Sayo doesn't seem to have any recollection of her previous life cos it had been 40 years lol. [Sayo even did a cute 'Ehe' along with a knocking head action hahaa, like Ayano from Girls' High].

Asuna's in Ako and Yuuna to promote her Chupacabra merchandises but both rejected the offer lol. Negi figured that maybe by entering the dorm could jolt some of Sayo's memories back. Sayo happily went in, forgotting that she's a spirit who can go through doors and walls while Negi could not lol. In the dorm, LoL both Konoka and Setsuna were wearing the Chupacabra T-shirts ... no that's not the main point, ok, Setsuna had a idea of communicating with Konoka using two cups linking via a string to. That way, as Setsuna placed, could connect them 24 hours a day. Konoka then pointed out the weakness of the tool ... which was if the door should clamp the string, sounds could not be transmitted lol. Suddenly, they heard Sayo's voices from the cup phone and freaked out lol. Kasumi and Negi heard their voices and ran up, the girls explained they heard a strange voice and presumed it to be a spirit. Negi sneaked away and decided to use his magic to find Sayo however, his magic secret was almost found out by Kasumi who followed him. On the other side, Ayaka's showing Asuna who came to sell her Chupacabra stuff her own Negi-sensei merchandises instead lol. Surrounded by her beloved Negi-sensei, Ayaka found no reason to buy such an ugly T-shirt of Chupacabra LOL. As Asuna's whinning for Ayaka to buy her t-shirt, Makie who's Ayaka's roommate noticed a floating Negi-sensei cup and freaked out lol. [Ma!] Meanwhile, Kasumi managed to get Negi to tell her about Sayo, the spirit. Negi asked Kasumi to keep it a secret but she refused and ran off after hearing another scream. This time, it's from Rinshen and Satsuki's room, they found a bite size mark on their meat buns! Next, it's Akira and Misora's room, Akira's feeding her pet fish, Yamamoto when Sayo leaned on Akira sending shivers down her spine and also Misora's.

No sales in hand, Asuna went back to her room, tired out. Kaede and Setsuna then entered the room to inform Konoka about the spirit's appearance in other rooms too and they ran to check it out. Asuna doesn't care lol. After that, Sayo went to Nodoka and Yue's room where Yue's making this card house and they freaked out when the cards floated by themselves. By the time, Negi and company could check it out, Sayo went to the twins, Fuuka and Fumika's room where she played with the rabbit toys, freaking the twins out lol. Going to Chisame and Satomi's room, Sayo went in the PC in their room, freaking them out as they yelled 'Winter Mute!' LOL. Sayo then went over to the Mahora cheerleaders, Misa, Modoka and Shiina's room, eating a cup noodle, freaking them out as well. Lastly, she went to Mana and Zazie's room where Mana calmly loaded her gun and proceed to shoot Sayo luckily, Negi rushed in to stop her lol. After that, the whole of 3-A crowded around Sayo however they could no see Sayo at all. Noticing the commotion, Eva snapped her fingers, enabling Sayo to be visable via Kasumi's camera. Kasumi then took a picture and showed it to everyone which everyone went 'Kawaii~~'. Negi then noticed Eva walking away and smiled that Eva's really a kind person =). In the end, Sayo didn't recall any memories but she gained alot of friends as Kasumi took a picture of her in class again and got her name called. Asuna was like, 'Who's that?!' since she missed everything last night LOL. - END -

Fuka And Fumika, We're Twins!I OVERSLEPT!?Sob Sob, I'm Just An Errand Girl?!

Baka Rangers Special is back! LoL, Makie gets bullied again as she woke up late and everyone had already left. The reason for keeping Makie in the team was ... just to run errands LOL.

Not much action in this episode, lol not that I mind, because what's Negima!? without the comedy? =). Anyways, a Sayo episode, a little different from the manga because Negi never realized Sayo's there from the start ... yep. Asuna trying to be a salesperson was funny haha, whining for her classmates to purchase her Chupacabra merchandises ... urk haha. I think the purpose of this episode is just to introduce Sayo and also the dorms, who were paired up with who and stuff. The assignments of roommates were different from the manga too, like Ayaka, Chizuru and Natsumi were in the same room in the manga, as for the rest, I'm not sure cos the ... manga never stated anything, which I think it's good for the anime to layout the general setting. Some characters were giving special hobbies too, like Ako, Akira and Yuuna, preparing tea in chemical flasks? World War figurines? Pet fish, Yamamoto? LoL. Ayaka's Negi-sensei Merchandise collection was amusing too ahaha. By integrating game settings as Sayo lurked around the dorm was one of a kind haha, it's pretty exciting like you're playing a PS game haha. It's funny to see the reactions of the girls ... going 'Ekkkk, spirit!!!' LOL. Eva's started to turn to the good side as she did good stuff which she would rather die to admit it haha. Anyways, next episode's about the twins, Fuka and Fumika, it's weird to see Fuka using 'Boku ...', does it mean Fuka's tomboy?

Btw, Sayo really reminds me of Hazuki from Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, especially at the scene where she and Negi chatted under the moon light about her forgotten memories. Oh, isn't Secchan supposed to fight demons/spirits? How come she seemed a little afraid of Sayo?

Art: 7/10 [... It was relatively good till THIS!!]
Story: 7/10 [=).]
Characters: 7/10 [Sayo.]
Overall: 7/10

Ps: I love the piano playing in the bg in the OP2 where Ayaka and Kufei were speaking. It's so hot.

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  1. Do I see a Zelda parody? Lol.

  2. LoL, you didn't see wrong, it's a indeed The Legend of Zelda parody hahaa =).

  3. Wow It's nice, I'm glad to be here...

  4. OOOooh! Thanks so much, I just found your site, and read ALL of the Negima episode explainations. I hope you will continue. I just recently became interested in this show when I saw an AMV with KonoSetsu. Yay! So when do the really fluffy scenes for those two come around? When they do, please use lotsa detail to describe! THANK YA!