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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mai Otome Zwei OVA 1

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... *Speechless* Let the pictures do the talking.

Behave Yourself Haruka Onee-sama.Can I Eat Them Now?Meteor Breaker!
Failed!Blue Sky Sapphire Zwei!Cool.
Impact!Meteor Shower?Awesome.
Mai Otome Zwei OVA 1.EVIL.Arinko LoL.
Huhhhh.=).IMF Protest.
Let's Study Ne?There You Have It, ShizNats In Swimsuits.-.-
You Baka!!?Stoned Miyu.
Evil Arika!?NOooOoooOOoo!~Cute Ne?
Nekogami-sama!Mai's Ramen.Professor Gal ... Grrr ...
NOOOOOOOOO! *Cries*.Evil Shizuru!?Robe? No. Slave? No!
Mou, So What If I Have Big ...Arika.Well, If You Insist.
Whoa, Ballet LoL.Muahaha.Go!
I Live!Ms Maria, Too Hot.Surrogate System Activated.
Failed.I Prefer The Blue Than This Ugly Pink!Wtf.
!?Arika!!!!New Evil Arise.
Poor Nagi.Sergay!?Nina!? Long Haired Is Nicer.

3 words I uttered after everything.

'Way fucking cool.'

Summary to be updated.

Mai Otome Zwei OVA Preview 1.Mai Otome Zwei OVA Preview 2.Mai Otome Zwei OVA Preview 3.

I love the part where Gal said that maybe Shizuru got a pretty girl when they couldn't get Shizuru's whereabouts then Natsuki was like 'Professor Gal ...' in this warning tone hahahaha. A new evil arises, with wings to boot, the shadow kinda reminded me of Ryuk from Death Note lol. Full of action and laughter, that is till the end heh. Till now I still can't believe that power houses, Ms Maria, Miyu and Shizuru were taken down by the mysterious evil villian. Apparently, the evil villian could take forms of the characters it touched or something probably. However, it didn't turn Arika into stone probably cos it's still weak and just needed to take a form? Hm Hm. The evil villian had something to do with Mikoto too, Mikoto could feel its pressense but merely went to sleep when it was near. By showing Nina and Sergay in the end meant that there's more angst to come! Yay.

I can't wait for the second OVA ... god, I want it now! Argh.

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  1. i can't believe that the villain got miyu and shizuru so quickly -_-" does this mean we'll get to see less of shizuru in the ova?? if so, sunrise is such a ikezu! >.< lol anyway, mai otome zwei seems to have more of action scenes. the pix look very cool indeed. did you buy the dvd?

  2. I haven't got the chance to watch yet... I'm waiting for DOREMI to release subbed version. I just can't wait to watch....

  3. Haha. "Getting a pretty girl"? Shizuru got outed! And that tone of Natsuki. Hehe... I guess it's offical they are together now! I love it!

    I really liked this start episode, more than the Mai-Otome's. Looking foward to more! Which means... in 2 months! >______< I hope Shizuru gets revived! Natsuki will get lonely during the nights. :P