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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Negima!? Ep6

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I'm addicted to the 16:9 standard format.

LOL Power Ranger? And Mesousa!WHAT!?Heh. Heh. Heh.
Copying. Heh. Heh. Heh. LOL.Ojou-sama's So Kawaii~Pocky~! Anata Wa Watashi No Pocky~
Secchan's Fantasy ... !?Ekkk!Nagi! ...
Pactio Success!Eh, Way Out ... Way Out ...Let's Go~!
HEHEHEHE!! EVIL!Flower-Like Spirit Is Popeye? LOL ...Ojou-sama! ...
... Will The Pactio Make Me Stronger?PACTIO Number 3! ...Cool Secchan~ ...
Gundam Wing LoL ...... Whoa ...Spell Broken Off ...
Secchan's Wings Are Like Those Of An Angel ...My Magic Was Found Out?! ...Model Pose LoL.

As Negi and company were teleported to the illusion world of the flower-like spirit, it was witnessed by Yue who rushed forward to see them disappearing. Haruna came running in, Yue told Haruna what she saw, Haruna thought Yue saw a Chupacabra and pulled the protesting Yue away lol. In the illusion world, Asuna, Camo, Konoka, Negi, Nodoka and Setsuna were confronted with Chisame, Kaede and Yuuna. Through the three girls, the flower-like spirit said that they were under its spell and its servants. Negi suspected that a vampire and the Star Crystal were behind this, when asked its intentions, the flower-like spirit refused to say. When Negi told the flower-like spirit to let go of his students, it refused and said it likes to see the troubled face on Negi lol. Asuna told Negi to activate the pactio along with Konoka and Nodoka. However, this time, Negi activated three botched cards LOL. Asuna's a pig, Konoka's a koala bear while Nodoka's a seal. Chisame, Kaede and Yuuna started to attack Negi and company, Negi immediately teleported them to a safe place. At the same place, the girls used up their 'gas' and turned back to normal. Luckily, they had a quick feast of eggs and pocky which Konoka had with her last episode lol. Meanwhile, Motsu and Shichimi were fooling around when Takahata-sensei reminded them of keep an eye on Negi. [WTF?] Back to the gang, over the meal, Konoka suggested that Setsuna do the pactio with Negi too so as to increase their chances of winning. Setsuna protested wildly till Konoka said that it'll be like a direct kiss between them LOL.

Setsuna did a fantasy of her and Konoka ... in cosplay on bed ... almost kissing ... when suddenly she shook herself outta it. Camo agreed and said that Setsuna will then be stronger than she is now. That kinda touched a raw nerve of Setsuna as she closed the conversation of her doing the pactio by saying that she IS already strong enough to protect Konoka and doesn't need to be any partner or anything. The gang started to move out as Negi described the illusion world the flower-like spirit created to be the forest back in Wales. Negi then deduced that the illusion world was created via his memory and not real ... as it's not possible to import everything in. Negi then suspected that it must be created by someone ... close to him and thought of his father, Nagi ... it couldn't be ... could it? As they walked down further, they were greeted by Chisame, Kaede and Yuuna ... and both of them fought when Negi managed to successfully activated the pactios of Asuna, Konoka and Nodoka. Nodoka with her encyclopedia and mind-reading journal, Konoka with a multi-sectioned fan/chopsticks!? + whip kinda thingy while Asuna wielded a heavy-weigh large sword. Using her mind-reading journal, Nodoka could anticipate the moves of the opponents and drove their attacks off. The girls then took this chance to grab Negi and take refugee in the castle. Camo asked Nodoka to use her encyclopedia to search for a way out, after some failed attempts lol, Nodoka found the answer and it was to seal the flower-like spirit and the illusion will automatically disappear.

The flower-like spirit and the servants broke through the door of the castle, Asuna, Konoka, Nodoka and Setsuna stayed on to fight the girls while Negi find a way to seal the flower-like spirit. Asuna and Kaede took on each other, Konoka and Setsuna team up to fight Yuuna while Nodoka was left with Chisame who was unconsciously hating Nodoka for beating her spot as Net Idol Number 1 LOL. Setsuna later went to help Negi seal the flower-like spirit but the flower-like spirit laid a trap for them and ambushed them. Setsuna's sword can't even cut through the thick vines surrounding them. Konoka rushed forward to save Setsuna but was blasted off by Chisame's attack. Konoka began to turn back so did Asuna and Nodoka, the time was up and the flower-like spirit took this chance to bind them with its vines. Negi tried to blast his way out but the attacks kept rebouncing back on him. Lookingly helplessly at her Ojou-sama in pain, Setsuna made a decision to do the pactio with Negi which will make her stronger. Negi and Setsuna did the pactio as Camo drew out the pactio circle. At the first try, Negi drew out the battle card of Setsuna, transforming her in her Bird tribe costume. Like Gundam WingZero uhh, I mean boosting with powers, Setsuna unleashed one of her Flash techniques, 'Hyakkaryouran' [Hundred Flower Profusion] and Slash techniques, 'Hyakuretsuoukazan' [Raging Hundred Cherry Blossom Slash]. With that slash, she broke off the tree vines, freed Asuna, Konoka and Nodoka as well as broke the spell on Chisame, Kaede and Yuuna. Taking this chance, Negi sealed the flower-like spirit.

Setsuna flew over to Konoka's side and asked if she's alright. Konoka said the exact words that was on the manga, 'What beautiful wings, just like those of an angel's.' [XD XD XD] The illusion world was broken and they were back at the school. The awaken Chisame, Kaede and Yuuna suddenly yelled out, thinking that they knew his magic powers, Negi and Camo were shocked and panicked even more when Motsu and Shichimi suddenly appeared and said they saw that~~ LOL. However, it turned out that all three remembered nothing of what had happened. Motsu and Shichimi then apologized for jumping into conclusion. Back in his dorm room, Negi received an encouraging visual letter from his older sister, Nekane and he promised to do his best. And thus the flower-like spirit was sealed, however was that the end already!? Meanwhile, Haruna still drilling Yue about the Chupacabra while Yue tried to explain that that's not it lol. - END -

Sayo's Up Next!?Roboto!?I'm Being Hated!?

LoL, I don't really understood what happened here ... but the Chupacabra thingy is still funny haha. When is Asuna's obsession with it going to stop!? Anyways, it's really surprising that Sayo's going to appear next episode, it's really fast ... wonder what will happen, will they follow the manga or will be be an original episode!? Stay tune.

I really loved the action here, not that the previous episodes had none but the action here lasted longer than the first few for the Eva Arc episodes. I like how they did with the Chisame, Kaede and Yuuna continuing each other's lines scene lol, it was hilarious. It's cute that Nodoka's botched form was a seal and Konoka a Koala bear~~~ Kawaii~~~ Haha. Setsuna's fantasy of a direct kiss with Konoka was ... entertaining lol, didn't know Setsuna had such a vivid imagination. I like how they did with Konoka's artifact, in the manga and the anime first season, it was merely a large fan but now it's a multi-sectioned fan + whip kinda thingy ... reminds me of Shizuru from Mai Hime/Mai Otome's multi-sectioned Naginata/Katana. SHAFT even had Konoka and Setsuna battling hand in hand XD, + many points. Nodoka's as usual her encyclopedia and mind-reading journal while Asuna wielded a heavy-weigh large sword which was like totally cool. Finally, the Setsuna battle scenes were like way cool, with her trademark skills of the Kyoto Shinmeiryuu.

Art: 7.5/10 [As usual.]
Story: 8.5/10 [I love the action.]
Characters: 7.5/10 [KonoSetsu!~]
Overall: 8.5/10

Here's a special for Konoka x Setsuna supporters;

Konoka x Setsuna Large.

PS: Can anyone make a wallpaper of it?

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  1. I'm waiting for a konosetsu kiss......please give me some

  2. Hurray for KonoSetsu!!!!

  3. I'm pretty optimistic abt them kissing ... since they did it on season 1 ... heh and SHAFT's focusing on their relationship at the same time.

  4. Runte said...

    I laughed, when I heard the name.. xDD
    But now I think it's pretty cute ^^

    I haven't yet seen this ep of Negima, 'coz can't find Torrent anywhere ;_; I so wanna see that ep.. ^^;

    Btw, I can try that wallpaper thing, but don't expect too much.. It's pretty blurry Ya know..

  5. Did this up in a short time, hope that it wasn't too bad. Click on my name to go to the web

  6. to Runte, lol yeah I know it sounds lame but after thinking for a long time, I think it suits my theme pretty well I guess haha.

    to jeff, yeah it's going at the rapid speed at first then shifting to original episodes after ep3. Yeah the OP rocked, usually I will skip the OP and straight to the show but for Negima!? I will watch till the end haha.

    to yeyeo, whoa thanks.

  7. LOVELY episode. ^_^ Especially the "kiss" fantasy. Vivid imagination indeed XD