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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Negima!? Ep5

[Posted @ 11:24 PM]
Watched Negima!? Ep5 on an aspect ratio 16:9 standard format, whoa, it was great haha.

Chachamaru.Eva's Pissed.Negi-Sensei ...

Even Eva's pissed that she's so easily possessed by some tinywinky spirit ... but there's something she's hiding, she knew someone else's calling the shots.

1000%SPARKING! Version 2, 1.1000%SPARKING! Version 2, 2.1000%SPARKING! Version 2, 3.

Some new images for the OP, '1000%SPARKING!' as well as new seiyuus singing the song, they're Tanaka Hazuki [Seiyuu of Ku Fei], Horie Yui [Seiyuu of Makie] & Minagawa Junko [Seiyuu of Ayaka]. It was refreshing lol =).

DEAL!BOA Drink? LOL.Let Me Help!
Whoa.Ojou-sama? ...OoOooOOoH~!
LoL, Pani Poni Dash!?=O, Hot!GASP ...
NODOKA SMIRKS?! ^#%^%$%#@@@!!!!=O ...Chiu~!
HEHEHEHE.o_o ...Some Things Cannot Be Photoshopped LoL ...
Konoka!!Snort ...Ojou-sama!!!! ...
Negi Managed To Save Konoka ...... Angst ...We Saw That ...
Lightning Strikes!You'll Save Me? ...Kissu ...
=P, Hehe.Secchan, I Don't Want To Be Always Protected ...I Want To Protect You Too ...
What!?~~ hot ...STAY TUNE ...

In this episode of Negima!?, Negi's worried about Chachamaru and Eva's absence from class as Eva seemed to be weaken from what happened in Episode 2. [Eva was possessed by some tinywinky flower-like spirit and fainted in the end] Camo and Negi discussed about the possibilities of the flower-like spirit being related to the stolen Star Crystal and decided to investigate. Meanwhile, Asuna's hyped up about her Chupacabra society meeting just AFTER school ended lol. Asuna invited Konoka to attend the meeting when Setsuna appeared beside Konoka to remind her of Konoka's Divination society meeting that day. Setsuna added that it's better that Ojou-sama not to attend such weird and suspicious society meetings LOL and left with Konoka. Both Asuna and Haruna were insulted and Asuna yelled after them that she would not let them see the Chupacabra if they find one. As Camo and Negi went to the place in Episode 4 where they last fought the flower-like spirit to investigate, Nodoka approached Negi if she could be any help since she was his partner. Camo then suggested to Negi to activate the card of Nodoka. Somewhere else, Konoka and Setsuna were admiring the ... eh spinning thingy which can predict the happenings of a specific time in the Astronomy club. Meanwhile, at the Chupacabra society meeting, Asuna asked the members to brainstorm what the Chupacabra might like lol. To lure a Chupacabra out, they must have a bait that a Chupacabra likes. Haruna noticed that there's more people in their club lol.

They are Makie, Fuuka, Fumika, Kaede and Yuuna. The girls began suggested weird stuff a Chupacabra might like, 'Hardworking', 'Future', 'Battle Spirit', 'Exercise', '50 Yen Discount', 'Buy 1 get 1 Free', 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms', 'Master Grade', 'Kappa's Ear', etc etc etc LOL. Anyways, back to Nodoka, Negi invoked his magic and activated one of Nodoka's card ... a cosplay card. Nodoka's artifact is as usual a mind-reading journal. Nodoka then started reading out Camo's thoughts and his dirty secrets LOL. [We have the normal card, cosplay card and botched card.] After reciting Camo's secrets, Nodoka went on to reading Negi's thoughts and blushed when she read Negi's innocent pure praises of her in glasses lol. However, before Nodoka could read what she want to know about Negi's feelings about her, the time was up and she transformed back lol. Nodoka's tummy growled, indicating her strength, as Camo said, 'Gas' was used up lol. Scene to Hasegawa Chisame rushing home to her PC and double life, transforming from a computer geek to Chiu, the Net Idol lol. She started cosplaying in maido uniform and stuff, photoshop her pictures [Lightening her skin colour, enhancing her bust lol] and finally posted her pictures on her blog. Basking in the netizens' praises, Chisame expected herself to be NUMBER 1 on the Net Idol ranking again, but she was horrified to see herself, second lol. The first was none other than ... Miyazaki Nodoka LOL. Pissed, Chisame geared herself up for a high ranking technique ... by trying to paste her face on a sexy body lol. Without any succession, Chiu declared a second high ranking technique ... by trying to paste her face on a sexy body AGAIN LOL! [-.-]

Out of fuel, Nodoka was having burger, Camo explained whenever the partner used their magic, they lose their calories ... [What a great way to lose some pounds ...] Negi sensed magic outside and rushed out. After giving a lame excuse of Konoka trying to toast an egg over ... some charcoal oven and exploding it in the end, Konoka returned to her dorm to change her clothes. Konoka then walked down the cemetery pathway [Why the hell is there a cemetery in Mahora Gakuen!?] with Asuna and there, they noticed tree vines emerging from the ground. The tree vines went straight for Konoka, rending her unconscious. Negi came rushing in the scene and shot a blast at the vines but one of the vines blocked the attack. Negi then activated Asuna's powers ... but this time, Negi pulled out a botched card which turned Asuna to a ... pig LOL which was totally useless. As Negi and company were wondering what to do, Setsuna came rushing in and slashed the tree vines to bits, releasing the bonded Konoka and free falling down. Setsuna tried to grab Konoka's hand but was blown away by a blast from the flower-like spirit. Luckily, Negi saved Konoka via his staff. Negi's magi status was revealed to Konoka. On safe grounds, Konoka immediately thought of Setsuna and hurried to Setsuna's side to check her injuries. Setsuna shrugged Konoka's touch, stood up and with an angst expression asked if Konoka's alright. [She's disappointed in herself for not saving Konoka] As Camo and Negi were flustered about the secret being leaked out again and was even more terrified when Motsu and Shichimi appeared and announced that they saw eeevvverryttthiingg lol. Both of them threatened to report to the magic school. Camo tried to bluff the two by saying that Konoka had done the pactio with Negi and is Negi's partner. Thinking he will get away again, Motsu and Shichimi threw the bomb on them by asking for proof lol.

Luckily, Setsuna saved the day by lighting a fire on her finger as proof. Satisfied with the proof, Motsu and Shichimi apologized. Meanwhile, Yuuna and Kaede were trying to lure Chupacabra out when suddenly a lightning bolt shot down their heads ... on the other side, Chisame ran out of her dorm planning to buy a software when a lightning bolt shot down her head. Walking back to the dorm, Setsuna explained trained in Shinmei-ryū, she used her 'Ki' to make the fire on her finger. Konoka suggested to Negi that they do the pactio too, so that she would be able to use magic to fight too. Setsuna protested against that idea and said that there's no need for Konoka to involve herself in these kind of stuff as she would be protecting Ojou-sama. Setsuna added that whenever Konoka's in danger, she will risk her life to save her and that's the mission of the Sakurazaki family. Hence, there's no need for Konoka to have any powers. Konoka pouted and seemed to lose the idea of doing the pactio when suddenly she lunged for Negi's lips and Camo activated the pactio circle. Konoka stuck out her tongue and giggled but in actuality she was tearing ... only Setsuna saw that. Konoka then lean against Setsuna's chest and told her that she didn't want Secchan to do any dangerous things. *heartbeat* *heartbeat* *heartbeat* *heartbeat*, clearly choking back her tears, Konoka continued that she wants strength, Konoka looked up at Setsuna's face and added, so that she can protect Secchan too. The rest were warmed by the scene. Suddenly, the flower-like spirit started the illusion thingy again ... this time their oponents are Negi's own students, Kaede, Yuuna and Chisame! [The bolt of lightning were probably spells to control them to puppets] Yuuna raised the crossbow she had and released an attack towards them. Negi blocked the blast. Everyone were shocked by the turn of events! - END -

Cool.Chupachupacabra~.LoL I Like Chupa Chups Lollipops~ ...

Whoa, it was great, well every episode of Negima!? I had watched from ep1-5 [now] was great lol. It's really weird to see Nodoka smirk ... I mean it's just plain weird. It's getting a little OOC here. But the megane cosplay was funny hahaha, plain and simple. Need more two-faced Chiu~ LoL. Reckon some things JUST cannot be photoshopped lol, really amusing to see how Chisame tried to photoshop her face in that sexy body twice hahaha. The interaction between Konoka and Setsuna here was great, first with Setsuna not able to save Konoka while free falling down. Second, Setsuna shrugged Konoka's touch when she got hurt while saving Konoka. Lastly, Konoka deciding to be Negi's partner by doing the pactio so that she could gain magic powers to protect her Secchan too.

I really love the background music where Konoka lean against Setsuna while silently crying that she doesn't want to be only protected and see Setsuna get into dangers, but she wanted to protect her Secchan too. Vampire + Star Crystal ... + Flower-like spirit ... what will happen?!

Art: 7.5/10 [Negi looked more matured and hot in this episode.]
Story: 7.5/10 [ACTION!~ Need more KonoSetsu.]
Characters: 7.5/10 [KonoSetsu.]
Overall: 7.5/10

Sorry, I'm kinda busy and I forgot all about listening to the SP Drama CD ... so I'm pushing it to next week. The week will be a busy day for me too, we're having a plant sale at Changi General Hospital ... so ... yeah I'll be there to help out so I don't really have time to type stuff out.

Here's some updates in schedule;
- Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Manga Chapter 2 - 7/11/2006
- Maitake My-Hime Doujinshi Page 9,10 - 8/11/2006
- Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl Ep13/OVA - 9/11/2006
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- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 1 - 11/11/2006

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  1. It's true.. I need KonoSetsu pills

  2. KonoSetsu are nothing to begin with. I love Eva XD

  3. *Out of topic*

    Does anyone know if there are mandarin subs for "galaxy angel Lune"? In other words, was the project picked up by chinese subbers? If so, where can one find them? Thank you for any that could help.

    Link about the anime-


  4. When I was watching the negima season 1, it's KonoSetsu that keeps me going ... if not i would had just abandon the whole thing haha.

    to karinka, um i'm not sure.

  5. I'm all for KONOSETSU... I love them so much....good couple. I hope they'll be couple...

  6. Whose was was pounding? Issit Konoka or Setsuna? I wish Konoka..

  7. heart beat was Set-chan's I'm certain

  8. not sure but the background had a doki doki doki sound .. aha kinda heart warming really and with that great bgm, whoa, it rocked.