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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Negima!? Haru OVA

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Woot, a whole bunch of screenshots, enjoy!

Harry Potter!?Wacha Doing?Kyyaaah!
Mou I Wanna Be With Negi-sensei Alone.Yes, Sir!Whee~
LOL Chiu's Back~.!?Nosebleed.
Ojou-sama ...Hehe.Muack.
Grrrr.Arggghhh~Magister Negi Magi - Negima!? Haru.

Fan service. Fan service. Fan service. I really like the opening where the girls parachuted down to Ayaka's private island. OP's 'Yume ™ Minnade' by Kanda Akemi [Seiyuu of Asuna] and Satou Rina [Seiyuu of Negi].

Ayaka Again.Secchan Noticed Something.Secchan Tries To Look Again.
BLUSH!Secchan?Ojou-sama ...
Hmmmm.Whee.Lookie Again.
Closer ... Blush.Negi-sensei!A Great Way Of Dying.
Ayaka =).Sayo-chan~Kawaii~.
Henshin!Chiu Desu~~.Rapid Henshin!
Barely Made It.Ojou-sama ... too bold~Chupacabra's Dangerous!?
Deep Blue Sea.Behold.Shark Knows Kungfu Too!?
Asuna To The Rescue.Asuna's Crying!?Nice Butt.
Chupacabra!?No, It's Just Chiu~~!Wtf.
Iyaaaa, My Secret!!!My Glasses ...Nice Shot Of Asuna.
Fuu.Whoa, Beautiful Sunrise.Hug.
Partner!?Blush.Ok, That's ... Wayyyy Outta It.

Not going to do a summary on it, basically it covered most of the stuff in the manga except for some additional changes and stuff. The reason why Asuna's angry with Negi in the manga was because he called her a baby or something lol ... like an immature kinda person la then she got mad. However in the OVA, Asuna got angry because Negi had yelled at her when she snatched his magic book and that it's none of her business. So similiar to the manga, Ayaka wanted to cheer Negi up and invited him to her private island for a breather. In the end, the whole class went to the island for some fun =), even Eva who didn't went in the manga. [The OVA had swapped the Principal stamping the documents every 5 seconds to let Eva out reason from the manga Volume 3 of the Eva arc here lol.]

The subtle relationship between Konoka and Setsuna were hyped up by millions here in the OVA, first with the OP where Setsuna nosebleed when she ... saw Konoka's sexy swimsuit haha and later in the other scenes of Setsuna exclaiming in her mind that Konoka's swimsuit's too bold~ Haha. [Great service for KonoSetsu supporters =)] Hmm, the Chiu Chisame scene was funny too haha, I think she made a record by changing THAT fast hahaha. More Chupacabra stuff as the cheerleader girls, Kasumi, Eva and Chachamaru went to investigate, in the end, the 'Chupacabra' they thought was just Chiu Chisame LOL. That was the best lol, with Chisame twilling around while the rest just looked on before Chisame went 'Gak!' LOL.

... hm ... hm then it was the Shark Attack scene where the girls tried to patch Asuna and Negi up by getting Asuna to save Negi from the sharks who were just Ku Fei and Natsumi in disguise. They should had made Negi exclaim 'The shark knows Kung Fu too!?' like in the manga in that scene haha ... but the anime didn't ... well it minus off some points there. Anyways, loved the scene where Asuna wielded her ... harisen and whacked Ku Fei and Natsumi into the sky haha. The patching up scene in the end was pretty similar to the manga however it was sweet in its own way like how Asuna went to retrieve Negi's lost glasses and pretend not to really care lol. Great close up shots of Asuna and the flow of the hair ... whoa awesome I tell you.

Negima!? Haru OVA ED 1.Negima!? Haru OVA ED 2.Negima!? Haru OVA ED 3.

Snippets of the manga covers were in the ED, 'Ohayou!' by Kanda Akemi [Seiyuu of Asuna], it's pretty catchy =).

Art: 8/10 [Simply Awesome.]
Story: 8/10 [Great in its way.]
Characters: 8/10 [Duh.]
Overall: 8.5/10

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  1. Setsuna is hillarious with cheek blushing and eye ball wide open. Man Konoka ass is totally hot.. I was hoping for some kissing in the OVA but nothing happen. Sad eh?

  2. to anonymous 1 & 2, yeah no kiss scene between KonoSetsu ... such a waste haha.

    More fan service in the Natsu OVA ... crap.