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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep7

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Hehe..Black Winter Uniforms.MOE! ...

I'm not particularly fond of this episode so I'm making this summary brief. This episode's about Kana and the ribbon she always wore on her head. The girls [and guy] wore black winter uniforms to school that day. Walking in the school gates, Takako and the student council members were doing a spot check on the students' attire. Takako finds that Kana's ribbon's way too big and inappropriate and even scolded Mizuho for not bringing her sister well. Kana tried to explain but was interrupted by Kimie who said Takako's words were absolute. Mariya went to Kana's rescue by saying Takako's too subjective and both of them argued. In the end, Takako then ordered Kana not to wear that ribbon to school and Kana's pretty upset over it. In class, Mizuho recalled what Kana explained that morning about her important ribbon. Mariya chilled Mizuho for not protecting and standing up to Kana's side. Back to present, Mizuho sighed.

Sensei ... Could It Be That You ...I'll Protect Her ...With This Hm? ...

After class, Hisako-sensei asked if Mizuho had any problems to share with her. Mizuho told her about Kana's ribbon and asked Hisako-sensei's opinion on it. Hisako-sensei said it's a subjective situation and asked how Mizuho's going to do about it. Hisako-sensei then encouraged Mizuho by giving him a sweet lol. After that, Mizuho went to find Kana and asked her out for lunch. During lunch, Mizuho told Kana that he felt that Kana did nothing wrong and so he will protect her and her important ribbon. Kana went back to her usual happy mode. As Mizuho sent Kana off, Shion went over to find Mizuho and showed him the weakness of Takako's subjective opinion of Kana's ribbon being too big. Shion brought out the student council rule book and so did Mariya who also realized that if anyone's unhappy about the student council decision could appeal to them.

Gokigenyou.Challenge Me?I'll Definitely Protect Kana-chan ...

Mariya, Mizuho and Shion went to the Student Council room to submit their appeal to Takako and she accepted it. Takako felt that she had done nothing wrong about preventing Kana from wearing her ribbon and would not lose to Mizuho. Shion warned Mizuho to be careful as matters might go out of hand as the whole school received news of this appeal. Mizuho felt confident of the school's integrity of this appeal.

Wtf~!Hehe, Onee-sama's Protecting Me ...That Slut ... !!

True to Shion's words, the news got around school and some Mizuho Onee-sama fangirls weren't happy about Kana getting their beloved Onee-sama's attentions.

Kinda Reminds Me Of A Scene From Death Note LoL ...Kana's Been Bullied!?Mizuho To The Rescue ...

During World History class, Mizuho and Takako had a little talk again during lesson lol while Takako seemed to concentrate fully on scribbling notes on her notebook. [Kinda reminded me of the scene from Death Note lol] Mizuho told Takako that there isn't only one right way in the world and that there might be no wrongs. While Kana's pouring tea for Mizuho in the room, Ichiko and Mizuho noticed Kana's bandaged hand which Kana shrugged it off as her carelessness. Later that day, Yukari ran over to Mizuho that Kana's in trouble. Seemed like Kana's being bullied by Mizuho Onee-sama fangirls. They were pissed that Kana's giving Mizuho trouble with her problems. Mizuho arrived in the scene and told the fangirls off. Mizuho stated that Kana's her important sister and thus he made this decision to protect and stand on her side.

Chibi Kana.Dumb Mobs.Kawaii Ne?

Mizuho disappointed in himself as he failed to protect Kana. Kana said that it's okay and told Mizuho about why she can't bare with her important ribbon. Kana said that she's an orphan and was brought up in a children's room and the principal treated her very well. Her ailing principal made that ribbon for her and gave her the strength to live till now. Touched by the story and the memories behind it, Mizuho reached over and hugged Kana. On the day of the appeal, Mizuho went on stage and stated that one person's subjective opinion doesn't respresent everyone's opinion and asked the students to represent their opinions. Mizuho then asked Kana to show everyone how the ribbon was reflected on her and then on Mizuho himself. It seemed that it's because that Kana's small physic had given the impression that the ribbon's big. However when Mizuho wore it, the ribbon seemed alright.

Cool Mizuho.Blushing Takako~HEHE, I Can Still Wear My Ribbon =) ...

Everyone were amazed by it LOL, even Takako whom Mizuho asked if Takako would notice him if she wore it. Takako promptly said no. In the end, the students voted for Mizuho's suggestion to allow Kana to continue wearing the ribbon. Kana thanked everyone for their help. At the student council room, Takako recalled what Mizuho said to her in World History clas. Mizuho said that even if Mizuho's appeal should win the votes of the students, Takako's opinions would not change isn't it? Takako agreed. Mizuho explained that because he felt that he was right that he stood up to appeal. However, Mizuho also felt that both his and Takako's opinion were right. Mizuho added that he doesn't want to make matters worse by doing this thus he apologized for that. Takako doesn't understand over Mizuho's actions as she thought to herself that it would be clearer if he had just said that she was wrong isn't it? 'Are you a friend or a foe? I don't understand.', Takako mused. - END -

Lips.Gasp ...Mizuho ... Are You A Friend Or Foe? ...

I'm kinda bored. Kana's cute and all but ... not really my kind of character so this is just an okay episode for me. Mizuho's starting to show some spirit here, especially when he stood up to protect his little sister, Kana which was like after Mariya scolded him lol. A little encouragement from Hisako-sensei and friends, Mizuho's like a new man Onee-sama. The bullying scene was kinda unexpected ... haha. Oh, it's kinda unexpected that Takako's playing quite a major role for the past 7 episodes ... I always thought Shion or Mariya will be the leading characters after Mizuho ... but I'm not complaining heh, need more Takako.

Art: 8/10 [As usual.]
Story: 6.5/10 [Kana and her past. Yawn.]
Characters: 7/10 [Takako, Moe x2.]
Overall: 6.5/10

Hm, let me talk about something today, Dad's sick so I didn't go to work ... however I did go for plant deliveries at Bukit Panjang Plaza NTUC, a certain Toa Payoh Flower Shop and Yee Tee MRT NTUC heh. A learning trip, delivering plants ain't easy, gotta help unload and arrange the plants and soil mix for them. Not like I did much la, hahaha, got two guys doing, so I just help a little bit. Oh, while doing delivery at BPP NTUC, I saw Maz at the carpark lol, I was like shocked when someone yelled my name haha. It's been a while =).

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  1. Takako had more CGs along with her crew in the game. They do look cute together though but Shion is more my cup of tea.

  2. hmm really. I didn't play the game nor dl the CGs so I don't really know haha.

  3. For some reason I want Takako x Mizuho pairing. They look good together. Both of them has different personalities and I think their personalities would match for each other. Shion is.... I don't know... Too old for me. I mean she's older than Mizuho. Shion was sick last year right? That's why she couldn't be in school so she started her last year all over again.

  4. too old? Shion's only a year older than Mizuho lol. Yeah I'm for Mizuho x Takako anyways XD

  5. Shion got less screen time for main character. That's y I could find reason to like her at all..I'm so for MizuhoxTakako...I love her personality...I wanna kiss her