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Friday, November 17, 2006

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 13

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A little late but at least I posted it lol.


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Strawberry Panic! 1. Strawberry Panic! 2.

In Chapter 13 of Strawberry Panic!, 'The Return of the Emperor', a new character was introduced, she is Kusanagi Makoto, a girl who had returned from Russia. Makoto's pretty smug about herself as she said that she will replace this person to change the history of St Spica. [I'm reckoning that this person's Amane] At the St Spica Student Council room, Kaname voiced out her opinions on their candidates, Amane and Hikari fot the Etoile Battle. Even though they won the first round, however, their competitor's Shizuma, the one who hates to lose. There leaves no doubt that Shizuma WILL get back by winning the next and last rounds. In addition, because of Amane's overprotective feelings for Hikari, the supporters for Amane had been separated into two, one is pro Amane and the other against Amane. Kaname urged the student council to unite so as to win the Etoile Battle. Kaname added that if only they had chosen her as Amane's partner for the Etoile Battle.

Strawberry Panic! 3. Strawberry Panic! 4.

Shion, knowing that they're at a disadvantage, told the rest that she had a trump card, however she warned, that it might toppled the protection they had for Amane. Shion then asked the trump card to enter the room. The door opened and Chikaru peeked in, everyone were shocked that the trump card's Chikaru. Chikaru smiled and said that the guest's not her but ... new star, Kusanagi Makoto who used to study in St Spica but had gone to Russia for studies, now she's back. Makoto expressed her longing for St Spica while in Russia and was disappointed that the St Spica she loved and proud of had fallen into such a pathetic state. Momomi asked how did Makoto knew about the news, Makoto said that Chikaru had told her and feeling uneasy, Makoto just had to return. Chikaru said teasingly that she only wrote that she had missed Makoto. Makoto teased back that Chikaru would not write to her if it was not a big problem lol. [Chikaru and Makoto are friends in the Manga] Makoto announced to everyone that now she's back, they need not worry and rely on that no good Prince Amane [lol]. Makoto swore to protect St Spica's name.

Strawberry Panic! 5. Strawberry Panic! 6.

Momomi asked what Makoto's going to do. Makoto said that she had a great idea and that was to organize a 'Faceless Devil' item for the 'Cadette' [Younger Sister] in the Second Round of the Etoile Battle. Makoto smiled and said that this way, she could join the Etoile Battle and win the Etoile title isn't it? Tsubomi voiced out that to do this half way, will the other schools accept that? Suddenly, a girl from St Miator announced that she's here to send a letter from St Miator, Student Council to Shion. The letter read, 'Although it was agreed that the Second Round of the Etoile Battle for the 'Cadette' [Younger Sister] would be a Tennis Battle. However, because the First Round was an Equestrianism competition for the 'Ainee' [Older Sister], people might complain that this would be continuing St Spica's advantage in sports.' Rokujou-kaichou in the letter then suggested Shion to change the item to ... 'Faceless Devil'. Everyone were shocked that such coincidence could happen lol.

Strawberry Panic! 7. Strawberry Panic! 8.

While the others were in state of surprise, Chikaru's smirking away that her plan had worked lol. In her mind, Chikaru thought to herself that if the Second Round of the Etoile Battle item's been changed to 'Faceless Devil', there's a good chance that St Lulim ... fufufu, she can't wait for it, Chikaru smirked internally lol. Over at St Miator side, Rokujou had asked Nagisa, Shizuma and Tamao over to discuss about the change of the Second Round of the Etoile Battle to 'Faceless Devil'. Rokujou explained that due to the chaos happening around, the item 'Faceless Devil' was very appropriate and besides, the St Spica Student Council President had no choice too. Rokujou planned to get Amane and Hikari eliminated from the Etoile Battle so that their chances of earning the Etoile title would be higher.

Nagisa asked what the item 'Faceless Devil' was about. Rokujou explained that the rules of the item 'Faceless Devil', the 'Ainee' [Older Sister] and 'Cadette' [Younger Sister] were not allowed to see or even speak to each other for two whole weeks. In this two weeks, there will be the 'Devil' who will seduce the Ainee or the Cadette. Of course, the devil will not state its identity. If the Ainee and the Cadette should meet each other or one of them responded to the Devil's love, the pair will be eliminated. Morever, the 'Devil' could choose anyone to compete for the second half of the Second Round of the Etoile Battle.

Strawberry Panic! 9. Strawberry Panic! 10.

Tamao commented that the item's supposed to test the pair's long distance love for each other, such an old fashion but sneaky item. Rokujou predict that the still blooming lovers, Amane and Hikari might encounter difficulties in this Second Round. Shizuma protested, saying she had not given her consent yet lol. Shizuma added that that means she and Nagisa had to be apart for TWO WHOLE WEEKS too! LoL. Shizuma stated that she cannot handle it lol. Rokujou said that compared to Amane, Shizuma's more matured and furthermore she was the Etoile so there's nothing she cannot handle lol.

Strawberry Panic! 11. Strawberry Panic! 12.

Shizuma did an urk sound then continued to say that ... how about Nagisa? ... Rokujou said that they will have a preventive measure for the 'Devil', she also pointed out that the person who called Nagisa out to the library might be someone close to Shizuma isn't it? Rokujou warned that that person might take advantage and trap Nagisa again. As for Tamao, Rokujou had asked for her to take good care and protect Nagisa for the two weeks as the item, 'Faceless Devil' is on. Tamao, GLADLY accepted the job, fufufu, hugging Nagisa, Tamao told Nagisa to feel at ease as she would be sticking and protecting her for two weeks.

Strawberry Panic! 13. Strawberry Panic! 14.

At the side, Shizuma's pouting in anger lol. Tamao continued happily that she never imagined that she was given permission by the Student Council to stick to Nagisa personally haha. Pissed, Shizuma snatched Nagisa from Tamao's clutches. Tamao yelled out to Shizuma that she's taking care of Nagisa in place of her LOL. Shizuma retorted that even so, there's no need to stick on to Nagisa that tightly lol. Tamao countered back that if she doesn't do so, then she can't protect Nagisa from the 'Devil'. Shizuma pulled Nagisa to her again, Tamao protested and said Shizuma can't touch Nagisa, Shizuma snapped back that it wasn't even the Second Round yet LOL. At the side while Shizuma and Tamao were shooting evil eyes at each other, Rokujou wondered if everything would be alright lol. - END -

LOL, sooo cute, the jealous Shizuma's soooo kawaii~ Love the last few scenes lol. Well well, looks like Chikaru's a conspirator in the Manga =), the scheming Chikaru looks hot too hehe.

Oh, I'll do the Otoboku Ep6 summary tomorrow, I'm tired. Otoboku Manga Chapter 2 coming soon, I think.

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