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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep5

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Got lazy, got lazy ...

Wtf.*GASP*! Onee-sama's A ...Long Time No See, Shion ...

Mizuho introduced Ichiko to Mariya and Mariya took it pretty well ... lol even Mizuho was surprised. Ichiko was delighted and ran towards Mariya to hug her however she had forgotten she's a spirit and kinda went through her. This was seen by Yukari who entered the room at that moment. In this tense situation, Ichiko greeted Yukari but Yukari merely fainted in response LOL. After putting the unconscious Yukari in bed, Mariya started to discuss with Ichiko and Mizuho about the inevitable issue. 'Inevitable?', asked Mizuho. Mariya told Ichiko about Mizuho's real gender, however Ichiko's response was just confusion. Mariya nodded and said it's expected that she got this reaction, went into Plan B and flipped up Mizuho's skirt LOL. Mizuho shrieked in protest while Ichiko just looked ... astonished after realizing what had happened. A moment later, Ichiko mumbled, 'Wonderful.', and lunged towards Mizuho in a hug, chanting how wonderful Mizuho was to be a guy haha and that means ... she could be his bride!!! LoL. Seemed like Ichiko took the news pretty well too haha. In class, Mizuho's stressed up probably from Ichiko's energetic ways and recalled what happened later that morning.

Ehh, No Thanks.Smash!SPIRIT AHHHHHHH!!! ...

Ichiko explained that it's her dream to be her Onee-sama's bride, whenever she said that her Onee-sama will smile and warmly said that if she's a boy, she would take Ichiko as her bride. After learning that Onee-sama's getting married after graduation, Ichiko was shocked and she really wished Onee-sama's a guy and hated the fact that they were both girls. Mariya then teasingly said that then it's good then Mizuho's a guy and a great Onee-sama to boot hehe and it's the birth of an Onee-sama's bride ne? Ichiko agreed cheerfully. Back to the present, Mizuho thought to himself that that's not the main problem ... lol [The main problem is that Ichiko's a spirit!] Noticing Mizuho's troubled sighs, Shion asked what had happened and commented that Mizuho looked like she had been possessed or something with a smile on her face LOL. Mizuho was like ... that's not a joke -.-||. Suddenly, someone called out Mizuho's name, Mizuho turned and saw no one but when he turned back, he saw Kei standing in front of him. Kei mumbled about Mizuho having a good job, did a 'Heh' and left LOL. Michiko kinda explained Kei's actions that it's meant that Mizuho must had done something good and it's rare that Kei will praise someone.

I'm Sorry For Being A Spirit!!!~Good Friends Already ...Kyaaahh~ ...

Michiko told Mizuho to ask Kei herself if he wants to know more. Mizuho turned and saw some murky dark spiritual force emitting from Kei and thought, maybe not, LoL. Meanwhile, back in the dorm, Ichiko's pissed that she's unable to get out of the dorm. There seemed to be some invisible force field surrounding the dorm. Ichiko even tried going out from the top but failed lol. Leaving with no choice, Ichiko resigned to mop around the dorm. Noticing an agar door, Ichiko went in and saw the still in bed Yukari with a bag of ice on her head looking very uncomfortable lol. Ichiko asked if Yukari's alright. Yukari turned and looked ... went hysterical LOL, prowling the bedsheets and shrieking 'I'm scared~~!!!' LoL. Ichiko tried to calm Yukari down but in the end couldn't hold back her tears and too burst out in tears which was even louder than Yukari's LOL. Ichiko kept apologizing for being spirit lol. A while later, Mizuho, Mariya and Kana returned to the dorm and smelt a wonderful aroma. It turned out to be Yukari preparing dinner for them and Ichiko and Yukari had became great friends lol. The girls then ate dinner happily, seemed like Ichiko had blend in with the girls perfectly with their activites.

Onee-sama?Mizuho's Mum ...Holy Crap! ...

The girls also can't believe that Ichiko's a spirit with her energetic ways, Mariya said that the reason for a spirit to stay on earth was that they had something unfulfilled. Mizuho started to wonder if that unfulfilled thing was to see her Onee-sama one last time. Returning back to the dorm, Mizuho asked Ichiko about her Onee-sama and to describe her. Ichiko replied that her Onee-sama's a gentle and mysterious person. Once, she was late for school and bumped into her Onee-sama, her Onee-sama smiled, merely said that it's alright, even if one's late, the world will not be destroyed [?!] LoL. Furthermore, the Onee-sama pulled out her handkerchief to clean the butter on Ichiko's nose lol. That moment, Ichiko realized that a girl could smile so beautifully and gently. Ichiko added that since that time, she placed all her heart on Onee-sama, her Onee-sama's sun-like warmth, it's all like a dream even though they were close to each other. Whenever Ichiko's down or did something good, her Onee-sama would caress her head under the shady tree. Mizuho then flashback during his younger days that his mother used to do that too! The next day, Mizuho went to the library to search for information about the previous Elders in the school. However, he couldn't find any thing about the Elder. Takako arrived and then helped Mizuho with the information thinking that he had decided to buck up and become a proper Elder lol.

W-w-what!? T-t-here N-n-o S-such T-things As S-s-spirits!Ichiko's Onee-sama Is ...Chibi Mizuho~

While Mizuho's flipping over the year books Takako gave to him, Takako asked what Mizuho's finding, Mizuho simply said that he's finding something regarding a spirit LOL. Takako dropped her book and went 'S-s-s-s-s-spirit?! ... didn't I told you that spirits doesn't exist!?', while waving her hands around dramatically [LOL!]. Kimie told Takako to calm down, Takako just shrieked out, 'I AM CALM!!' LoL and then turned to leave hurriedly. Mizuho was left wondering if he had done something wrong lol. Flipping over the year books, Mizuho noticed someone in the photos and suddenly he saw the fading shadow of the Elder aka Ichiko's Onee-sama of that time. Rushing over to follow her and the steps she took and touched, Mizuho blurted out, 'Mother'. We were brought back to the past where the young Mizuho went to visit his mother in the hospital and his mother stroking his head and pecked on his forehead. Mizuho then realized why his grandfather enrolled him in the school ... it's because his mother used to study there, the path she walked and the room she stayed. Back to the dorm, Mizuho found Ichiko crying in the closet because she's afraid that she might overslept and never feel her Onee-sama again. Mizuho felt sorry for Ichiko as she had been pinning for his mother for 22 years all alone.

=).Let's GO ...Being With Onee-sama Here ...

Mizuho then decided to bring Ichiko to the church, surprisingly, Ichiko was able to walk out of the dorm when Mizuho's with her. Mizuho told Ichiko that he's doing what Ichiko's Onee-sama never managed to do and apologized for not being her real Onee-sama. Ichiko said it's alright as Mizuho's great Onee-sama and seemed to have the same smell as her Onee-sama. Mizuho then carried Ichiko bridal style all the way to the church. There, Ichiko remembered that her dream was to seal their love with a kiss in the church and become her bride. Mizuho caressed Ichiko's head, Ichiko murmured that her Onee-sama used to do that too, Mizuho said that his mother used to do that too. Mizuho added that this was his childhood memories of his mother and also Ichiko's memories of her Onee-sama. It was then known that Mizuho's mother, Sachiho was also Ichiko's Onee-sama. Ichiko was happy as she felt like as though she had gotten married, Mizuho then lean forward and kissed Ichiko's forehead. Ichiko had a flashback of her Onee-sama, Sachiho when Mizuho did that. Suddenly, Ichiko began to glow and it seemed that Ichiko's wish had been fulfilled and now probably attaining nirvana lol as she slowly floated up. Ichiko thanked Mizuho for everything, Mizuho thanked back for always pinning for his mother for 22 years. They said their goodbyes and Ichiko disappeared. As Mizuho walked back to the dorm, he noticed Mariya there who realized that Ichiko had gone off and they wondered how to break the news to Kana and Yukari. When they entered the dorm, they were shocked to see Ichiko there LOL. Looks like Ichiko's here to stay again heh. 'Please take care of me, ne?' - END -

Kissu.Attaining Nirvana ...NOT! LOL ...

An funny episode ... with some plot going in hand, Mizuho's mum, Sachiho is indeed Ichiko's Onee-sama 22 years ago. Hm, so is Mizuho's grandfather's reason for him to studying in Seiou Gakuen to trail after his mother's footsteps? To fulfil what she had not done in the school? Or ... Anyways, even though there's some hidden truth uncovered, the whole episode was put across in a pretty light manner. Not much angst, some tears yes, with some loving and forehead kissing ... it was overall a heart warming episode.

Oh yes, I like how Takako reacted to the topic, 'Spirits' LOL, kawaii~ Looks like Ichiko's back to stay for more comic relief =).

Art: 8/10 [As usual.]
Story: 7/10 [Need something.]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Ichiko~ LoL]
Overall: 7.5/10

Got a little tired, I'll do up the rest tomorrow ... so cya for Negima!? Ep6 tomorrow too.

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  1. Yeah ... comedy, SDs and all was nice but I feel like something's missing. Maybe this is how Otoboku ought to be ... no angst and stuff haha, reckon I expected too much after StoPani haha.