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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep4

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BLLLEEEH.Kyaaahhh!Who's Hand Is That? ...

Episode 4 started with Mariya telling the girls and um guy ghost stories, both Kana and Mizuho were nonchalant about it however Yukari was scared to bits lol. Kana told them that it was rumoured that their dorm had spirits lingering around and stated out the scary places. After that, Kana was puzzled on Mizuho was given the room that was on the farthest northern side of the dorm which used to be an empty store room. Mariya explained that well, it’s because it’s the last words of the deceased. [Probably meant Mizuho’s grandfather planned it?] Kana got fired up as she smelt mystery in this case. Mizuho returned to his room feeling a little apprehensive about the mystery of his room when suddenly a hand patted his shoulder, sending him dashing to the other side of the room screaming like a girl lol. It was Mariya who came to his room to tease him about being scared after hearing her ghost stories, she even invited him to her room where she will hug and comfort him if he’s really afraid of sleeping alone haha. After Mariya left the room, Mizuho heard a strange noise and thought it was his misconception before shrugging it off and went to bed. The next day, it was raining and Mizuho’s in his World History class, thinking about why his grandfather gave that room to him and about the spirit. Apparently he’s not really listening to what the teacher was saying, which lead to Takako thinking that he’s unwell or something and told him not to force himself too much. Mizuho thanked Takako for her concern. Mizuho told Takako that he felt a little uncomfortable about being called ‘Onee-sama’ lol.

Hmmm.I'm Not Afraid Of Spirits!KNM STRIKES AGAIN! ...

Takako merely told Mizuho to well, get used to it now and ranted on about his responsibilities of being the role model Elder in school and stuff. Takako asked what Mizuho was thinking about, Mizuho then decided to ask her how she feels about spirits lol. Takako’s panicky expression was immediate and dampened about the possibilities of spirits lol. Suddenly, the bell rang, Takako got shaken and bumped the table lol, Takako then quickly excused herself and left the room however not before bumping her head against the door haha. That night, Mizuho thought that everyone has something they’re afraid of and recalled what happened in the afternoon about Takako and giggled. There was a knock on the door, Yukari had came to Mizuho’s room because she’s afraid of sleeping alone. [Kannazuki no Miko!!!~ LoL] ‘May I sleep with you tonight!?’, Yukari asked. Leaving no choice and Yukari’s puppy eyes, Mizuho agreed. After Yukari entered the room, Mizuho then thought what if Yukari realized that he’s a guy lol, however, it was pretty fine, both of them sleep on the same bed. Mizuho turned his back on Yukari, however Yukari asked Mizuho to turn back haha and suddenly Yukari snuggled against Mizuho and quickly felt asleep. The next morning, Mariya arrived to greet Mizuho good morning, [LOL Mariya’s jaws dropping( ゚Д゚)expression was hilarious] only to find Mizuho in bed … with Yukari! LoL.

Sexy Innocent Looking Face ...Onee-sama~~ Moreee~Awwww ...

Mizuho even displayed an innocent, ‘I had a great night sleep’ kinda expression hahaha. Yukari made the situation worse by cooing Mizuho back to bed and whimpering misleading words … ‘Onee-sama, more~’ Hahahaha. Mariya was like ‘Mizuho-chan, you BAAAAKKKKKKAAAAA~’ Hahahaha. In the afternoon, Kana told Mariya and Mizuho about what she investigated about Mizuho’s room. In actuality, Mizuho’s room used to be an empty room, an incident happened on summer, 22 years ago of a tragic love story. Mizuho’s room used to be that time’s Elder’s room and that Elder had a junior who was responsible for serving her. However, that junior’s health was poor and had to be hospitalized, one day, she got a letter that her Elder’s getting married after graduation. [Kinda feel like Miyuki from Strawberry Panic!] Wanting to see her Elder once more, the junior sneaked out of the hospital and waited for her Elder in the Elder’s dorm room. However, the Elder had already returned home, moreover, it was summer holidays and there was no one around. So day by day, the junior waited, her health worsens and finally she gave out. After the Elder knew about the junior, she cried. Kana then said that she understood how the junior felt about wanting to see one’s love one so desperately. From then, the room was sealed.

Doom ...22 Years Ago ...I GOT THE POWER~ ...

After class, Mizuho wondered about the junior and what were her feelings of waiting for one’s love one. In his room, Mizuho was puzzled by why his grandfather got him to stay in that room. Kana then entered the room with tea and they chatted more about the junior before Mizuho said that it was enough. Suddenly, the whole place began shaking, as if an earthquake was happening. However, Kana said that something like that used to happen before but they placed a phylactery to stop it. After the shaking stopped, Kana said that there’s a seal in the cupboard to shut the spirit off. When Kana searched the cupboard for the seal, she noticed that the seal was torn lol. Suddenly rays of blue light brighten the place and a floating girl appeared in the middle of the room. The spirit blink opened her eyes, saw Mizuho and muttered, ‘Onee-sama …’ before lunging for Mizuho’s chest and rubbing against it LOL. All the while, she was chanting ‘Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~’ LOL. Mizuho told the spirit to hold on, the spirit went on rambling about that she couldn’t wait anymore if she waits anymore, she can’t handle it, even if she’s sleeping, she still thinks that it’s a long time, besides her sixth sense told her not to wait anymore. So … Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~ Onee-sama~, the spirit continued lol. Mizuho got a little pissed and yelled for the spirit to calm down. The spirit then introduced herself as Takashima Ichiko, Kana added that it’s the same name as the junior from 22 years ago.

Onee-sama, Onee-sama, Onee-sama, Onee-sama~~~~ ...Hehe, Onee-sama, Mouuu~=) ...

Mizuho then tried to tell Ichiko that she’s a ghost but Ichiko doesn’t believe it and gave excuses hahaha, ‘I must be floating because I’m too happy to see Onee-sama~’ but in the end, Mizuho managed to get his point across. Mizuho also explained that he’s not the Onee-sama Ichiko knew, Ichiko then commented that Mizuho really looked like her Onee-sama. Kana, feeling a little tired, left the room, leaving Mizuho and Ichiko in the room. In the end, Ichiko and Mizuho slept on the same bed, Ichiko went on rambling about the dangers [Possessed, cursed to death …] of sleeping beside a ghost haha. Like what Yukari did before, Ichiko snuggled against Mizuho and quickly fell asleep. Similarly, Mariya a rrived to greet Mizuho good morning again, once again Mariya displayed her jaws dropping( ゚Д゚)expression and screamed, ‘Mizuho-chan, you BAAAAAAKKKKAAAA~~~’ LOL. - END -

-.-||||.Morning~WTF!? MIZUHO--CHAN~! ...

LoL, a really ghostly enjoyable episode. We saw a cute side of Takako who looks strong on the surface but actually she’s rather afraid of spirits lol. It’s Kannazuki no Miko / Strawberry Panic! again as we witness the ‘xxx-chan, may I sleep with you tonight in your bed?’ … Not like I’m complaining lol. Anyways, the after morning scene was hilarious too lol, with Mariya entering the room and finding HER sister, Yukari in bed with the supposed male, Mizuho haha. Yukari made things worse by muttering some misleading words. The story about the Elder, 22 years ago kinda reminded me of the relationship between Kaori and Shizuma lol, well both loved each other but one of them’s sick and later died. But in this case, I’m not sure if the Elder loved the ghost, Ichiko, no doubt the Elder, 22 years ago is Mizuho’s mum. The figures were right and Ichiko also mentioned that Mizuho looks like her Elder, from episode 1, the sister also commented that Mizuho looked like his mum too.

The appearance of hyperactive ghost, Ichiko was damn funny hahaha, the pounce and the rubbing against Mizuho’s chest scene was … priceless haha accompanied with great, bullet-speed utters of 'ONEE-SAMA~~~~' by the seiyuu was … god so pro. Mizuho’s ‘Please stop shooting words out like a bullet train’ expression was funny too lol. Hahaha, it’s just so funny and amusing towards the end as we witness yet another ‘Mariya found a girl in Mizuho’s bed again’ scene =). It’s surprising that Mariya could see Ichiko, I mean isn’t she a ghost? Haha.


This made me laughed really hard lol. 'Onee-sama ... you look *weird* this morning ...' LOL.

Art: 8/10 [Loved the SD expressions here.]
Story: 7.5/10 [I can see some plot, I think.]
Characters: 7/10 [Ichiko pawned this episode.]
Overall: 7/10

Oh, the preview sounds interesting lol, Ichiko wants to be Mizuho's bride!?

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