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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saki -咲- Ep11 - Girl Meets Girl

[Posted @ 1:04 AM]
Because I'm sick of studying. *stares at Consumer Behaviour Notes* So, I watched Saki Ep11 \O/ I love this part and I like this particular dialogue I got from the Saki Ep11 thread in yamibo lol.

Captain (Mihoko): You heartless jerk, why did you leave our home, abandoning me and our kids!?
Buchou (Hisa): ..........
In the Next Episode of Saki ... (Cue Dramatic BGM): The Three Year Itch

Edit: Oh wait I got another one.

Captain (Mihoko): You heartless jerk, how dare you leave me after you knocked me up!?
Buchou (Hisa): You do know I'm a girl right?
In the Next Episode of Saki ... (Cue Dramatic BGM): Buchou With A Mystical Third Leg!?

Or something like that LOL. Anyone else with better dialogues for that particular scene while we await Ep12?

Okay, back to studying lol. *chuckles*

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  1. hm? it continues into ep 12? cliffy or something?

  2. ? No, it's just a dialogue of my own imagination, lol.

  3. LOL!

    Weird dialogues. So weird since Mihoko isn't the person to say that, wouldn't it be best if it was Hisa? XD

  4. lol. I've got nothing, but you're to blame for getting me /way/ into this pair. You and your little corner blurbs. =P

  5. to Shi-Kitsune, I find it funnier if Mihoko say that ... xD

    to Toast, ah, lol share the love around!~

  6. Hisa sounds like Nao from Mai Hime in ep1..
    she look pretty funni with her hair in ep 11.. lol

  7. Agreed, but it's /so/ difficult. orz

    btw, I made this [http://con2020tran.deviantart.com/art/Saki-11-Girl-Meets-Girl-126429097] little random thing based off your translation. ^^;; I gave you and [who I believe is] the poster credit so I hope you don't mind. ^^;;

    Probably should've asked beforehand. Sorry 'bout that. ._.

  8. @Akayuki

    It is..... XD
    If you imagine Mihoko with a sad face rather than an angry one while Hisa is looking at her shocked or something.


    That was funny!
    An effective one! Art is always appreciated.
    Gah so funny...... XD I'm getting drawn into this pair more! XD

  9. OZMG, you have awesome drawing skillz =O hahaa it's so cute, a must save in my Saki folder =3

  10. Oh NOES!!! D=
    I really can't wait to watch episode 12.
    I really 100000000000000x am excited to watch it.
    Sad to say, I have only read up to chapter 17 of the manga since it is the only latest chapter that came up scanlated.
    I am just too excited to know what happens next ya know. XD

    Well, Sunday in Japan (which is today) is the showing of episode 12 right?
    I wish fansub groups can sub as fast as hell.
    I don't know but this anime has captured me too much. (despite not having any single clue about Mahjong)

    AND... I want Hisa x Mihoko to happen no matter what!!!

    AND YOU AKAYUKI-SAN... You influenced me in pairing Hisa x Mihoko up!
    Actually I never thought of them but when you mentioned it, I see them as a more interesting pair since Saki x Nodoka is already obvious.
    That's why I am aiming more for those non-obvious possible pairs. LOL!

    But what do you think akayuki-san?
    Since I assume you've read the latest chapters of Saki, did some development between Hisa x Mihoko happen?
    Just spoil me even it's just a bit.
    Onegashimasu!!! m(_ _)m

    But I don't know if spoiling me would hype me up to watch even more. LOL!

  11. to L4000M, haha me too, I can't wait for the subs to come out =w=. Hmm I've not downloaded the raw, I wanna keep my quota for the subs lol however, I saw the screenshots for Ep12 in yamibo, seems like GONZO yurified the meeting scene between Hisa and Mihoko =D. In the manga, Mihoko merely casted a glance at Hisa (there are no flashbacks or anything about what happened in their last game) and Hisa went '??? She looks familiar kinda expression' and that's all.

    As mentioned earlier, GONZO (GOOD JOB), yurified that flashback, throwing in their own rendition of what happened (moments of flirting words and blushes *_*) after the game between Hisa and Mihoko =D and I'm not complaining hehe.


    See thread for screenshots \O/

    And eh, there are no further development between Hisa and Mihoko after that =( cos everything focused on Nodoka and recently, Saki's match with Koromo.

  12. Hey you know what, I just felt that if only Hisa had money that time and went to Kazekoshi, Mihoko could have approached her and have become friends with her.
    Mihoko's flashback scene felt like she has like a love-at first-sight thing to Hisa. LOL!
    She even looked for her at her own school during her first year.
    I am gonna rewatch episode 11.
    Episode 12 is still downloading. 1 hour left. ^_^

  13. ^-^ Glad you liked. I was kinda 'fraid you'd get angry since I just kinda took the joke. ._.;;

    And in regards to Ep12... It's so beautiful~ *.* Or, at least, the first few minutes were. No time, no time~ xD

  14. Oh yeah and I recently just watched Saki episode 12 through MakiMaki subs.
    It was awesome with those yurified Hisa x Mihoko moments. Gonzo did a excellent job here indeed. It was truly a cute episode.

    Sheesh... I wish Hisa x Mihoko would be developed further. I really am craving for this pair no matter what. My heart really yearns for it.
    Well since the manga isn't finished yet, they might as well throw some Mihoko x Hisa moments as part of a filler chapter after the preliminary tournaments. LOL!

    Maybe Mihoko would even go to the nationals (if Kiyosumi would make it through) just to watch Hisa's battle or something.

    Oh no... I'm dreaming too much already. LOL!
    Forgive me for that! (^_^)

    And hey akayuki-san, what volume of Saki manga is this cover from? I sure haven't seen that cover from the latest scanlated volume.


    So is Mihoko visiting Kiyosumi or what?
    Yuuki is there so I was curious.

    I can't wait for Sunday or Monday or the day the subs will be available for the next episode. XD

  15. to Toasty, nahh I'll be angry if you don't do more Saki fanarts =P

    to L4000M, haha, I've got a feeling that Mihoko will find a way to talk to Hisa either after the competition or in filler episodes if GONZO likes it xD. They can't just leave us hanging after Hisa's comment/praise on Mihoko's heterochromia eyes as pretty as blue sapphires and red rubies in the flashback =A=. Come to think of it, Mihoko's right eye colour is not red, isn't it? It's more of ... brown-dish-orange or something. I feel that Hisa's more of the red ruby colour =D, maybe ... she's comparing/pairing herself with her? =O *thinking too much* hahaha.

    Hmmm, I think the focus will on the mahjong soon so I won't expect so much development on the Hisa x Mihoko pairing. Besides, there will be Momoko x Yumi later =O so yeah xD.

    And oh, that cover is from the manga Volume 4 and Hisa's on the other side of the cover which was conveniently left out? lol. Well, at least she's in my version of the cover (Chinese version).


  16. Yeah... I do feel so too that Mihoko will find a way to talk to Hisa. Maybe just not now... XD
    Well Gonzo shouldn't waste a potential couple there. (also stares at the mangaka) Hehe!

    Now you've mentioned it you're right...
    Here I thought Hisa was referring to both of Mihoko's eyes but then, yeah... It's somehow brownish.
    Wow... Now Hisa's words really now have more impact on me.
    Damn that I wasn't able to notice it earlier.
    Should've analyzed it well. But then I was carried away by the scene to lead me not to focus much on Hisa's words. XD

    "Hmmm, I think the focus will on the mahjong soon so I won't expect so much development on the Hisa x Mihoko pairing."

    That's what I was thinking too. I shouldn't place my hopes too high on that. But I just can't help dreaming... Mmmmm... ( ,--)

    "Besides, there will be Momoko x Yumi later =O so yeah xD."

    Mmmmm... Momoko x Yumi. A Yurilicious pair to look forward too. (too excited) Sheesh... Too much pairs indeed. Love it but somehow made me confused whom to pair with whom. Just glad that I have researched even for a bit. LOL!

    "And oh, that cover is from the manga Volume 4 and Hisa's on the other side of the cover which was conveniently left out? lol. Well, at least she's in my version of the cover (Chinese version)."

    I see... Thanks for placing the missing puzzle piece there akayuki! That sure left me puzzled not until the other half was shown. Cause somehow it felt like there was something missing. *thinks of Hisa*

    I also get the feeling that Saki manga will last more than 7 volumes. I don't know since I am basing this on the length of Bamboo Blade manga. Plus they're under Square Enix too and from a sport genre...
    So if that may be the case then Saki will have enough material for a second season. XD
    Just speculating here though... But my basis might be weak too.

  17. Oh my...
    I felt stupid myself by looking at the Saki raws volumes 3, 4, and 5. (Really can't wait) I sure laughed at myself there when I got spoiled.

    But wow...
    Koromo sure is like scaring them off.
    I wonder if she's doing it on purpose?
    It's almost like she's black-mailing her opponents. That's what I had in mind when I saw the scenes.

    Of course I'm spoiled at what happens but anyways I'm still so motivated to watch or read it the same way as the time I wasn't spoiled. In fact, it increased. XD

    I'll just try to forget it by watching other anime or reading other manga. LOL!

    Well, I really guess that fillers will come after the prelims.
    I saw Momoko x Yumi and can't wait to read and comprehend what they actually said there.