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Monday, June 22, 2009

Saki -咲- Ep12 - WTF was that?

[Posted @ 1:30 AM]
Hmm, I can't wait for my last paper to be over, I'm already tired of studying :< lol ahhhh this feels like deja vu. Man, anyways I couldn't help myself and went to download the subs of another mandarin subber xD I'll just download my usual when I get back. The start of Episode 12 was awesome *_* I love it. However ...

It would had been the perfect eye catch in this post :<

Hahahaha, man it looks so weird. Other than that, I have no complains about this episode I guess ... there are sure to have ups and downs in the quality in the animation, but this lol, is just so obvious that I went 'WTF was that!?!?!?!' twice [Yeah, I rewinded].

Oh well, I'm betting GONZO will cook up a meeting between Hisa and Mihoko in filler episodes or something and then Mihoko will finally get her chance to ask about Hisa's blue sapphires and red rubies praise/comment =D. Hopefully that scene will be filled with flirty words and blushes, kyaaa can't wait ahaha. For now, ON TO MAHJONG PLUZ and my studies =D.

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  1. Someone drank too much sake drawing that frame...Epic WTF moment indeed...

    Hope the DVD version delete this scene from people's minds.

  2. I had watched it too but hope for more between Hisa & that Captain LOL I was 'wow-ing' away with Ryumobuchi's servant's skills on sewing that penguin of Nodoka's.. i was like 'can guys sew that well?!' hahas no offence to guys out there xD

  3. That was what I was complaining about the quality a while ago. XD

    (Mihoko's breast wasn't balanced in ep. 11 etc.)
    Lots of low quality right now.....can't be helped I guess. XD

    Hisa doesn't remember where she have seen Mihoko before, but she knows she seems familiar, oh well thats a key plot for a fanfic. XD

    Maybe some fanarts will pop out once in a while in danbooru about Hisa and Mihoko..... XD

  4. My first reaction to seeing this shot was very similar; I mean, what's with the screwy eyes?

    Anyway, I found the opening of Episode 12 and this part of the episode (the picture above) my favourites. I think this is the most I've ever squee'ed besides the Pactio kiss between Konoka and Setsuna in Mahou Sensei Negima.

    The Mihoko from the past seemed ashamed of her right eye but Hisa's compliment seems to be why she can show her right eye now without embarrassment - I mean, come on: this is an indication of Mihoko's strong feelings about (for) Hisa. I have to say, though, Hisa's such a charmer, pulling off lines like, "Your right eye...is pretty", and, "Blue sapphires and red rubies come from the same element." Is that romantic or what? No wonder Mihoko's so crazy about her (re: obsesses over her). And then Mihoko's wishing that Hisa will say her right eye is pretty again the next time they meet, and looking for her at Kazekoshi. Kyaa!

    And then the the scene with the shot you posted. Mihoko's attention is immediately drawn to Hisa and co., away from the kouhai she's supposed to be comforting and she can't seem to tear her eyes away. Even when both teams begin to leave, Mihoko turns her head to keep Hisa in her sights and seems to be full of longing.

    This is, I think, my favourite pairing in Saki.If there is no reunion-type scene where Hisa and Mihoko meet and talk, animated or not, I am going to throw a fit.

  5. By the way, isn't it "Fukuji Mihoko", not "Fukugi Mihoko" as it says under your "Akayuki Tags"?

  6. to Toonleap, lol yeah, this is unacceptable!

    to Yumiko, haha, I wasn't paying much attention to that =P.

    to Shi-Kitsune, ohh, I see. =D Yes, need fanfic and fanarts!

    to Shiranui, =A=! MY BAD *went to change all of them* Thanks for pointing them out OTL I failz.

    Here's a fanart cookie; http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/217/1244711165871.jpg

    Haha yeah, I like Hisa with her poetic charms and awesome mahjong skillz =D. Ah, you've got me all excited again *goes watch ep12 once again* lol.

    Oh here's a gif I stole from yamibo, a gif of Hisa 'zi mo'-ing and slamming the tile down on the table =D


  7. Well....

    I think its natural for Hisa to say that Mihoko's right eye is pretty since its mostly true! I find that girls with heterochromia are sexy looking. ;)

    And yes Hisa is a charmer in her own way. XD

    And it is true that Mihoko is longing to see her just from Mihoko's look. Ayeeah.....

    Mihoko and Hisa are meant for each other for some reason. If you pair Hisa with Mako, the relationship is only on a friendly level, but if you look at Mihoko and Hisa's, its one-sided.

    Ayeah~♥ Unrequited to requited.... XD

    Hisa, not really knowing where or WHEN she saw Mihoko is a good key plot for a fic already, and Mihoko's interest in Hisa, not only on her mahjong skills but her herself can spice up a fic. :p That would make a good romantic yet dramatic(?) fic. Hahahahha XD


    The fanart cookie was nice! :L
    So so so want some more...... Danbooru isn't supplying a lot of it. XD

  8. Favorite episode so far.
    And I have to say when I saw this episode, my heart wants to burst with joy.
    Hisa x Mihoko is very much my favorite couple here.

    I agree with Shi-Kitsune. Mako x Hisa doesn't seem to look as far as compatible than Hisa x Mihoko. I felt nothing in terms of pairing Mako and Hisa together for all honesty. But as I've discovered Hisa x Mihoko through akayuki's help, it was the same feeling that I had when I discovered the ShizNat pairing.

    But really... GONZO SHOULD allow them to meet once more soon! There sure is enough time after the prefecture tournaments and between the nationals (if they'll make it... But of course they will XD) whether in anime or manga.

    I have repeated this episode 3 times even though my way of rewatching episodes in every anime should be equal. XD
    (I sure did this with Mai-HiME too since ShizNat moments are repeatable) Hisa x Mihoko needs more love!

    Anyways, good luck with your studies akayuki! ^_^

  9. Chickennnnnnnnnnn! I spam since I have no comments ._.

  10. I thought I was the only one who appreciates this unbelievably cute pairing. Hisa x Mihoko ftw <3

  11. @Sennie:
    You are not alone
    For I am here with you...