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Saturday, June 13, 2009

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 14 - Saki -咲- Spoilers

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Well, it's not friday, I forgot what I was doing yesterday ... oh right, I was studying. Oh. Anyways.

Behold. The awesomeness of Fukuji Mihoko.

Spoilers from the manga will come later, so if you don't want to spoil yourself, don't read them? xD I'll give a warning before going into bits and pieces about it.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.


1. K-ON! [けいおん!]

So, the last episode is next week eh? Well wiki says there's an episode 13 but *shrugs*. Based on the preview for Episode 12, an episode outta wrap everything up. It's been a fun anime, I still wanna get an electric guitar though the urge to get it now is not as great as I was watching Ep1 and Ep2 lol. *has a feeling I will forget about it* eheh.

Anyways, lol see how it goes. xD

2. Queen's Blade - Rurou no Senshi [クイーンズブレイド 流浪の戦士]

Similarly to K-ON!, Queen's Blade is ending next week as well ... lol Episode 9 has scarred me for life. At the moment of mother and son heart warming scene, I was lol-ing so hard that I almost felt outta my chair and choke to death hahahaha. Man. I don't even know why I downloaded it, I thought ... ugh, I don't know what I thought. I'm glad QB has ended, I don't think I wanna watch a Second Season =S

3. Saki [咲-Saki-]

Oh yeah, I'm loving this series even though I know nuts about mahjong except a few phrases of 'PON!' 'CHI!' 'RON!' and well yeah. Reminds me of my younger days when my aunt had this mahjong game on the computer and I was fooling around with it a few times. I had no idea how to win but hell I do know how to keep the 'nice' tiles and 'PON!' after a while lol. I still remembered my aunt told me that the 'people' in the computer will chase after me for money if I lost :< I was so scared, meanie.

Oh yes, back to the latest episode, Ep10, oh wait, let's talk about Ep9 first lol, I love that episode, it's so awesome because Fukuji Mihoko totally rocks! She's so freaking hot xD. She reminds me of Fujino Shizuru ... ahh Shizuru-sama~ *squeals* I love how she smiles after doing those 'RON!' and 'ZI MO!' phrases, *_* She totally owned the first round between the four schools. I hate how Kazekoshi got bullied later on :< oh, okay -stop- I'll leave it for later.

This doesn't hurt as well =D.

- A bunch of RAKU-GUN Marimite doujinshis.

1. [Wings of Yuri] Gokujou Drops - Chapter 10 & 11 \O/

1. K-ON! - OST
2. Phantom Requiem for the Phantom - ED
3. Minori Chihara - Tomorrow's Chance

Right, now, time for some Saki -咲- spoilers from the manga, please do not read on if you want to continue watching the anime in suspense or something.









Okay, this coming episode 11 will be the third round between Kazekoshi's Bundou Seika [1st year], Kiyosumi's Takei Hisa [3rd year], Ryumonbuchi's Kunihiro Hajime [2nd year] and Tsuruga's Kanbara Satomi [3rd year]. LoL, this is the chapter where I start to have Hisa x Mihoko vibes xD.

*Throws in a few Hisa x Mihoko fan arts to seal the deal*

It's so cute to see Mihoko going 'Ozmg, isn't that Ueno-san!? The only person that had my panties all twisted and dripping wet-' uh, sorry. was reading shiznat smut lol. Anyways, apparently Mihoko knew Hisa from before and thought she moved or something when she dropped halfway in the middle school competition 3 years ago. Now Hisa's back in the game with a different surname and Mihoko's very worried for Seika who's about to play with her.

By the end of the third round, Seika pretty much lost the points Mihoko chalked up in the first round. By then, I'm starting to worry for Kazekoshi =( Kiyosumi [Nodoka and Saki], Ryumonbuchi [Touka and Koromo] and even Tsuruga [Momoko and Yumi] have awesome line ups at the 4th and 5th player. Tsuruga is quite lucky, the players were pretty much left alone in the first three rounds. It's quite sad to see the first three matches summed up in a volume and a half, need more screen time for Mihoko :< lol. Anyways the whole of Volume 4's about Nodoka's match with Kazekoshi's Sumiyo, Ryumonbuchi's Touka and Tsuruga's Momoko. By then, Kazekoshi dropped to the last position, Ryumonbuchi at third place, Tsuruga at second and of course Kiyosumi at first place =D. Oh yes, Invisible Momoko is an interesting character xD, well basically she's 'invisible' kinda and has not much presence so she could jump in and steal the points away while Nodoka and Touko compete with each other.

I like how Tsuruga slowly make its way on top stealing the crumbs left by the Three Giants who were too busy going head to head with each other. I guess Tsuruga can be called the Dark Horse in the competition xD. As for Kazekoshi, well, the Fallen Giant I guess haha, I still feel sad for them :< a sad neko-Kana makes me unhappy. Well the last round, 大將 [Chapter 34-50 and still going] Amae Koromo makes her appearance and with the electrifying sparks coming out from her eyes scaring Saki to bits lol. Saki was reminded of her sister's presence and thought there's no way in hell she's going to win, that was until Nodoka came and motivated Saki with her ... huge. boobs. uh reminding her about their promise to proceed to the nationals.

Oh yeah, it's interesting about the visual of 'drowning' the players in raising level of water as Koromo chalked up points and winning game after game. By Chapter 42, Kazekoshi's Ikeda Kana lost all her points, yes you heard right from the 142,000 down to 0 lol. Both Koromo and Tsuruga's Kajiki Yomi were 'attacking' Kana and Kana was very depressed and almost got eliminated. [I almost cried =(] Saki helped Kana by sacrificing some of her points to her \O/ and rejuvenating Kana's fighting spirit. Oh by the way, Yomi's seiyuu is Kobayashi Yuu [Setsuna from Negima] lol, I was like, OZMG!!!! SECCHAN hahaa.

Oh, I like Momoko x Yumi as well lol. Hasty edits from the manga.

Hmm okay where was I ... ah yes seems like the Kiyosumi players have weird habits while playing mahjong lol, Yuki gets her power from tacos, Mako with her super memory by taking off her glasses, Nodoka and her penguin resting under her boobs *cough*, I don't think Hisa has any bad habits ... besides making Mihoko cry I guess hehe. Saki took off her socks =O, apparently she plays better barefoot as it reminded her when she was younger and that she played best barefooted. With new found confidence, Saki started winning the games chalking up small wins with very little points lol, pissing off Kana and the rest who were waiting for huge wins. Little did they know, Saki's merely warming up to a huge win at the end and well caught the eye of Koromo who started striking back in the latest chapter, Chapter 50 again.

Man, that was interesting lol, I was reading it in the library and kept reading chapter after chapter forgetting to revise for my module =O. Anyways, I'm tired and I've yet to bath =P.

[Signing off @ 12:58 PM]


  1. Ah...

    Seeing Mihoko cry is a sure treat. XD
    (Oh?! Hisa is almost near to being a flat chested girl! OwO Not that I mind, I think flat chest is better than enormous boobs. >.>)

    [Part of the manga you didn't said]

    When Seika lost the points in the first hanchan Mihoko came to her and comforted(?) her at the same time to look at "Ueno" Hisa.

    While Hisa seems to be oblivious of who she is or doesn't remember her 3 years ago(?) <=[Not sure about this]

    And by the end of the 2nd hanchan Kiyosumi has finally come back. :) But leaving Kazekoshi an ouch on their points. :0

    And in Nodoka-vs-Touka, Nodoka out done Touka, Touka's plan on to making Nodoka fall completely failed. :)

    Seeing Momoko with Yumi is so heart warming. :3 I like seeing this two together, just wish Nodocchi makes a move on Saki next episode but I doubt that would happen. ._.

    I too can sense the small HisaxMihoko vibe. But not that strong, since I know that the episode 11 is focused on Hisa's match. :3


    Did you notice the error on Mihoko's boobs in the flashback where she was talking about how Hisa was the only one to give her problems before. :0

    The Pantsu error on Nodocchi, when she and Saki are on the nap room.

    And Kyoutarou's posing at the end of the OP! It was...a girly pose....

  2. oh wow such a long post but at least it had pictures unlike Hayate's which only had text. interesting ranting you have there, chicken (more interested in the pairings really)

  3. to Shi-Kitsune, haha well I think Mihoko's fine, Nodoka's sometimes scares me =3.

    Ah yes, Mihoko came in to give Seika some pointers since she knew about Hisa's playing style and no one in Kazekoshi played like Hisa so Seika was throwing in the wrong tiles.

    When Hisa noticed Mihoko glanced at her, she can't recall who Mihoko was and thought she looked familiar lol. I guess she was busy with mahjong at that time and didn't pay much attention to any body.

    Ah yes, I guess luck's on Kiyosumi's side, if Hisa had kept her old surname, Mihoko might had noticed this and gave some pointers to Seika to be careful before they played. Perhaps things might change but too bad =P.

    Ah yes the battle between Nodoka and Touka, guess the penguin helped lol. Touka did mention that the only person she can't win is Nodocchi in the mahjong internet game? Or at least she's the strongest player in the game. It's amusing to see Touka directing all her battle vibes at Nodoka but she wasn't even affected haha xD. It doesn't hurt to see Touka's fantasies of defeating Nodocchi either xD.


    LoL, yeah it's cute to see Momoko and Yumi together xD, can't wait. Well Nodoka did 'make a move' towards Saki ... a few inches nearer to Saki on the futon lol.

    \O/ HisaxMihoko ftw, needs more development.


    Ah? There was? I stared at it for a long time ... is it too big? is it too small? or is one bigger than the other? lol no idea.

    Oh, I don't think that's an error =P, in the manga, Nodoka's hand or bedsheets were strategically placed to cover the no-pantsu theory hehehe.

    Hahaha, I don't think I noticed Kyoutarou at all ... man lol it does look girly lol.


    Oh yes, I forgot to mention, at the last battle between the 5th players, Mihoko saw Saki's surname and realized Kana's not only up against Koromo but also 'Miyanaga' Saki, the younger sister of Miyanaga Teru, Fujita-pro mentioned earlier before the battle. Perhaps Mihoko has seen Teru in action before since that was 2 years ago ... which means Mihoko might had played with Teru or seen her play when she was a 1st year.

    to Kano, lol I like pictures =), ehhh it's not a rant, well, kinda.

    Oh there're also slight HajimexTouka vibes as well when Hajime didn't want to take off those 'cuffs' of hers because she wants a part of Touka with her when she's not around xD.

  4. Ooooh!!! I want Hisa x Mihoko to happen.
    When I saw the OP, it was like I got some vibes from them.
    If only it would...
    If only it will...
    And you're right akayuki!
    Mihoko does remind me of Shizuru-sama!
    Damn I missed her so much.
    Hopefully more ShizNat doujins will be made, and then translated.

    LOL at your "It's so cute to see Mihoko going 'Ozmg, isn't that Ueno-san!? The only person that had my panties all twisted and dripping wet-' uh, sorry. was reading shiznat smut lol"