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Saturday, June 6, 2009

[Raku-Gun] Negima! Doujinshi #2 - Feel Part 2 Script

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As promised, here's the script of Part 2 of Feel.


only Mandarin to English.

I DO NOT DRAW doujinshis, so I don't claim ANY credits for it. The author for this doujinshi is Raku-Gun and I'm just translating for those non-Japanese readers, so don't ban me for it =(.

[Raku-Gun] Negima! Doujinshi #2 - Feel.

Credit: Yamibo
Source Link: [PFY工作室][NGM][刹木][楽玩]FEEL

As usual, pardon me if there're any mistakes or whatever XD.

'Feel' by Raku-Gun Script Part 2;

Title: Negima! Fanbook #2 – ‘Feel’
Mangaka: Raku-Gun

Main Characters;
- Sakurazaki Setsuna (Secchan)
- Konoe Konoka (Ojou-sama, Kono-chan)
- Negi Springfield
- Kagurazaka Asuna
- Konoe Kokoemon (Oji-chan)

-... for sound effects (SFX)
*...* for signs etc
@...@ for small text or hand writing text
###... for long lines (Double bubbles)
(...) for translator's notes or explanation
_..._ for emphasizing (Bold, Italic letters...etc.)
[…] thoughts (Square boxes, fluffy bubbles)
+...+ for Using Original Japanese Word
{…} Translation of Original Japanese Word

/Page 15


Setsuna: !!?


Setsuna: Wargh!!

Konoka: Kya!


/Page 16


Setsuna: --- That …

Setsuna: That was dangerous …

Konoka: Ahaha, yeah it was. Even your wings came out.

Setsuna: Ojou-sama, are you alright?

Konoka: All thanks to you, Secchan, I’m fine.

Konoka: I know this is an inappropriate time for me to say this but I really wanted to see an expression of Secchan being scared.

Setsuna: I was terrified alright, to suddenly do that …

/Page 17

Konoka: Do you mean it will be better if I had told you what I was about to do before hand?

Setsuna: No, I am not talking about that!!

Setsuna: @How should I explain this?@

Konoka: Secchan, you …

Konoka: Really think too deep and too much.
@Saying it’s your mission, duty and all.@

Konoka: If I am not by Secchan’s side, then there is no reason for me to continue living anywhere anymore.

[I …]

/Page 18

Konoka: If you make me attend the Omiai, I will not attain happiness, you know~

Setsuna: Eh!?

Konoka: Well then, what are you going to do?

Setsuna: No matter what …

Setsuna: It’s definitely not my intention to cause Ojou-sama any sadness.

[At that moment, I understood. The reason of my existence …]

Konoka: Un, you mentioned that before.

Setsuna: But … my duties are to wait upon and protect Ojou-sama …
### … Um … I …

[The reason of my existence is because of this person.]

Setsuna: … …

/Page 19

Setsuna: --- I’m sorry …

[I …]

Setsuna: Me … me too …

Setsuna: If I am not by Kono-chan’s side, I won’t be able to continue living … …

[It was only when I am by this person’s side,]

[Am I able to breathe.]

/Page 20

Konoka: You are not supposed to apologize when you say that …!

Setsuna: ---

Konoka: … … Any more reasons for you to run away?

/Page 21






Konoka: Mou~ Secchan, Ecchi~

Setsuna: *in a husky voice* Ojou-sama …

-Slips in

Konoka: Ah~

(akayuki: I wish ;_; Sorry for the momentarily lapse lol, let’s continue.)

/Page 21


Konoka: --- More …

Setsuna: Eh?

/Page 22

Konoka: Let’s do more, shall we?


[My thoughts stopped.]

[Even the simple act of breathing …]

[Feels like I’m going to forget about it.]

/Page 23

[However, the amazing thing was that,]

[I don’t feel like I’m suffering at all.]

Konoka: Oh---

Konoka: That was beautifully concealed---
@Such a big thing too.@ (akayuki: Oh my, my thoughts raced lol)

Setsuna: Um … can you please don’t stare at me like that …?


Konoka: Eh--- Why---?

Setsuna: @To stare like that …@

Setsuna: … What should we do …? From now on …

Konoka: Un--- you are right.
### We can’t run away just like that as well.

/Page 24

Konoka: For now, we better go apologize to Oji-chan first.

Setsuna: Ah, me too, I’ll accompany you.

Konoka: @Hmm~ Secchan, before that, you have to conceal that blushing expression of yours.@

Setsuna: @S-sorry.@

Konoka: @You’re cute anyways, so it’s alright~@

Setsuna: @… …@

Konoka: Ne.

Konoka: Let’s go together.


/Page 25

*After that, let us listen to their grumbles.*

Kokoemon: Konoka ran away---
### Such a troublesome granddaughter---
### Setsuna didn’t return as well.


Negi: I- … Is that so?
### I see.
### That is troublesome indeed---

Kamo: What are you doing, Aniki? {Big brother}
### Even the old man too …

/Page 26

*This is the postscript.
I supposed Konoka went to her Omiai after all…?
I have been thinking about it while I was drawing …
This time I tried giving up the usual cute drawing ways and tried my best in adding some ‘erotic’ scenes in the appropriate settings. That was a failure … It was after all a futile attempt.
In any ways, what has it turned out to be … I’m really sorry.

I’m tired.

Ah, I hope Konoka’s Kyoto-ben doesn’t sound weird here.
I was afraid that it will turn out to become Kansai-ben or something.

I was really sleepy … Perhaps I haven’t been sleeping for 2 to 3 days …
Thus I was afraid that I might misspell or miswrote some words.

Well then, thank you very much for reading with me until the end.
Until we meet again, Gokigenyou.

堀井貴介 (I have no idea how to translate this into romaji, if I’m not wrong, it’s ‘Horii Tattokai’)

/Page 27

- End of Negima! Doujinshi #2 - Feel Part 2 Script -

Anddd, we're done. Thank you for the kind comments =) Now I should be off to study or something T_T exams suck.

[Signing off @ 5:47 PM]

PS: Thanks Kano for the impromptu proofread xD


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    Haha, this is really great, thanks for the translations akayuki! ^_^

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    Thanks for your translation which doesn't seem to have any problems (well, I can't mention it, looking at my english standard...)
    Your interpretation at page 21 was a hoot! XD

    keep it up!

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