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Monday, May 16, 2005

Loveless Ep2

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You know i was wondering, i got 14 titles waiting for me to put up everyday, it's pretty tiring and i'm quite outdated in some titles, for example Gundam Seed Destiny, the latest is like Ep30 le and my blog's like up to Ep23 only! 7eps away! So i was thinking of juz blogging 7eps straight so tat i could catch up more or less and push back the finished titles. But first let's catch up on the new titles first k? Here's Loveless Ep2 screenshots.

Yuiko.Soubi: 'Miss Me?'Ritsuka And His Onii-chan, Seimei.
Ai And Midori.Chained Soubi Woo~ LoLKissu.

Ok, i typed this out while watching the ep so it's pretty detailed.

Ritsuka is in a doctor's room, talking about stuff then he went home. Later his mum went kinda bonkers and tried to kill Ristuka. But that's not all, his mum tried to kill Ritsuka because Ritsuka is not Ritsuka anymore. [Confused? Me too LoL] Next day, Ritsuka came to school with a bandaged hand. During class, Yuiko apologized for yesterday’s incident, because she mentioned that Ritsuka looks like a different person when he smiled. Then Ritsuka was kinda pissed. [Probably because Ritsuka knew he's not the same person anymore and didn’t want to admit it] Yuiko kept disturbing the class by asking Ritsuka to forgive her.

After school, Yuiko wanna walk home with Ritsuka but Agatsuma Soubi was waiting at the school gate for Ritsuka. LoL, the first thing Soubi said when he saw Ritsuka was 'Ritsuka, I missed you.' Haha, I almost puked out my water. Then Ritsuka gave Soubi the photos they took and Soubi mistook the envelope containing the photos to be a love letter. [Haha] Then Ritsuka asked Soubi to explain the incident that happened yesterday, Soubi told him that those people were the ones who killed Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei and he would kill them for Ritsuka if he told him to, then he ended with a 'I love you.'

Ritsuka ran back to his home, then later in the night, Soubi knocked at his room's window. Then Ritsuka was trying to access some programme on PC Seimei left. He typed 'Beloved' in the first try, but it’s wrong then he tried using his real name, 'Loveless' and went in. He saw the words left by Seimei, that he was murdered by 'The Seven Moons' and left him his fighter, Soubi. Ritsuka realized that Soubi was just following Seimei’s instructions and that includes the 'I love you' phases, hence was pissed. Then Ritsuka told Soubi that loving someone should come from the heart not because Seimei asked him. Soubi didn’t seem to understand and kept repeating that he loved him.

Back at school, Ai and Midori aka 'Breatheless' on orders from 'The Seven Moon' to pick Ritsuka up again. Then Soubi arrived and fought them. Soubi seemed to be losing in the mist of the battle and Ritsuka took the damages for him. [The sacrifice gets the damages in place of the fighter] Soubi then kissed Ritsuka then he had this 'Butterfly-flying-around' [Pretty chessy] power thingy lol, really, then bam, Ai and Midori lost. Soubi kept saying 'I love you' to Ritsuka till Ritsuka was kinda sick of it and broke down. [Say too much and it becomes an insult lor]

Ritsuka's back at the doctor’s room, then Ritsuka asked doctor what it's like to love someone and how they could say 'I love you' so easily. The doctor told Ritsuka that to love someone, firstly, you should love yourself and asked if Ritsuka has someone he likes. Then the doctor told Ritsuka that she likes him, Ritsuka became excited and asked her to take pictures with him.

Ok long summary lol, let me relist my anime blogging list. First, we'll finish up new titles like Loveless followed by Gokujou Seitokai, Tsubasa Chronicle and Ichigo 100%. Old titles with, Gundam Seed Destiny, Naruto, Negima and Tsukuyomi Moon Phase. Finished titles [As in finished in RAW] Jinki : Extend, School Rumble, Gakuen Alice, Mai Hime and Devilman Lady. Ok there are 13 titles mentioned above, so what's the last? It's either i rest or reblog the most outdated title or put up Girls Bravo or best, nothing at all LOL. Which is doubtful. Uh how abt manga special then? Hahaha. It's Anime/Manga afterall.

Ok i'm downloading TRC Ep6~ So time to watch Ichigo 100% Ep5 ... lol i must finish screenshoting the new titles, so cya.

[Signing off @ 10:25 PM]

PS: Hurry hurry hurry~

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