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Thursday, May 5, 2005

Magister Negi Magi Ep11

[Posted @ 10:36 PM]
Yo, life is so boring nowadays lol, cos i'm slacking at home doing nothing but eat, sleep, online, play with pets and teasing my bros. Anyways, here's Magister Negi Magi Ep11~

Chisame's Wacky Faces [1].Chisame's Wacky Faces [2].Chisame's Wacky Faces [3].
Chisame's Wacky Faces [4].LoL 2-A Cosplaying Rocks!Chisame's Wacky Faces [5].

LoL, i love this Ep alot lol, i really loveeeeeee Chisame's funny and wacky expressions lol, she's juz so funny hahaha ... cosplaying and stuff hahaha so dead serious about being the Number 1 Net Idol. Haha. At first, we see Chisame as a dorky, spects girl who hates her weird class. Then when she goes home, she turns into this super cosplaying kawaii bishoujo lol. Soooo darn funny la, that's why i screenshot alot of her funny faces lol. Then 2-A was also engrossed in making a website for their class and saw Chisame's website ranked first and competed against her by cosplaying too! LoL, see screenshot 5. They got all kinds, hahaha from nurses, school swimming-suit girls, brides and even kindergarden kids! [Fuka and Fumika] LOL god. Then Chisame was like fighting back in her wacky cosplaying stuff like, widow, bunny girl and air stewardess. Hahaha... damn funny. Negima rocks~

Ok, on to wat i did today. I did nothing! LoL, slacked around, read fanfics, and read Gundam Seed #5~ wooo. And nothing else. I didn't watch any animes ... but i finished downloading Gundam Seed Destiny Ep28 ... so probably going to watch it later. Or watch Loveless Ep3 later. Hahaha. Ahhh boring!~ Ah, i downloaded 2 new scans today! FINALLY lol, Kannazuki no Miko doujinshi!!! YEAHHH!!!! and Pastel V5 CH38 and it's licensed. Manz, why?! lol.

Oh i got IS enrolment tomorrow... at 10am ... i'm so gonna choose the Investing in Stock Market module lol, it juz sounds so cool. Hahaha. Manz, i'm typing less and less words nowadays, cos i have nothing to say. I wanna watch Inuyasha and Shaman King later lol. Speaking of Shaman King, last night Ep of Shaman King is so funny hahaha, with Horo Horo, the ep is even funnier haha + his wacky sister, Pirika hahaa. Ok cya cya.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Ichigo 100% - Peppermint by Hashimoto Miyuki

[Signing off @ 10:55 PM]

PS: I'm rushing to watch Inuyasha, arghh it's starting in 2mins cya!

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