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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Girls Bravo 2nd Season Ep7

[Posted @ 7:24 PM]
It's boring so i decided to post now lor, besides i'm in the study room again hahahaha, last night we slept in the study room also. It's ok, juz tat i dun sleep till tat late. I slept at 3am then woke up at 10am which is pretty unusual. Here's a special Girls Bravo 2nd Season Ep7 screenshots~

Let The Yuri Be Free~Now On TV, 'Strip-Tease LIVE!'LoL So Cute!

In this ep they are playing some 'Cosplaying Mahjong' sorta hahaha, quite funny la. It's not ur normal Mahjong with sticks, round circles, northsoutheastwest on the titles but things like 'Rub' lol, 'Wearthis', 'Wearthat' i forgot le actually lol. Kosame was like having so much funny as ya can see from da screenshots lol, except last screenshot. LoL. Anyways, quite low on the 'Kirie-sama hugging' ... hm hm. Ok i wanna go watch DEEP BLUE SEA~~~ Hahaha i think i watched it 3 times le ba, one on movie then twice on TV. Keh. But smart sharks are so much fun. I know it started le, but in front is always so boring and i more or less know wat happened in front le hahaha. So i'll go watch when they go underground and got stuck below and the shark goes killing! hahaha. I think 8pm ought to do it heh.

Oh i was reading Sunday Times juz now and the Gen Y section was saying like blogging 'unlawful' things, they can sue u and stuff. Then say the wat safest place to blog is ur Microsoft Words. I was like lol then where's the pleasure of blogging? Blogging is because you want PEOPLE to know ur feelings, not only yourself. That's what make blogging so 'special' rather than keeping a diary. Cos u can type out ur feelings and everyone will know cos they read abt it. Isn't tat fun? Yeah right. Luckily i dun go to politics or racism haha. Moi theme's Animes/Manga heh, so i have proof on whatever i say and whatever i feel cos i read it. watched it and it's all in black and white. I dun like to tok abt politics cos it's not funny to insult, they'll sue till ya pants drop. Racism, nope, i'm very open minded i dun discriminate. Everyone's human. 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 ears, 1 mouth.

So animes/manga is a pretty safe topic to tok abt as long as i back up my opinions and dun insult the companies and stuff. Well, if they dun do a good job and people complain and they sue the people who complain, how can they improve right? OH YEAH, which reminds me! 6 releases by Chuangyi English Department on 17/04/2005!!! YAY!!! Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #1 is finally out YAY!!!! Guyver's licensed is being re-newed, actually i dun really like guyver's art but the story's ok lor, my bro likes it, so yeah haha i like pretty art haha. Tsubasa #7 yay, so fast #7 is out le, catching up the Japanese/Mandarin version which stops at #9. Love for Venus is finishing up soon, last vol is #12 if i'm not wrong. Heh, 2 more volumes~ Fruits Basket #9!!!~ Ayame on da front cover YAY hahaha he's very wacky, my fave character in Furuba~ I love the way he and Shigure 'love' each other hahaha.

Mirmo Zibang! #3 out too, i didn't really watched the anime, but the anime's art is really nice, quite similar to the manga itself, it's worth the watch but 9am is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo early for me LOL. I'm lazy la hahaha 11 is fine but 9?! God, no. Hahaha but i used to wake up at 9am to watch One Piece and Digimons lol. Besides subs is not really my cup of tea, hahaa wah there are like 149eps of Mirmo Zibang up to date sia ... 2002 till now, can fight with One Piece ... haha ... It's quite funny the manga, my bro likes it alot too hahaa. I like the humour inside and Mirumo's =O expressions. I think there's alot of seasons in the anime lol can fight with Inuyasha le hahaha, the manga is still on-going at Volume 7 ... Manz, i never thought the anime got 100+eps i thought like maybe only 24eps lol then maybe kids central will rerun on a later time but no, it has to be more than 100+eps!!! LoL.

Hahaha ok cya it's 8pm byez

[Signing off @ 8:02 PM]

PS: Deep Blue Seas time cya haha, my bros are playing Hidden and Dangerous, some war game then in their backpack got camera haha, then they are now using the camera to take pictures hahaha, then they were like 'We are tourists! Taking photos~!' But the enemies still shot them la hahaha.

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