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Sunday, May 1, 2005

Ichigo 100% Ep1

[Posted @ 11:04 PM]
New title tonight! Ichigo 100% Ep1 screenshots~ Enjoy!

Aya.Depressed.LoL Manaka's Confession Strategy.
Volcano Eruption!You Got Jam In Ya Hands.Splat.

The art aint tat good, soso la, the OVA's art is better. Hahaha ... ok i read the manga before so i remembered what happened in Ep1 ... Firstly, a guy named Manaka was running up to the school's roof top to see the sunset, then as he opened the door to the roof top, a girl suddenly fell in front of him from no where [Like Fallen Angel.] The girl was wearing this strawberry panties, hence the title, Ichigo=Strawberry 100%. The girl, shocked, ran away and left behind her maths note book. The name is Aya Toujo. So the next day Manaka went to find the girl, to his despair, the girl, Aya Toujo is a girl with two ponytails and wears a old fashion spects. Not the girl he saw in the roof top at all. When he wanted to gave the book back, he realized he forgot to bring. Aya then begged him not to read the contents of the book. Back at home, curious, Manaka read it. The next day, Manaka was practically so excited over the story Aya had written in her maths note book. Then he was like so excited and told Aya his dream to be a film director and hoped to use Aya's story in his film. So the friendship between Aya and Manaka begun. Then later he was aruging with his friend abt something then he saw the school belle, Tsukasa Nishino and thought it was her who was the girl who fell in the roof top. So he went ahead and did pull ups while confessing to her and he actually became her boyfriend! And so the triangle love begins once again.

I read the manga till vol 14 le. Quite fun, it's a 5 way love now lol. The art's pretty nice for the manga. As for the anime, i give it an okok. If i haven't watched the OVA yet, i might give even higher lol but no, i juz had to watch the OVA first before the anime series. So the OVA's art is better than the anime series, well, tat's too bad then. Hahaha. I'll post up the OVA screenshots some other time ne?

On to today's stuff! My Loveless Ep1 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep27 were finally done. So i'm on to Gakuen Alice Ep8~ Hahaha, yeah LoL, i watched Gundam Seed Destiny ep26 this afternoon and was juz watching through the opening and i saw this. God. I was horrified.
What The Hell?!
Hahaha, i was like wat the hell happened to Stellar's face? Her mouth's too big! Looks like an ape! God.

Hahaha ... then this afternoon, watched One Piece, wenta watch tv aw, shoot, i forgot to watch the Nippon Hour thingy over Channel News Asia ... manz, i juz remembered. LoL. And then i watched GSD then watched School Rumble Ep19 halfway and my mum wanna me to bathe cos we're going to Whampoa for Fish Head Steamboat for Mothers' day celebration. Then i was like, isn't it next sunday? Then she said that my grandma's going vegetarian on tat day. Oh. Yeah so dinner was great, then we went over some flower farm, Far East Flora, walked around and see see. LoL. Actually we went there to spy and take down their prices lol. Nahh, juz kidding. So after that, went home stuffed .. rested and watched Ice Age on channel 5! Then it was like 9:30pm le so i go online, surfed around and then went back to watch Apprentice at 10pm~ LoL, left 4, Ivana's out. Sad for her, she's a strong one, seems tat 'stripping' is not going to help lol.

Oh, i was over at yanziunlimited.com forum juz now and saw the topic that '1000 limited edition bears will include a card personally autographed by Stefanie Sun. (++)The first 100 who purchases the bear will be able to meet Stefanie in person at Mercy Relief's Mercy X-Change at Gallery Hotel at the launch of the photo exhibition', lol of course i went ahead and bought one at $23 for YanZi! LoL, muahaha so i'm waitin for more news on where to meet YanZi again! Yay!

Click Here To See A Sample Of The Bear

It's kinda cute lor. Hmmm, it's quite low today, no manga scanlations releases i collect are out today ... and only one anime to download .. HEY Ichigo 100% Ep4's out juz now i saw it lol, *Clicks* yay hahaha. Oh Gantz V17 CH195's out too. I downloaded Gundam Seed Destiny's ED 3 too, kinda cool la. It's gonna be tonight's anime song of da day.

Going to watch Loveless now muahahahaha ... cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Gundam Seed Destiny - I Wanna Go To A Place - Rie Fu

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PS: The second time i'm posting this entry, blogger, i'm not patient with you.

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