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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Devilman Lady Ep17

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First of all i juz wanna post a MSN conversation with SW over here to explain my short posts on wed-fri.

12:47:13 AM | Stop DCing Stupid MSN Juz Cos I Had My IRC On | akayuuki.blogspot.com | http://stefanieyz.rules.it | http://tczomic.rocks.it : hey i think i know why my posts are shorter during wed-fri cos i need to rush to watch animes, so i juz type quickly lol

12:48:23 AM | Stop DCing Stupid MSN Juz Cos I Had My IRC On | akayuuki.blogspot.com | http://stefanieyz.rules.it | http://tczomic.rocks.it : GOD I JUZ READ A GSD SPOILERS.. sob

12:48:41 AM X~*- @YaMi YoRu@-*~X-> phew~ : ...... dun tell me about it

12:49:02 AM X~*- @YaMi YoRu@-*~X-> phew~ : hm~~ that's an xplanation~

12:49:14 AM | Stop DCing Stupid MSN Juz Cos I Had My IRC On | akayuuki.blogspot.com | http://stefanieyz.rules.it | http://tczomic.rocks.it : lol

Hey it's easy to know who i am right lol. Yeah, so on with tonight's screenshots! A long time no see Devilman Lady Ep17!

Killer Stare.Killer Stare 2.LOL I Laughed When I Saw This.
Are You Staring At The Butt Or The Picture?Poor Picture's Gone.Asuka Hugging!

Ok, let me recall what happened in Ep17 ... hold on while i get a drink. Ok i got distracted juz now, lol i went to watch the tv when my mum called me to see them like introducing Korea's stuff yeah lol. They were showing how to make Kimchi.. woo i like it quite alot. Ah ah ah, yes Devilman Lady Ep17 lol, ok Jun went on her life as usual, as a model, but her expression are getting better, more [evil] lol. Like going to eat you anytime woo. LoL. Then i forgot. Then uh a guy, a beast actually, he killed his mum, plz look at screenshot 3 lol, cos his mum kept nagging and won't stop. Hahaha, MUMS ARE YOU LISTENING TO THIS?! Don't nag your child all the time! They might kill ya!! LoL. Ok fourth screenshot, oh i think Jun was sent to some experimental room, Asuka wasn't there to stop the 'mental torture' of living in an enclosed space so Jun went nuts. I like screenshot 4 alot, reminds me of Ceres from Ayashi no Ceres. LoL. Some jerky guy, i forgot his name from AnC had this poster of Ceres smacked right in the middle of his office haha. Kinda funny. But i like tat pic of Ceres alot alot alot!~ Here's a pic of Ceres.


Yeah, then Jun saw the 'human' poster version of herself then was in great pain and slashed [awww] it. Then she ran out of the do-do room. Then the people attacked her and stuff, later Asuka came back and hugged Jun, Jun cried in Asuka's arms, relaxed and became human again.

Yeah,, so after explaining why wed-fri posts are so short, i won't type much more than this already huh? Hahahaha, it's like only 10pm now ... 1hr more to Inuyasha starts. Hm ok, let's see, yeah i downloaded four scanlations this afternoon via HTTP lol. First up! Kayono smut! Otoko Hime to Mahou no Lamp Story 2, it's abt this female [sexy, long haired, D-cup ... lol] assassin sent to kill this doctor. But the doctor is soooo handsome and kind and blah blah that the assassin fell in love with him ... then her master came to kill the doctor instead and failed and happy ending. Uh, it's ok-ok. The art's nice. Better than last time. Hahaha.

Ok Next! [Tsugi!] Stroke Material - My Fuckin' Lover V1 C3. Ok the title might seem you-know-wat [Hentai la] and stuff, but no! The art inside is rather mild. Can't even compared to Shinjo Mayu's lol! Shinjo Mayu's more explicit sia! Hahaha. So far the story's very humourous, cute and funny! There is this guy, Kaname, who's a greatttt big player before he met this super cool girl, Yumi-sama, the president of the student council it seems. LoL. It's really a sweet and funny title, not you-know-wat at all lol. So stop making tat disgusting face you are making now! Ok, nothing.

Oh there's this new release! Gekka no Kimi V3 C9~ Kayyaah, the art's nice too, the story's nice too! I think i got mention it before somewhere in my previous posts. It's a greatttt title! LoL. No! i go search my archives! LoL FOUND IT! LoL. It's on Monday, January 31, 2005, titled: Confirm die, i tell ya ...
So Juz Click Here
Yeah, so the third scanlation is from Lililicious, i haven't unzip it yet. Later ba. I'm downloading Magister Negi Magi Ep16/17 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep29 woo. Speed is really damn slow lor. I dunno why sia. I need to watch Loveless Ep3/4 later haha and write up the summary. Lappy no space!~ Hey, i'm writing quite alot today as well. I had this horrible thought juz now, what if some company licensed Ichigo 100%?! Animewaves will not continue it anymore... NOooOOooOOooo. Ok relax. Forget it.

Kayyahh speaking of Ichigo 100%, i read V15 last night, Satsuki is still as daring [and sly] as ever haha. If i'm Manaka, i'll choose Satsuki over Tsukasa, Aya, Yui and Kozue anytime! Hm, actually it's tough to choose between Aya and Satsuki ... but Aya's too ... mild lol, so i'll go for Satsuki in the end. But Manaka seems to be heading to Aya .. but then to Tsukasa .. but then Satsuki .. WAT DA?! LOL! Forget it. Really. I'll choose Satsuki, cos she's a great and out-going girl. Plus i like her smile, juz attracts me heh. The rest, not tat much. Ok enough i'm bored, i have nothing to say. Cya.

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PS: I'm still bored. So Buzz off.

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