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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ichigo 100% Ep4

[Posted 10:21 PM]
I'm so in not a fucking good mood tonight.
Dun even ask why. Here's Ichigo 100% Ep4 screenshots anyway.


Manz, it's Satsuki's debut in this ep but i'm in no mood to get happy abt it. I like Satsuki's seiyuu, she played Satsuki very well here. Yeah. If u wanna know abt Satsuki, either go read the manga or wait till tomorrow if i'm feeling better to tok abt it.

Ok, that's better. I'm still lazy to comment on the screenshots. I watched Loveless Ep5 last night, didn't had time to type out the summary, i tend to do it tonight but ... uh, yeah i better do it. So yeah, ok i'm feeling better than juz now. Juz feeling abit cranky. Ok Yay, it's Satsuki's debut! ... Ook, Manaka got a new video cam from his mum and was out videoing with it. Then when he was juz playing around with it, he saw Satsuki from the screen and thought it looked great and continued videoing. Juz then the wind was strong and stuff and blew ... up the skirt Satsuki's wearing. Satsuki got angry and was trying to grab Manaka's video cam away but they tripped and see screenshot 1 and so Satsuki threw Manaka's video cam into da pond.

On the first day of school in Izumisaka High, lol, Satsuki's there too, so the 'fated' enemies fought during classes and stuff. But later Satsuki realized Manaka's not that bad a person afterall when he 'accidentally' saved her from someone and even broke his finger. [See screenshot 3] But the fun moments still go on, see screenshot 4] Yeah, so Manaka then realized there is NO FILM CLUB in Izumisaka and decided to form one himself. Satsuki of course volunteered herself + Komiyama + Sotomura and they have 4. However, unknown to Manaka, Aya's jealous over his relationship with Satsuki [See screenshot 5 lol that kinda made me think Aya's saying 'Go Make Movies With That Whore! Hope You Get AIDS And DIE!' Hahahahahahaha - Got that idea from reading someone's blog] Aw, Satsuki ain't a whore, she's my fave character from Ichigo 100%!~ Next's Aya. I dun really like Yui nor Tsukasa, ok they're cute and all but i dun like. Yeah Manaka and Satsuki got really close lor, like great friends co Satsuki's easy going and stuff =) whee.

Yeah so later as Aya had a quarrel with Manaka, Satsuki came up the roof top too and Aya ran away crying. Satsuki tried to ask what's wrong but Manaka told her to pest off or something then Satsuki also got angry and accidentally blurted that she couldn't help it cos she likes him. [Really cute hahaha, then she shrieked and ran off, soo funny] Haha and so Manaka ran after her and stuff and Satsuki kinda admit later she likes him and ran off to class.

Ok lol, way to go Aya! Show that Manaka you aint no push over!! LoL, bu sheng qi ba wo dang ping mao lol loosely translated as if i dun get angry, you'll take me for granted [or take me for a sick cat] Hahahaha. I like Satsuki alotttt~ She's soo nice =), wish there's a real person like her, i'll be great friends with her!!! Hahaha. Yeah my anger's pretty much gone. LoL. I'm weird. I guess being a Libran helps huh, fast to get hurt but fast to heal. Haha. Urk but i'm still having a headache. Manz.

I'm sick. I shouldn't had juz slept when i was drenched and even on the air-con ha. Thinking abt it makes me feel like i deserve it anyways. I didn't bring my umbrella today, and i used to bring it like everyday and JUST SO HAPPENED today had to rain. I wanna go Comic Connections to buy mangas + extend my concession .. sigh, but my head hurts so much in the afternoon that i had to lie down and sleep ... i'm even lazy to bath. Ah i think i better tok abt Satsuki la. Thinking abt it makes me feel bad. [Goes Back And Strike Out]

Ok, i finished the summary. It was fun. Sure made my mood lighter. Tonight's post gonna be long i guess. I wanna tok abt the mangas i bought this afternoon. But ... hm thinking of it, i better not. I wanna go sleep, i'm having sleepless nights lol, i can't sleep not until 2am lol. Argh and i awake at the slightest sound and moments my brothers made when they prepare to go for school. [I couldn't blame them] So it's like i slept for 4hrs then i tried to sleep again but need to turn and twist around for an hr to finally fall asleep so i only slept less than 6hrs when i woke up at 9am and during that 2hrs, i on and off woke up 2-3 times cos my mum came in. Argh. It's a bad day to start.

Firstly, i woke up a 9:05 AM feeling pretty groggy and stuff, went to bath. Then my mum asked me if i wanna eat and duh i said yes. So she boiled the noodles over hot water + the curry we had last night over my aunt's buffet. So i had curry noodles. It was around 9:35 AM and i was kinda late. When i finished it was 9:50 AM so i rushed out haha. When i got there, i waited for a while, then this lady came over and asked for directions, so the kind me told her, as i was telling her, it's polite to keep eye contact with anyone u are speaking to, the STUPID 171 BUS HAD TO COME AND I MISSED IT! GODDAMMIT! Of course i didn't yell and scream like before cos i'm still toking to the lady. So i was cursing in my head. I didn't realized the bus came till it was like half way gone. Sigh. So the second one came at 10:10 AM. But tat bus was fast, so i wasn't late for lecture but was late anyway cos we couldn't find the lec place LOL, call ourselves third year students LOL. So funny.

And so it rained. I'm sick but i still complained alot. So cya i'm off to type Loveless Ep5 summary if not i can't sleep or rather i can't sleep till 2am LOL my brain is still holiday mood!!! I can't switch to 'school mood' tat fast! I need at least a week. Anyways i'm downloading both Gokujou Seitokai's OP and ED YAY. I like the concert ver too, so i'm keeping it. Yeah off to type cyaa.

[Signing off @ 11:23 PM]

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