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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Ichigo 100% Ep6

[Posted @ 10:47 PM]
Ok off to watch Ichigo 100% Ep6 so that i can catch up la. Be right back.

You Got Foot Fetish?Cute.Cute.
...I Like You And 2 Other More.Friends?

Yes, i'm trying to catch up on the subs, so yeah, besides Ichigo 100%'s manga's better lol.

Tsukasa's thinking/waiting for Manaka's call but ... dumb dork didn't call. [It's Tsukasa's birthday!!!] Tsukasa's friend hooked her up with some guy and blah.

Tsukasa got home in a bad mood, Manaka called. Tsukasa wanna see Manaka so Manaka ran out to meet her. Blah blah. Then they ate Strawberry Short Cakes together. Manaka's such a lousy boyfriend, didn't even know when's Tsukasa's birthday sia.

Then Tsukasa asked Manaka to give her a handshake lol. Read the manga to know why la.

Hm next we have Aya. Aya got a love letter. Manaka's listening yeah, hiding. Aya said she had someone she likes already, but he's got a girlfriend. Later Aya shrugged it off and said it's juz a plot for her novel.

Next, Satsuki's crazy abt what Manaka did to her in Ep5. LoL. She's really open sia, Satsuki's seiyuu did a good job yay.

Manaka's confused on who to choose, Tsukasa? Aya? Satsuki? Blah blah. Then Manaka told Satsuki that he likes her and Aya and Tsukasa as well lol. Moron. But Satsuki somehow could make something good out of this stupid thingy lol. But, Satsuki's juz putting up a show la. Poor Satsuki.

Yeah, basically that's all. I wanted to add in Ep7 together in as well lol. But nah. Anyways i went to da Bookfair today barely. LoL. I was still in a pretty giddy giddy stage. But i made it there la. To my horror, the Chi Xue Poster was out of stock!!! My whole world stopped for moment lol. Then the lady told me i could order. My brain was still in ... out of stock out of stock out of stock ... lol My brain slow la, the fever must had burnt some of my cells, no, not some, half of my brain cells lol. Yeah so i ordered la, asked me to go back and collect it next sat. Sigh, i guess it's fated lol.

Yeah so i bought the others, TCZ bookmarks, TCZ Q-Version MMS poster and souvenir cards. I was practically running around the place trying to find the booth lol. Plus i'm kinda giddy and sick, i was probably wobbling around. I was sweating by the time i found the place. I went straight home after i bought the stuff, scare i faint there la lol.

So while walking to City Hall MRT, i saw Kym Ng walking around lol. She's filming for the 'Love Bites', nice show, funny. Yeah she's cute lol. If i wasn't sick i would stayed back and watched the show lor. I saw the stage and hesitated for a while before i walked on. I'm in no condition to stand haha.

I'm pretty lucky huh, i seldom go out le, but everytime i go out i see celebrities around. Sigh. Next time ba lol. I reached home, and laid on my bed like a piece of log for an hour before my headache goes away. My brother was sick too, 39.1 degrees le. LoL, went to see doctor, then the doctor even called to see if he's ok. Then i was like, he must had suspected my bro got SARS or what ba hahahhaa.

Wah, i'm still giddy, i'm seeing shadows and flashes of white and black around me.

Oh yeah, i made a decision tonight again lol, i'm dropping Ichigo 100% and Tsubasa Chronicle. LOL, i'm in my third year le, doubt i have time to even eat. LoL. Excuses Excuses. I'm juz lazy. FINE I'M LAZY! Besides there's other blogs blogging both titles right. There's manga to read too lol. Manga is better la~~~~~ lol.

And i dun wanna blog daily. So sian. Cya. Oh i might take Ichigo 100% and Tsubasa Chronicle back again if i'm free. Blogging 3 new titles is tough.

[Signing off @ 11:47 PM]

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