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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle Ep4 + Ichigo 100% Ep3

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Ya know, lol it's raining Tsubasa Chronicle~ Uh, from the screenshots, i think it's raining Kawaii Sakura screenshots~ Haha. Here's Tsubasa Chronicle Ep4 screenshots~

Sakura Looks Cute In This.Sakura.Sakura Again~
Did I Just Said Sakura?I Swear This Is The Last Pic Of Sakura.Syaoran Saves Sakura.

Uh, ok Sakura awoke, clueless on where she was, got cold, grabbed some clothes from some drawer, [I think it's Arashi's clothes] yeah did a little changing here and there for CLAMP fans. [That wasn't in the manga] Then she walked out. Arashi came home, shocked Sakura's gone, [MAN WHY IS ARASHI'S FACE SO WEIRD?!!?!?!] ran to tell Syaoran and company and off they went in search of Sakura. Actually Sakura's in the 'safe' hands of the baddies from before. [The time where Syaoran and Shougo faced off, the leader of the other gang Shougo was fighting, yeah a kinda chubby guy]

The baddies actually wanted to kidnap Sakura and force Shougo to do something which i forgot but Sakura's kindness, innocence and ability to touch baddies' heart sent the leader of the gang turning a new leaf. Yeah basically about that. Then suddenly Sakura climbed up to some high place, Shougo was there too and took her to some place where Sakura suddenly jumped down and flew around. [Kinda ... funny, wasn't in the manga] Then Syaoran and company saw Sakura floating above then plunging down, Syaoran jumped, caught and saved Sakura. [See screenshot 6] I guess that's the end.

Did i say i love the OST? LoL. Bet i did, on every single ep i blogged. Manz, Yuki Kajiura ain't my fave composer for nothing heh. Oh, Tsubasa Chronicle Ep7 sub's out, that's why i'm blogging Ep4 now. Oh next up, Ichigo 100% Ep3 screenshots~ LoL.

Our Names Are Not There?LOL, Do Not Daydream In Corridors.Nice Shot Of Tsukasa.
LoL Yaoi.It's A Dog Eat Dog World.What's With That Face.

Hmm, ok Ichigo 100% Ep3 ... lol basically Manaka barely got in Izumisaka. Daydream alot starring Aya in the dream. [See screenshot 2] Manaka was strolling around school [I think] lol and met Tsukasa, then Tsukasa saw Manaka's second button still attached, pounced on him and bit it off. [That scared me lol and Manaka too] Blah blah blah, seems tat Tsukasa's not going to Izumisaka High afterall, she's going for Oumi Girls. [Ironic isn't it? Haha, Aya wanted to go for Oumi at first but later went to Izumisaka, Tsukasa wanted to go Izuimisaka with Manaka but later went for Oumi]

Then blah blah blah happened, [Lol, i'm in a weird mood tonight, sorry] Manaka and Aya were on the school rooftop, toking some stuff ... [Sweet moments] and suddenly Komiyama barged in and hugged Manaka saying he's going to Izumisaka too lol. A few days later, Manaka awoke in his bed to find someone in his bed too, [Yeah] Yui, his childhood friend. [Oh, i forgot to mention Yui's half naked too, she's got this habit of sleeping nude] And blah blah blah, as they were walking home, saw two scary dogs, Manaka threw the meat buns at them and they ran away. This reminded Yui of an old memory of theirs. Blah blah.

Manaka's bathing then suddenly Yui jumped in and help scrub his back. And blah blah happened. [Fan service stuff] Then Yui said she's leaving tomorrow and stuff. Later next morning, Manaka found out Yui's still in his bed. LoL.

Yeah yeah, the art's not gettin any better, well at least it's better than Magister Negi Magi's lol. Argh, not like i cared anyways. Uh, uh. Ok, i care lol. Well ... nothing to say. I prefer the manga more, lol besides, it's weird to see Yui now, she doesn't come in the manga till quite later. Next ep gona rock, Satsuki's finally coming in~ Heh.

Oh Oh, juz now i was taking some pics of my Gameboy + Pokemon Cartridge [Blue Version] + Samsung E810 Handphone + Creative Mp3 Player + Fossil Watch. Hahaha. I dunno, i juz wanna take a photo.

Moi Stuff.

Yeah, i took out my gameboy a few days ago and started all over again on the Pokemon Blue Version lol. It's fun, i'm going to fight Erika later for my uh 4th badge lol, i forgot the name of the badge le. Then i realized i haven't lost my touch yet lol woo~.

Manga scanlations are going pretty slow, sigh. LoL, i'll go watch Loveless Ep5, Gokujou Seitokai Ep4 and Tsubasa Chronicle Ep6 later~ Manz, i really have to go buy that hard drive. Yeah cya. Oh yeah, i juz downloaded this Concert Version of Gokujou Seitokai's OP. It's nice =)

[Signing off @ 11:30 PM]

PS: Go go go~ Hahaha, Let's go~ [Singing to Gokujou Seitokai's OP~]

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