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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mai Hime Ep23

[Posted 10:52 PM]
I better start typing now cos it's Mai Hime day lol. I got tons to say abt Mai Hime i guess XP. Here's Mai Hime Ep23 screenshots!

Mikoto Goes Bonkers.Whoa Miyu's Back From Hell!You Heard About It?
Shizuru! Stop It!Heh Heh Heh, Anyone Up For Sushi?Haruka's Last Headbutt!
Goodbye Haruka.Fufufu ... Wait For Me Natsuki ...Poor Shiho-chan.

For a moment i forgot everyone's name except for Shizuru, Natsuki, Mai and Mikoto lol. I was hm, who's tat mummified creature ... OH MIYU! LoL ... then next who's tat girl who headbutted my Shizuru-sama ... OH Haruka! Hahaha, then next who's tat eating mud? Oh Shiho lol. It's been a long time kids! Haha. Ok, ok, i forgot le. LoL, time to see screenshots! Oh got it, Midori was trying to get sleeping Miyu out, and Mikoto was sent by her Ani-ue to stop her. Mikoto failed, Miyu awoke and ran away. Then Midori's defeated, her child died, so MIP also faded away. Back to the exciting part! Haruka, Yukino and Shizuru square off! Natsuki comes along, Shizuru's shocked and asked if Natsuki had heard them and tried to touch Natsuki's cheeks. Natsuki remembering wat she dreamt and Yukino's words, backed off, screaming, 'No!'. Whoa, tat one yell Shizuru broke down completely. Her tears were streaming down but then she looked back at Yukino evilily, and i mean VERY EVILILY lol. She then waved her Naginata at Yukino. Brave [and Stupid lol] Haruka moves Shizuru's Naginata away and ask her to fight one to one or something around there i forgot i'm not sure. LoL.

Hahaha the best part! Shizuru sniggers and summoned her child. 'Kiyohime' WAHHHH SO DAMN COOL! [The cam zoom up to her lips, and 'Kiyohime' kayyyaahh!] Then Kiyohome, [A kinda three-headed snake show up from behind] So cool! Haruka's expression was so funny hahaha, she was like force laughing like , 'Ha-ha..-ha-ha, SO WAT?!' Hahaha. Yukino was like 'Shut up plz!' Natsuki can't sit there and see them fight right, so she tried to stop Shizuru but she's too insane uh i mean too preoccupied. So Natsuki tried to call for Dhuran but nothing happened. Leaving with no choice, Yukino called Diana to protect her MIP, Haruka. Diana attacked Shizuru but was turned into sushi instead. Diana was defeated in a matter of seconds and poof! Haruka's gone! But at least Haruka goes in style lol, she headbutted Shizuru first then threw her student council hand-band to Yukino. Manz, Shizuru looks so out of character here, she was like sniggering after Haruka went poof and said something like poor thing or wat not sure and walked off to kill more himes to protect her Natsuki.

Scene changes to Nagi hugging himself and say 'Scary~~~~' at Shizuru's actions lol! So cute hahaha. Every action of the himes were filmed on TV for Reito to see. Midori's in the hospital and Mai still thinks of the [jerky] Tate. Oh god, i forgot the nun's name, uh Yukariko? Yeah, Yukariko, i dun really like her. Bleh. So yes, Yukariko tries to kill her beloved Ishigami but failed la. Shiho tells [jerky] Tate to meet her in the park while Tate goes shopping and Tate agreed. While walking out of the hospital, Tate saw Natsuki being hurled in and went to visit her. Natsuki woke up and they tok some [useless] stuff abt Mai.

Then [jerky] Tate yelled and ran off. He's off to kill himself it seems. Sorry, i need to control myself. Jerky Tate forgot all abt Shiho and left her stranded in the rain. HE DESERVES TO DIE ASSHOLE! Relax. Ok, back to Mai, Mai goes to the church and Yukariko's child is waiting for her. Natsuki goes back to her appartment, but no, uh Nao is waiting for her. [LoL, i forgot Nao's name too!] And did a S&M game with her. LoL Nao really likes tying Natsuki up. Poor Shiho is still waiting. Mai's getting brainwashed [suckered actually] into her desired world. [Yukariko's child, Vrus's power is the ability to make people see illusions, so Mai is suckered into seeing the world Mai actually desires.] End.

WHOA, long summary there! I covered the whole ep! I think lol. Cos i had the whole ep screenshots with me hahaha. Ok i'm nuts. Ok i'm downloading [Why am i reporting wat i'm downloading everyday?! Dunno.] Hahaha Yeah, same as last night la, then i downloaded Ichigo 100% V15 manga scanlations! Yeah! I haven't read it yet. Manz, ok going to watch TRC Ep4 now, i watched Naruto Ep133 this afternoon. Manz they really slacked off the art lol. Sasuke looks so disgusting in some shots. LoL. I was juz downloading the scans from Shoujomagic from IRC but no! IRC keeps disconnecting and MSN keeps disconnecting too! Then i'm pissed. Cos when my MSN disconnects and IRC disconnects, my bittorent can't download and it slows my downloading process! So i closed IRC for now and wait for HTTP [Hopefully] to come out. Yeah nothing more, cos it keeps disconnecting i didn't do much downloading. Kaoz! Hate it! I read Zettai Kareshi #3 halfway yeah, i haven't even opened the plastic cover of my Love For venus #9 yet. LoL.

Whoa, i juz saw the 2 ending single for Magister Negi Magi's out! [Click! Save as target, open!] I'm still looking for Ichigo 100% TV OP and ED, lol i realized tat the ones i download are not the OP and ED from the TV series, i think it's from the OVA. LoL but i like them very much, so no worries lol. Argh, i'm trying to download the OP and ED of Ichigo 100% TV from a mandarin bittorrent web but download till 83.2% it stopped and no seeds around. God. I hope tomorrow can finish ba. Ha. Besides, it like OP+ED=7MB, so i dun think is the full version. I'll juz have to wait ba. Ok gotta go watch TRC! No space! Hahaha cya

[Signing off @ 11:45 PM]

PS: Stupid blogger gave me an error when i click publish post juz now. argh

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