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Friday, May 27, 2005

Ichigo 100% Ep5

[Posted @ 10:36 PM]
I'm dying of flu right here, right now, this moment. Hey this sounds familiar. I'm feeling so ... weird. Manz, i should had got to bath 3 days ago when i got caught in the rain instead of sleeping with air-con on. lol. I deserve it i guess.

Cute.Sexy~That's Nice.

Subs are coming out so fast that i'm scared that i wouldn't be able to catch up. Plus i'm freaking sick. Plus i'm in my third year and next week would be a very very very very very horrible and busy week. Dun ask me why. I'm too giddy.

Luckily for me i typed out Ichigo 100% Ep5 summary some years ... ok not years, maybe a week ago or something yeah. So dun assume i could type so much when i'm feeling so giddy and my nose falling.

Manaka and Tsukasa are in some playground talking about dreams and stuff then Tsukasa said that she's taking cooking lessons and she wanna be like Manaka and blah blah then Manaka had this motivation and ran off.

Then blah blah, going to some place to film their movie, some pointless fan service, [Especially the sensei pushing Aya to Satsuki that part then their boobs kinda swashed together, bleh what the hell?] [Wait a minute, is this in the manga too?! LoL, check. NOPE it’s not inside Ah, the manga starts with a funnier side, with the competition and stuff yeah, anime doesn't have] Ok back, Manaka and Aya were searching for an idea for their movie then Manaka suggested that they go to his room to watch movies for ideas. Aya agreed to go the next day and came in casual clothes. LoL Manaka’s mum was all excited about it. Ok, the weather's pretty hot and Aya's like sweating all over. [Hey, it's summer break~] In Manaka’s room, Aya took off her overcoat revealing what's inside, [Muahahaha] a singlet? LoL I’m not sure what the hell it's called but like a tank top with the straps on yeah. Pretty sexy. Ha.

They watched da movie and suddenly the phone rang and Aya spilled the drink. Satsuki's on da line and rushed over when she heard Aya's over lol. Then Aya saw Manaka's ehm hentai books and was sorry over it then Manaka was like arghh, and threw it away haha. [The scene is pretty rushed, didn't like displayed Manaka's thoughts much than in the manga] Oukusa was around and Tsukasa was searching for Manaka's house and Oukusa took her there. [This is different from the manga too, Tsukasa knew where's Manaka's house] After finishing the movie, Manaka and Aya chatted abit then Manaka's club teacher, Kurokawa-sensei was roaring drunk [She got dumped] and haha funny moments happened. Yeah fan service here and there. I dun wanna mention, juz see da screenshots k? Then Yui came over too with the hentai book he threw just now LOL. [She wasn’t there in the manga] Manaka went bonkers.

Ok finally they reached the filming place, a beach, changed into swimsuits. [Satsuki brought a lot of bikinis in the anime but not in the manga yeah fan service I assume] Then they filmed and had fun blah. Then the guys threw Manaka in the bath while the girls were having their bath. And yeah whacking happened. Oh here comes the famous scene lol, Satsuki seducing Manaka, confessed her love for him again then fainted due to a fever haha. [I can say Satsuki's seiyuu's pretty good, she brought up the cute voices Satsuki would make, brought out the 'Satsuki' as in the manga brilliantly~~, ok sue me, I like Satsuki so I’m biased yeah sue me! LoL]

Ok sorry for the weird 'alts' in the screenshots whatever u call tat. I'm in no condition to think straight nor properly now. I wanna throw my nose away. Manz, it juz won't stop sniffing and flowing. I even stuff this nose inhaler thingy in my nose. Yes i'm typing with THAT THING IN MY NOSE right now. I can't even smell the freaking Menthol inside. My nose is juz blocked.

I wonder if i can survive through tomorrow ... I wanna go to the bookfair! I wanna my TCZ stuff. Manz, my tears are flowing right now. I hate flus. I hate headaches. I hate fevers. I hate basically anything that makes me feel bad. Duh.

I forgot what i wanna next. Cya i wana go watch animes.

[Signing off @ 10:58 PM]

Oh i suddenly remembered. Oh, i think better not. Nothing important, juz tat i dun even have time to watch animes now. My 4 mangas still wrapped up nicely on my desk lol. I'm too sick to do so. Cya.

PS: Thy poor nose. AHHH KIKYOU!.

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