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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Naruto Ep129/130

[Posted @ 11:30 PM]
Ok short post tonight. Here's Naruto Ep129/130 screenshots.

Go.Away.Excuse Me Mdm, I'm Here To Sell ... *SLAM*Please Sell Me!
Not A Happy Couple.You Suck.Cool Shot Of Sasuke.

First of all, Naruto finally caught up with Sasuke yeah, and Sasuke past starts playing, abt his father, his brother, Itachi and beginning of Itachi's madness. Itachi's rebelling against his father ... kinda haha. Then got how Sasuke felt being compared to Itachi all the time and their father always hold Itachi in high regards and Sasuke as nothing or taken for granted until Itachi kinda 'rebelled'. Then we see their father noticing Sasuke for what he is worth. Yeah, tat's all i remembered.

As i said, it's going to be a short post, it's raining + thunder now so i might juz go off anytime ... anyways i went to my aunt's house to see her baby. The baby i mentioned last time, where i suggested we named her Andeline hahaha, my aunt didn't use it, instead she used another name i suggested again hahaha, J something i dunno how to spell le. Then her bro also start with J so double J ahaha. Her chinese name quite difficult to write sia, so many strokes. She's quite cute la. Heh.

Ok i'll watch Naruto Ep134 later, downloading Magister Negi Magi Ep17 and Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep17 now. Ok short post, cya i'm tired. Hahaha.

[Signing off @ 11:45 PM]

PS: Blogger is lagging sia, i type so fast and the words show up so slowly keh, why huh, it's so nutty. Argh bye

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