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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ichigo 100% OVA + Tsubasa Chronicle Ep2

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Hey, i made a great decision today lol. I'm going to drop blogging 4 titles. I've got nothing much to write abt those titles. So sorry if u like those titles. Haha.
Ok they are;
1. Gundam Seed Destiny [Ep23-Ep29]
2. Tsukuyomi Moon Phase [Ep15-Ep16]
3. Naruto [Ep131-Ep134]
4. Jinki : Extend [Ep12]
I know i blogged till Ep11 for Jinki but the ending's juz too typical la, dun need to know, it's a happy ending. Hahaha. I've still got the screenshots for all of them, if ya want i can send ya or wat. But i dun think so. Ha.

So to make up for it, here's double anime screenshots! Heh.

Opening.I'm Scared.Ok. It's Not What You Think.
Ya Peed In Ya Pants Right?Nice FireFlies Scene.Yay, We Finished Da Film.

Ok Ichigo 100% OVA is basically abt Ichigo 100% Manga, Volume 8 Chapter67-Chapter70 + The few front pages in Chapter71, go read urself [LOL], aiya, a slight difference in the fireflies scene, in the OVA, the other guys were scaring Manaka and Tsukasa to get the 'real' feeling in film but in the manga, no filming of tat scene. [A pity, it's nice] The OVA art's great, [Better than the anime series itself] Tsukasa looks better in the OVA. The anime series, hm not tat nice. Aya, Satsuki and Yui looks basically [QUITE] the same. Ok, out of pure goodness in my heart lol, i'll juz summarize da chapters la hahahaahaha. [Since i'm in a good writing mood]

First up, Manaka sitting da train to get to their boarding house and Aya went to pick him up then they got lost and it was raining pretty heavily and they seek refugee in a wooden hut. Due to da rain, they were wet so they stripped and warmed each other up. Morning came, Tsukasa found them if i remember correctly, i'm not so sure haha, i juz know someone found them. So later they start filming and stuff then they had this courage test game, Manaka paired up with Tsukasa and blah blah blah the other guys scaring them then with da fireflies scene then end.

It's Going To Cost Ya Body Kuro-rin~Off Ya Go.Uh. Not Yuri Nor Yaoi ... So It's ? LOL
Mokona Looks Fatter Here LOL.Syaoran With His Fire Kudan.Fire VS Water.

Ok, basically Tsubasa Chronicle is pretty slow paced. So everything goes slow and abit too draggy which i dun really like. Ok so the dimensional witch, Yuuko agreed to help them and said blah blah tat they have different paths but a common goal and they each have to sacrifice something in exchange for the dimension hopping fee. [LoL] Kuro-pin gave up his Katana, Fye gave up his 'Tatoo' on his back and Syaoran gave up the relationship he had with Sakura. [Pretty sad] So da fluffy Mokona brought them to this world where people got Kudans and later Fye found a Tsubasa on Syaoran's cloak and before Syaoran could give it to Sakura, it flew off and it showed Syaoran's fearless determination to get back Sakura's Tsubasa even if it means death. [Some people were having a gang fight there]

Then when Syaoran's in danger, his kudan came out and protected him. The leader of one of the gangs, Shougo was surprised tat Syaoran's high ranking [and powerful] kudan and wanna fight with him i think. Yeah end.

Yeah the reasons why i dropped those 4 titles are tat, i'm lazy lol to blog so many titles. Besides, school's reopening soon. ARGH, that's the cause of this VERY VERY VERY HEAVY feeling in my heart. A new class .. sigh. Yeah if school's starting soon, i dun think i'll be in the right mind and state to blog often. But i'll make a point to make sure i do. Heh.

Ok i'm downloading Loveless Ep5 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep30 ... finishing soon, both with 86% and 76% done. Ok i'm bored, juz 4 more days to school. ARGH. NOOOooOOoOo. Oh i read Mai Hime Manga Chapter36 scanlation juz now lol. The manga is really getting out of hand, what the hell? Universe's Three Greatest Beauties?! LoL YANG GUIFEI somemore hahahahahahaha ... lol i didn't know Yang Guifei went to Expressions lol, she looks pretty slim to me hahahaha. The other's Marie something, i dunno who's tat but haha anyways haha. Manz, really different from the anime, oh now i'm on the Chapter37. Whoa so now Takumi's dead not cos Akira lost but from his heart attack ha. Ok i'm still pissed from Natsuki kissing Tate LOL. [WHAT THE HELL R YA THINKIN NATSUKI?!??!?!?!?!?!] Mashiro becomes such a freaking cry baby unlike in the anime. Man, i'm hating everyone in the manga lol, except Shizuru of course.

Mai goes crying over Takumi's death, Tate [tried] to comfort Mai but sorry, ya're fired LOL. LOL LOL LOL GOD! LOL A scene from Magister Negi Magi!!!!! LoL, Akira came in suddenly from nowhere and wanna chop Takumi in little pieces but Takumi gave out this light that tore away Akira's clothing [LOL, Negi's sneeze blew away Chisame's bunny suit too] Ok Akira's mission is kill the Obsidian Lord ... and Obsidian Lord is Takumi ... Whoa nice twist. So incest anyone? LOL. I bet they're going to pair Mai with Takumi lol, they realized that Reito ain't cool enough, so they decided to kick in Takumi huh? Hahaha. Cool cool cool. So Mai's the last of the Universe's Three Greatest Beauties huh. LoL, personally i think Shizuru looks cuter lol. Forget it. I'm still laughing at the Negima crossover lol. Whoa i like the idea, Takumi VS Mai than Reito VS Mai. Heh.

Ok it's been a long post. Cya.

[Signing off @ 6:21 PM]

PS: it's been a long day.

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