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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle Ep1

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Midnight post ... why? I also dunno, cos i forgot abt it till now. LoL. I went to type Loveless Ep2 summary then it was 11pm then i jumped to the living room and watched Inuyasha and Shaman King. Before i knew it, i was midnight then i continued typing Loveless Ep2's summary and juz finished. Yep. New title again! Tsubasa Chronicle Ep1's screenshots!

Bitter Sweet.What Are Kids Thinking Nowadays.Touya Looks Hot Here.
Fye's Cute.Sakura's Tsubasa's Flying Away Any Moment.Please Save Sakura!

Ok, Tsubasa Chronicle Ep1 is kinda ok, the art's great, the music's great, the story's great and did i mention the music's great? I GOTTA DOWNLOAD THE OST! YAYAYAYAYAYA~ lol. In the first screenshot, we have the 'Oh-We-Are-Seperated-By-A-Thin-Glass-So-We-Can't-Touch-Each-Other', it's kinda bitter sweet lol, then Sakura's tsubasa starts spreading and she flew up like an angel with Syaoran yelling after her. [But there's no sound in this scene at all, it's pretty heart-wrenching, hey, it's CLAMP afterall] This scene is kinda like what the future will brings lor. Cos the next scene will be exactly different.

Then the scene changed to Syaoran returning from some excavation then Sakura suddenly jumped in to welcome him. Haha, cute and sweet moments happen between them. Then juz as Sakura wants to confess to Syaoran, the bell for Sakura to return home rang and spoilt the beautiful moment. [It was juz Touya with his sister complex again LoL kidding, Touya's juz jealous cos he knows that Syaoran is his sister's destined one] Then later, Sakura was watching the excavation ruins over her room and suddenly her tsubasa powers were activated. Syaoran was there to witness it all and just as Sakura's about to get sucked into something, [Actually someone's trying to kidnap Sakura and get her tsubasa powers] Syaoran grabbed Sakura and stopped the process. However, Sakura's tsubasa were scattered around the world and so are her memories. She will die if she don't get back her tsubasa[s].
Priest Yukito then sent Sakura and Syaoran to the dimensional witch, Yuuko who will help him. In there, 2 other people, Kurogane, a powerful samurai [Kuro-rin! Hahaha] and Fye, a powerful mage on the run [From his master i think]

When Syaoran and Sakura arrived there, Syaoran saw Yuuko and begged Yuuko to save Sakura. Then Ep1 ended. Whoa, i remembered most of the stuff from Ep1 LoL, cos i got the manga la lol. I dunno why i can remember better if i read the manga before. Bleh.

Ok, i watched alot of animes last night! I watched Ichigo 100% Ep3, Tsubasa Chronicle Ep3, School Rumble Ep20 and Naruto Ep132. Haha it was all great! So i'm still downloading Ichigo 100% Ep4 [Almost done], School Rumble Ep21, Gokujo Seitokai Ep1/2 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep28. Woo GSD's getting interesting lol.

Ok, i download 2 scanlations too, GANTZ CH197 and CH198 ... getting evil sia lol. Reika might die next Chapter ... So Tae's gonna be Kurono's love? Hahaha. I kinda like Reika ... she's nice.

Ok i downloaded a new OP too, Ichigo 100%'s OP, it's catchy and nice ... so it's the anime song of da day! CYA!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Ichigo 100% - Kimiiro 100% by Nana Mizuki, Hamaguchi Megumi, Sanae Kobayashi, Mamiko Noto

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PS: It's boring. cya lol

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