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Monday, May 9, 2005

Jinki : Extend Ep11

[Posted @ 10:36 PM]
Ok, i was juz moving my mattress, pillow and bolster over to my mum's room. Why? Cos it's so fucking hot! My room's aircon is not working and stupid weather is so hot, i wanna juz die. Hahaha, ok here's Jinki : Extend Ep11 screenshots.

Pervert Kiddo.Straight Kissu.Yuri Kissu.
Yuri Hugging.Yuri Bedding.LOL FLYING SQUIRREL!

Ok, let's see what happened in Ep11 ... oh yes, everything is revealed in this Ep, [Duh, it's like the second last ep, dun say now when are they gonna say?!] so we know tat the evil villian is called Kokushou, a [little] boy who fell in love with one of the lady doctors. Actually he's juz a perverted little kid who goes around hugging her to get near her breasts. Ok i made tat up to explain screenshot 1 lol. But tat's how i see it la. And one rainy and thundery day, little pervert kid bought back a bouquet of flowers to give to the doctor. Ok her name's Akana! Hahaha, then yeah he saw Akana breaking down, saying she dun wanna lie anymore or something like tat i forgot. Then asked Genta to hug + kiss her. Little pervert kid got mad. Little pervert kid angst. Little pervert kid raped a girl, [Think she's Shizuka] who went to console him. Later little pervert kid is not satisfied, little pervert kid tries to kill Genta. Little pervert kid failed and killed Akana instead.

Ok, Genta is Ryouhei's father, so naturally Akana's Ryouhei's mum. So after killing Akana, little pervert kid is not happy, little pervert kid goes bonkers, tries to make a clone of Akana. In this case, we now know Akao is a clone of Akana. Since little pervert kid raped a girl, which i strongly thinks and confirms is Shizuka who is Aoba's mum, Aoba is considered half sister of Akao, also known as the other half of the devil. Confused? Yeah. Kinda, but it's ok for me. Hahaha. Oh yes, Shiba's a clone too, so when Akao killed Shiba, Shiba's soul goes back to Akao and Akao was reawaken as a fully halfed devil and goes around destorying the city. Anyways Aoba returned from somewhere i forgot, cos she wanna reunite with the other half of the devil and save the world blah blah. In this ep, the hugging between Rui and Aoba is nothing but fan service, it's juz displaying their friendship. Bleh. Whoa, this ep's summary sure is long. LoL.

Ok, i had quite a trip today, since u witnessed me typing here, u are reassured that i came back home SAFELY lol. It's not my spirit typing here, yes i'm sure. LoL. Ok, i reached the MRT station at around 3.15pm lol, sat 64, 5-6 stops, saw Miramah Hotel, turn left, saw SPC Petrol Station, look straight and i saw Gallery Hotel up in front. So i crossed the road, walked up, go down the stairs, walked straight to the service counter, asked where the hell do i collect my teddy, given instructions to turn left and open the door after the escalator and walk straight out, so turn left and open the door after the escalator and walk straight out and saw the Mercy Xchange counter. So i walked in, said my hallos and told the lady there tat i'm here to collect my teddy. She asked if i made any reservations and i said yes. She asked for my name. [My Name] lol, then she went through a list of names then i told her my teddy number, [NUMBER 40! Since i collected it already so i dun have to worry anyone going to steal my bear lol.] She said, ok, saw my name, asked me if i'm paying by cash, i replied yes and gave da S$23 to her, cashed in, placed the teddy in a nice paper bag, cancelled my name in the list, gave me the receipt, said our byes and thanks and off i go. Feeling damn glad. LOL. I'm still staring at the teddy's tag's signature lol.

Whoa, tat's a detailed description of my journey. But tat's not all folks! Hahaha, the route to my way home is not tat simple! I realized i know how to go, but i dunno how to go home! LoL. I dun wanna waste money by flaggin for a taxi so i see the bus routes stuff and sat 186 to Shenton Way. Luckily my attachment was there, and 186 goes by my worksite hahaha, it's weird to see tat HMC Building again. Heh. So yeah i go to Shenton Way, HMC Building, bus stop and sat 167, alight somewhere near my home after an hour [My butt really hurt after long time no sit bus for such long periods lol], nope i didn't go home, i sat 171 to Northpoint, Comic Connection, bought Slam Dunk #24, Zettai Kareshi #3 and last but not least Love For Venus #9!!! YEAH! I'm so happy lol. I bought Energizer MAX Dozen AAA batteries too + newspaper. So i sat 169, alight at my stop and went on home. End of trip.

So i wasted 3-4hrs on my trip today lol. But it was fun. Yeah right. So i juz read Slam Dunk #24 halfway wooo, it's interesting, Rukawa's got a swollen left eye but he's still playing. Sakuragi finally made his first shot after a hellish training! [and it went in] Hahaha. Yeah tat's abt all. I'm kinda tired. Oh i need to watch Ichigo 100% Ep4 and Magister Negi Magi Ep15 later. Lappy no space lol. Stupid downloads so slow nowadays kaoz. I'm still downloading the same old 5 titles, TRC, MSN, Gokujou, Ichigo 100% and Girls Bravo. I dun think i have any manga scanlations to download today. I'm tired to open up my IRC if it's an IRC release. Argh, juz download tomorrow ba haha. Yeah, i'm right, a Kayono [smut!] release on IRC [They always release on IRC de] from Shoujomagic. None i like from Animewaves. None from Lillicious. No news from Otenba. Oh Otenba's scanlating Kannazuki no Miko Manga, latest's chapter 2. But i already read [uh yeah lol] the raws till vol2 chapter7 ... it's been 5 months from the raws and no news. ARGH! WHY?! Then i saw some KnM Doujinshi scans from Kaishaku [Same author from the offical KnM manga] I dunno if it's scans from a doujinshi or from the actual vol2 chapter 8 onwards scans. Sigh, i hope for more news plz!

No news of GANTZ. HEY! I juz saw a Haruka X Michiru doujinshi! LoL. Juz released yesterday. Uh, IRC release again, download tomorrow ba. Ok check Tokyo Toshoukan, refresh, same, no new stuff. Checks mandarin online scanlations webby ... no new chapters of MSN out although raw's out. Hm. Argh i still can't view Chapter 83 and Chapter 84! LoL. Forget it. Uh, i think it's too long a post. So cya, i go watch Ichigo 100% Ep4 and Magister Negi Magi Ep15 le. cyaaaa

Anime Song of Da Day:
Madlax - Madlax by Yuki Kajiura

[Signing off @ 11:40 PM]

PS: Jinki : Extend's ending at Ep12. But in Ep12, there is this, 'To Be Extended' instead of the usual 'The End' lol, so i presume got part 2 la, but i doubt i'll take it up again, cos it's kinda hm boring till the last few bits when everything was revealed lol.

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