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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny Ep22 + My Precious Nose

[Posted @ 9:16 PM]
Firstly... i'm having a freaking bad flu right now. I can't type without having to sneeze for 10 seconds. Manz, life sucks when u have a freaking flu. Ahhh my nose. My nose is so sensitive. I dunno wat i smelt juz now. Manz. Ok, here's tonight's screenshots, Gundam Seed *Ah Choo* Destiny Ep22.

Stellar's Brainwashed.Just Call Me Heine.LOL This Is FUNNY.
Miriallia's Back.Freedom's Back.Kira's Back Too.

Manz, i'm holding my nose while typing with one hand .. or rather a finger ... aw man, i hate flu! My precious nose, now i'm sitting sideways, avoiding direct contact with my fan ... manz. Nose nose nose nose ...
Oh, Gundam Seed Destiny Ep22? Stellar was brainwashed and she forgot all about Shinn. [THANK GOD!] Freedom and Kira's back to kick some ass. That's all i could remember yeah. Heine's a great guy, i kinda liked him. Well ... yeah.

Manz, i'm actually 'crying' ... my nose, argh. My nose! ... Every sneeze i made, my tears juz flowed down. Manz, i'm so pathetic when it comes to my nose. I can stand hottness, coldness but not noseness. Argh. Ok enough with my little nose, i'm reading Mai Hime Manga online ... Chapter 35 : Mother and Daughter. Apparently, Natsuki's mum is still alive in the manga but dead in the anime. [What the? I hear you say, yes me too.] AND Natsuki X Shizuru fans, do not EVER read Chapter 34, cos you will surely puke BLOOD. Well, if you want to know, APPARENTLY, in Chapter 34, Natsuki confessed and ACTUALLY kissed, yes i mean kissed, Tate. God. I was horrified. Terrified. And THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS! Hey wait a moment, my nose's gettin better now that i'm worked up LoL. Yeah ok after kissing Tate, Natsuki has this new found powers and Dhuran evolved into 'Whatever-Max-Heart Dhuran' God. I was screaming like hell. Dhuran is wearing this 'Heart-Heart' banner. God. I never had such a shock in my life.

Well, it's ok, at least the Tate in the manga's better than the Tate in the anime. LoL. Tate in the manga's well more brave in a sense. God, i sneezed again. God, now Dhuran's glowing gold. God. God. God. I can't stand any shock anymore. My nose. ... Moi Shizuru's cased aside. God. My nose. Aw, mother saves daughter from harm. What the hell? Seal on Princess Star? ... God, the manga's getting stupid. I'm sick. But i must admit, the art looks rather nice. cough.

I'm downloading a new title tonight! Woo, it's called Gokujo Seitokai, the art looks rather nice yeah haha, heard it was funny too, i need more funny animes to make me laugh. Gakuen Alice alone is not enough. ARGH MY NOSE IS KILLING ME!

Oh i changed my desktop wallpaper. Here's a picture of it.

My WallPaper

Yeah, manga ver of Chikane and Himeko from Kannazuki no Miko. The art's quite nice. But the story in the manga is more dumber than the anime's. LoL who cares, as long as my Chikane acts all cool, gets Himeko and Souma gets to play the fool/loser. LoL.

Ok, my nose's getting better now. Yes. That's more like it. I watched Gakuen Alice Ep7 last night to calm myself down. I watched Naruto Ep131 and Gundam Seed Destiny Ep27 this afternoon so that my laptop will have enough space. LoL. Ok i'm bored and i wanna watch some animes so cya. I need to watch Ichigo 100% Ep3, Tsubasa Chronicle Ep3 and Loveless Ep2/3 lol. cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Last Exile - Rays of Hope by Hitomi Kurioshi

[Signing off @ 10:02 PM]

PS: Nothing much to say, i'm still sniffing now and then, but it's better now, manz i hate flu. My poor little nosey. cya

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