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Friday, May 6, 2005

School Rumble Ep18

[Posted @ 10:41 PM]
LoL, my words are decreasing at a rapid speed. I'm lazy la. LoL. Ah, i know i know. Ok, here's School Rumble Ep18 screenshots!

Here's The Chibi Dog You Purchased.God, I'm Flying.Duwa!
LOL POWER RANGERS!Kidnapping.Go Go Power Rangers!

LoL, School Rumble's another anime series tat always crack me up, it's really funny lor. Hahaha especially with the 'Power-Rangers-Lookalike' in this ep hahaha... so darn funny. And we witnessed the strength of Ichijou. A date with Imadori ... haha he's so wacky.

Ah, i'm so bored, i'm downloading Magister Negi Magi Ep16 now. Yep. And i juz downloaded a scanlation, Heavens Prison V1 CH7, i still dunno wat the hell the story's abt but, CH7 shocked me lol, i was like wah the hell? Shouta-con?! LoL meaning like an older woman loving a much much younger boy. Like a 25yr old loving a 10yr old boy. God lol when i saw the teacher kissing the kid. I was like 'WOAH, HOLD ON A MOMENT!' i stopped clicking and went to get a drink b4 i read on. So it's a master and slave relationship. Argh, a vampire.. i dunno la. lol. Oh, i got a new handphone, it's a Samsung E810, argh i juz realized i have to live with the Singtel logo there lol destroying my beautiful wallpaper. Uh, well yeah, it's cool with the colours and stuff. But, lol i dunno, not used to it. Bleh. Can take photos, video, play java games ... yeah. Hahaha. My number is still the same, dun worry, i changed the cardy.

Oh yeah, i played this 'Koko & The Wonders of the World' game when we buy tat cereal lol haha, so fun hahaa. Here's a screenshot of it when i won!


Yeah, tat's abt all, i need to rush watch Inuyasha! CYA!

[Signing off @ 10:57 PM]

PS: Same, rushing to watch Inuyasha cya. lol

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