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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Loveless Ep3

[Posted @ 10:04 PM]
Woo, yaoi fans! Here comes Loveless Ep3 screenshots!~ LoL, gotta download Ep3~ Cos there's a great ear piercing scene hahaha.

Ya Short!~Swoon~ Soubi.I Wanna Go Yuiko's Home Too.
I'll Train Your Tongue.Ear Piercing Scene!Cheesy.

Ritsuka is in the doctor's room again, the doctor asked if anything happened to Ritsuka recently and Ritsuka was reminded of Soubi and the battle and why Soubi wasn't there to visit him for the past week.

Yuiko's admirer, [LoL, he's funny] Yayoi saw Ritsuka and Yuiko being really close, ran in front and yelled at Ritsuka for being short. Ritsuka retorted that Yayoi's short as well. [LoL] Then flashback of Yuiko rejecting Yayoi cos he's short. [LoL, very funny]

Soubi was outside the school waiting for Ritsuka again, then the teacher told Ritsuka that tomorrow is 'Bring your parents' day. Ritsuka meets Soubi, Soubi kept teasing him [Haha] and gave Ritsuka a handphone. When Yuiko said that it's impressive to go out with a University student, Ritsuka shrugged it off and surprisingly, Soubi too. Soubi said that they're not going out and they're master and servant.

Yuiko invited both to go to her house and Soubi whipped up spaghetti for both of them. [Yum] Before eating, Soubi told Ritsuka to eat slowly to train his tongue. Ritsuka was like huh, why do he need to train his tongue. Soubi said it's for battle purposes. Soubi then moved closer to Ritsuka [See screenshot 4] and told him that because sometimes they need to use their tongue, bite it and ... [Get the idea? Haha] Ritsuka was like, huh bite?! It's disgusting and stuff but Soubi said that it might feel good ... [If you still don’t get it ... you’re hopeless]

Soubi’s back in his university, arts club, with his friend, Kio. Kio was like asking who’s the little boy with Soubi in the photo. When Soubi told him he's Aoyagi Ritsuka, Kio was like is Ritsuka related to Seimei and asked if Ritsuka is Seimei’s child. [Hahaha] Then Soubi be was like don't be ridiculous and said that Seimei still had his ears and Ritsuka's Seimei's brother. [Ah ah, now I know, I think if a guy/girl loses his/her virginity, he/she loses the ears ba LoL, sounds weird]

Soubi came to Ritsuka's room again and asked him to pierce his ears. Ritsuka was like huh, it's painful and stuff but agreed anyways. [Manz, the piercing scene is soooooo lol, like misleading hahaha, 'Yes, right there.' 'Here?' 'Do it.' 'Haa.' 'Does it hurt?' 'Haa.' 'Haa.' 'How is it?' 'I'm fine, keep going ...' 'Here I go.' 'Haa.' 'Does it hurt?' 'It feels a little numb.' Hahaha 'Haa' is Ritsuka’s breathing, he’s pretty nervous. Not what ya think lol.]

Soubi volunteered to go for tomorrow's 'Bring your parents' day but Ritsuka ordered him not to come. Next day, Ritsuka didn't ask his parents to come too. Soubi came anyways, not to go for the 'Bring your parents' thingy but to meet him so he's not disobeying Ritsuka. Soubi added that Ritsuka also didn’t order for him not to fall in love with Ritsuka. [Wooo] Then they went off to make more memories. [Take pictures la. LoL]

Ok, i'm really bored. LoL. Right now i'm downloading Ichigo 100% Ep6, Loveless Ep5 and Loveless Ep6. So i'm going to watch both Loveless Ep4 and Ichigo 100% Ep5 tonight. Yeah then type out Loveless Ep4's summary. Yeah nothing much. Manga scanlations are slowing down recently so i dun have much manga scanlations to read. Sigh. That might explain this heavy heavy heavy feeling i'm having. [No, it's not PMS, it's over already] Argh, i dunno la. No songs to dl ... need to wait sia. Sigh sigh sigh.

Ok 10mins more. Cya.

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PS: Nothing much bye. sigh.

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