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Friday, May 13, 2005

Ichigo 100% Ep2

[Posted @ 9:58 PM]
Ok, i'm playing Kannazuki no Miko Ep2 now haha, it's like my background music. I dunno why, i like to keep playing Kannazuki no Miko Eps ... while typing. It's not the first right? Haha, here's Ichigo 100% Ep2 screenshots~

BURNING! LoL.Iyaa, Can You Handle Two At Once?!Blood Blood Blood.
Nice Shot Of Aya.Hitting Two At Once Again?!Fine, I'll Help You Buy A Box Of Pocky.

First of all, let me explain why screenshot 1 looks so strange. LoL, cos i accidentally deleted the screenshot once again [It's also not the first time] and i had some smaller pic of it somewhere so ... i juz cut and paste the sides onto it hahahahaa, sorry la ... Ok, basically Ep2 is juz abt Manaka being happy to study with Aya then juz then Tsukasa knows that Manaka is studying with Aya, the top student and wanted them to study together as well. Well, alot of stuff happened. [Mostly to Manaka's advantage, see screenshot 2] Yeah, so later Manaka's friends, Ookusa and Kojima joined in the study gathering and Kojima's [Screenshot 3] love interest changed to Aya haha, after being rejected by Tsukasa. Later Manaka was like telling Aya that it would be great that they go to the same high school [Izumisaka seems to be the only high school to have a film club] and they can create movies together and stuff.
Then Aya also applied to go to the same high school, Izumisaka when she actually at first wanna go Oumi Girls School. [It's a high ranking school] Yeah at the Izumisaka high school entrance exams day, Manaka saw the without spects Aya [Kawaii! Very different from the spects Aya] and was distracted thinking useless stuff blah blah like why she chose to take take Izumisaka high school entrance exams when she say she wana go Oumi blah blah. Later, while toking to Manaka, Aya, couldn't take the pressure of wearing contact lenses in her eyes, ran out crying. Manaka thought it's because of him, which is BLEH! LoL. Ah, Tsukasa saw it too and got jealous i supposed. I dunno, i forgot le. Hahaha.

It's great i remembered this much le. Heh. Ok, what did i do today? Basically nothing lol. If not i forgot le argh, haha Oh, i'm downloading Naruto Ep134 and Gokujou Seitokai Ep4~ Woot! I still haven't download Heaven's Prison V1 C8 yet, i can't seem to connect in rizon but other irctoo and irchighway can le lol. So i didn't go dl, so i wait for BT to come out. Lalalala, oh i forgot to say something last night lol. I was watching this show on channel5, called 'Within the rock' i think, i hope i dun get the title wrong hahaa. So damn funny, cos we see at the last few parts and dunno the front parts and stuff. When i watched the show, there were like this 2 guys and 1 girl going around in space suits, so i expect they're in space doing some stuff.

Then later 2 guys were outside like a cave place, trying to start a car and suddenly a browny monster came and growled and stuff, threw one of the guys off the car and went 'Arghhh~~~' and stuff like wat monsters do haha. The monster's ugly, all i could say. [Duh, it's like all monsters' ugly!] Ah then they ran off and stuff. Later they are making this drilling stuff to drill the monster ... i was like poor monster. Then there was this sudden shot of this red planet and i think of Mars. Then i was like tat monster must be a Martian ... then stupid people go up there and kill Martians for fun? Hahaha, then i was like the Martian so poor thing do nothing but stay in Mars then people juz go up there and drill a hole into it hahaha. The way the Martian die also so funny hahaha, the drill went through it and that's not it folks!

The drill went through and blood splat out like someone throwing tomatoes at your faces and splat out against their space suit glasses. Hahaha so funny. It's not juz a few splats of blood but alotttt hahah splat splat here and there, i was like whoa, poor Martian lol. Aiya later we know it's not a Martian la, it's a planet call wat Gallieo's child or watz then it's going to crash earth in its Orbit and stuff then they placed bombs in the planet to change its course so that won't crash the earth. But i can't help but feel sorry for the poor 'Martian' hahaha, innocent party. Kill me and boom my planet, if boom my planet to change course ok le mah, still need to kill meh hahaha. Aiya, but it's funny the way it splat its blood around lol.

Oh yeah, the 'background music' juz finished, it's like KnM Ep3 le, Ep4 starting soon!~ LoL, poor Chikane-chan, at first can't save Himeko from da Oorochis. KnM Ep4~ wooo~, ok i've got to watch Ichigo 100% Ep5, Gundam Seed Destiny Ep29 and Gokujou Seitokai Ep3 tonight! Oh yeah, forgot to say, i'm in the study room, ahaha living room's too fucking hot, i wana air-con! Study room got air-con muahahaha, and my two bros were playing Hidden and Dangerous ... gun shots everywhere and 'Arghhhhh', means death hahaha. So funny. Ok cya it's 10mins in advance. Hahaha cya

[Signing off @ 10:50 PM]

PS: 8mins to go prepare, inuyasha~ here i come~ KnM Ep4 playing now, manz it's so sad to see Chikane looking on at Souma's advances at Himeko. Sigh. But that's why so cool abt her, she can you know control herself ... sigh.

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