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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle Ep3 + Magister Negi Magi Ep14

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Ok because so little stuff happened in Tsubasa Chronicle Ep3 that i had to throw in Magister Negi Magi Ep14 to add up the spice. Ok i admit, i'm bored, i juz wanna type more animes stuff LOL. First up Tsubasa Chronicle Ep3 screenshots~

Sakura's Still Asleep.Syaoran's Back Looks Sexy. LOLI'm Going To Miss Ya Kuro-Rin~
FOOD!~Kuro-Rin Got His Sword. Cool.Sakura Awakes.

Yes, trust me, the anime is very slow paced. I'm getting bored after watching Ep4 even though the OST and art is cool. I'm getting a little impatient. Hey CLAMP time dun go THAT slow in the manga!!!! Ok so what happened in Ep3? We have X crossovers, Sorata and Arashi from X/1999. Arashi looks so weird. Manz. My fave female character from X ... destroyed in seconds. Ok yeah, they gave Syaoran and company a place to stay in and Sakura to rest in. Then we had a flashback on Kuro-rin, how Tomoyo-hime [Yes, Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura] banished him from his homeland, cos he's too 'heartless' haha. Then later we had this cool scene on how Kuro-rin got his kudan. [See screenshot 5] That's all i could remember ... lol i'm lazy to take out my TRC mangas ... it's over in the studyroom, i have Negima #2-#5 with me here + Zettai Kareshi #3 and a few others. Heh. Yeah then Sakura finally awakes. Well, it's about time.

On to Magister Negi Magi Ep14~

LOL Why Is The First Screenshot Always Shouta-con? LOLObey! Or Else!LoL, This Wasn't In The Manga.
The Universe Three Greatest Beauties?! LOLLoL Fivesome?Giving Me A Clock?!

Yeah~ A great Magister Negi Magi ep~ Love the humour inside heh. Art ... ok skip that. Haha. Man, they actually cut quite alot of the 'Konoka Special' sigh, well in the anime, we had Konoka coming back to the dorm wearing a Kimono, then Negi was making some magic potions or what i'm not sure then Konoka drank them and became drunk so she was like 'seducing', lol i won't say seduce la, juz playing around with Negi, saying he's cute and stuff and broke quite a few stuff, including Asuna's clock. [Later it'll all make sense why i said Asuna's clock]

So yeah, Negi and Konoka had a date somewhere i forgot, as seen in the manga and the three cheerleaders, Misa, Madoka and Sakurako saw them, followed them. LoL, it's funny how Ayaka reacted when she saw the MMS they sent Asuna. [See screenshot 2] Yeah so under Ayaka-incho's orders [Death threat] lol, they followed Negi and Konoka ... dressed up as high school kids and interrupt them. [See screenshot 3 LoL, that wasn't inside the manga, Madoka didn't suffer that humiliation lol Poor Madoka] The anime added in the cafe thing too, [See screenshot 4, that wasn't in the manga too, it's funny though] The manga's pretty simple but funny.

Later Ayaka and Asuna met the cheerleaders and saw Negi sleeping on Konoka's lap. Ayaka of course went nutty haha. But the cheerleaders managed to hold her down but when [From a far view] Konoka bended down, seems like going to kiss Negi, Ayaka lost control, ran up and confronted them. The reason why they were out was to buy a new clock for Asuna. However in the manga, it's because Negi and Konoka wanted to buy a birthday present for Asuna. But both were touching anyways. Wasn't that bad. Yeah. I like the way they added more funny stuff on how the cheerleaders followed Negi and Konoka aha, i can still forgive the bad graphics. Ah, Ken Akamatsu's one of my fave mangaka afterall lol.

Ok, i logged in MEL, to see who my classmates are lol. It's been at least 1 and a half months since i logged in MEL. LoL, same class as in guy in my class but i hardly ever talk to him. God. Well, it's never late to make friends again. I guess ha. ha. ha. ok cya i'm bored, i'm chattin with LC over MSN and i wanna watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep4 cos Ep5's out last night and downloading it. CyA

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PS: Buh-bye.

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