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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep1

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Whoa must hurry, it's a new title tonight! Gokujou Seitokai Ep1 screenshots coming right up!

:3I'll Get Two Girlfriends For You Right Away!Adopt Me! :3
LOL I Love Kaori's Expressions.3.3 Megane Megane~Pucchan: 'BURNING!!!!' LOL

Ok, i was distracted for a moment there, but now i'm back! Yes first of all, Miyagami Gakuen has a student council who has alot of power [And i mean ALOT], and they are known as Gokujou Seitokai! First up, the Gokujou Seitokai's President, Jinguji Kanade. Vice-President of the Assault side, Kinjou Nanaho. Vice-President of the Informations side, Ginga Kuon. In the Assault side, we have Hida Sayuri, the Kendo girl. Tsunomoto Rein, the loves-gambling girl. Izumi Kaori, the 'funny' one lol. In the Informations side, we have Katsura Seina, the ever-smiling girl. Kutsugi Kotoha is supposed to be secret but i got her name from animenewsnetwork.com anyways LOL. But yeah she is supposed to be secret agent. So most of the time we see Kuon and Seina. Besides that, we have the Driver, Manabe Cindy. Ichikawa Mayura, the accountant. Randou Rino, the secretary. Last but not least, the main character of the whole show, the puppet, PUCCHAN! LOL.

So after introducing to ya the characters, let's go on to Ep1! Randou Rina is a transferred student who came to Miyagami Gakuen on the recommendation of a person called Mr. Poppiet [I forgot the spelling but around there la] LOL. LAME NAME HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA ok, ehem, forgive me. Yeah she has this weird puppet, called Pucchan from the start of ep1 le. Yeah when she arrived here, she found that her apartment in which she's supposed to stay got burnt down. So she decided to go to Miyagami Gakuen to look for some place to stay. She slept in front of the school gate instead haha. Cos of some ... ehem problems which i forgot lol. Ahhh, the Assault team was trying to catch this person who had been burning houses recently la, then one of the Assault team member, Kaori and Rino kinda kaput together i think and Rino blacked out. I think argh. LoL. Yeah so later, Kaori and Rino became swore enemies, well to Kaori only la. Hahaha cos they are in the same class and Rino was appointed as the class rep instead of Kaori. On top of that, Rino was given the position as the Gokujou Seitokai's secretary. [That explains screenshot4] Sayuri's the one on screenshot5 haha, she's useless with out spects ... which Rino accidentally stepped on. But later, Pucchan saved the day! LoL, he used 'BURNING!' to knocked off the person who was burning the houses. Hahaha. So damn funny, Rino's =O expression hahahaha. Yeah all ends well when Rino awoke to find herself lying on the lap of the student president, Kanade-sama~~ Hahaha..

Actually i dunno why i laughing so much when i watch ep1 lol, cos of Pucchan ba aha, the way he toks and stuff. LoL, so funny. I like humour with straight faces. Like they are telling a joke but they give straight faces hahaa. Really more funny that way. Cos you dunno if they're joking or not hahaha. I like. Another anime title to keep me happy muahahaha. Hey why are the funny titles regarded to Gakuen? LoL Gakuen Alice, School Rumble [Life in a Gakuen], Magister Negi Magi [Also life in a Gakuen] I guess school life sure is fun huh. Poly life sucks. Haha.

I juz read Gekka no Kimi V3 C9 juz now! WOOOOO LOL, Shuu and Hazuki finally. did. it. Hahaa [You shld know wat i mean right? If not, forget it] Hahaha, i mean that couple sure is sweet ahhh, the way the story twist and turn, damn good! Especially when it relates to the Tale of Genji. So ... heart-wrenching, so right, soooo cool! Lol, i like scandals! SCAANNNNDAAALLLS~ Hahaha ok i'm nuts now. Very nuts. 5mins more... ok wat do i need to type what do i need to type ok ok, ok eh yes, uh ... yes i watched Loveless Ep3 juz now and typed up the summary already. Going to watch Ichigo 100% Ep5 later. Lappy ... must hit 2GB! Currently, still downloading GSD Ep29 and MSN Ep16 ... argh why Ep16 so slow. Ok wat else, yes going to dl Heaven's Prison V1 C8 from Animewaves later woo~ Nice art. Actually soso la. and and, yeah nothing more. Cya then!~ Inuyasha time!!

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PS: Stupid lagging me to type, must watch inuyasha now cyaaaaa stupid!!!

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