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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep14

[Posted 11:06 PM]
I was juz searching how the hell to get to Gallery Hotel to get my bear lol. Yeah and i think i roughly know the way ba, if not i can always count on the friendly policemen to help me lol.
[Dials 999, 'Hallo, HELP ME I'M LOST!' LoL]
Here's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep14 screenshots~

Two Hazukis?!Yuri Yuri Yuri!Luna.
Luna.Hazuki.I Lost This Screenshot. Sorry.

I dun really remembered much abt Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep14 ... ok from the screenshots, firstly, Hazuki locked her feelings up and becomes Luna the next moment. It's pretty easy to know who is Hazuki and Luna, well Hazuki BITES lol and orders people around. Luna don't. Kinda like split personality lor. Yeah. Then Elfride-san sucked Hazuki's blood and got the day walker ability from Hazuki for a moment. Hazuki is not a normal day walker, but a PERFECT Day Walker lol, [Yes i laughed out loud] Yeah the Kouhei brought Hazuki around, eat ice-cream and stuff. Then Hazuki asked Kouhei why did he treat her so good. Then Kouhei [The Block-Head] said it was out of obligation. Hazuki of course got mad and ran off. I think tat's abt all. Oh yes, sorry abt screenshot 6, i lost the screenshot. Yeah i think it's no big deal. Hey i remembered quite a lot.

Ok, yeah i wrote steps to go and drew up the map, lol i'm really stupid with locations and places. Really. I mean really. LoL. I can walk all day and not find the place i wanna go. Sigh. Last week, i went to Ngee Ann City with Ms T.T to find LC mahz right, then LC's working in Watsons', then i was like, 'Ok ........... So where's Watsons'?' lol The only place i know is probably Kinokuniya. LOL. Wait a moment, i juz realized i didn't check wat time the hotel's opening and closing time lol. God, if i go there and ... i dun wanna even think abt it.

Speaking of Ms T.T and LC, It's MOTHERS' DAY TODAY [TONIGHT] YAY. Yeah i gave my mum da present. She said thank you. Yeah.

Oh, i forgot to mention i received my copy of M.A.G.E 2 days ago lol. Chrno Crusade's Chrno's da cover dude. Yeah it's not bad, then there is this write up on Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, an anime i download a long time ago, watched half way and deleted in a huff. Maybe it's not my cup of tea but the story sucks. SUCKS big time. It's juz my personal opinion k? I dun dig all kinds of animes ok? This is the first anime i hated, let's say i loathed. Juz suprised that this title will pop up in my life when i was juz discussin over in Chuangyi forum how i felt abt this anime. LoL. Whoa, i even listed it in my 'Do Not Watch Animes List' hahaha, it's the first on my list, second is place is Neon Genesis Evangelion Death & Rebirth + Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion Movie. Wat can i say? DEPRESSING and SAD lol. The anime series is wacky enough and no, here comes the rebirth, death and end of eva. God. The art's ok but the story is ... too wacky for my liking.

I'm a naturally so-so ok-ok kinda person, i'm pretty open minded cos i enjoy all sorts of relationships in an anime, shoujo-ai [yuri], shounen-ai [yaoi], straight [no hentai plz] and incest [twincest]. Ok, incest, i'm STILL a little upset over some relationships lol. But hey, love is blind. Yeah watever. LoL. BUT in Kimiga Nozomu Eien, i can't take it when the guy, BAKAyuki lol goes around sleeping with his GF's best friend and his GF is in coma cos BAKAyuki was late for his date! [Ok, so wat if u are picking a present for her, u know wat is a day earlier?] So what if your GF's best friend encouraged you when you were depressed. So? Doesn't mean you have to SLEEP with her to get out of depression right? I watched till Ep3 then i couldn't stand it any fucking more. So i juz scrolled along the rest of the Eps before i deleted the whole series. All i can say, poor Haruka [The supposed GF] and poor Mitsuki [I'm sorry you fell for this kinda guy] Ok end of story b4 i get really mad.

Ok, stupid Gallery Hotel website, it's in flash and i can't get in and i dunno why, so how am i going to know when you open. Argh. I'm very kiasi you know lol. I juz dun wanna waste my trip. MY TIME is very precious ... juz 2 more weeks b4 i'm chained back to NP again. Argh 14 days aint enough!!! NOOOoooOOoooOOooooOooo. God, to the hell with it, i'll juz go there at 2pm lol. Dun open to the hell with you. [which i doubt so]Hmm, i'm in a pretty good writing mood tonight.

Oh, i watched 'The Apprentice' juz now at 10pm. So it's left with Kevin, Sandy, Jen and Kelly. As expected, Kelly went into the final 2. I was hoping for Kevin or Sandy but not Jen. And god, Jen went in. LoL. Yeah so it's fun to see Sandy and Jen argue who is better haha. Reminds me of the time where Andy was sandwiched between those two ladies in heat lol. Hahaha, Sandy lost to Jen cos Jen kept like shooting questions at Sandy and Sandy made attempts to answer them. But, i think Jen's losing hahaha, Kelly's a great leader. I trust him.

Ok, i watched Gokujou Seitokai Ep1/2 this afternoon and screenshot them along with Gundam Seed Destiny Ep28 ... it's such a TOUCHING Ep, lol it had be 28 eps for me to cry. Manz, Captain Todaka, i SALUTE you! As for Gokujou Seitokai, it's funny lol Puuc-chan~ I'm going to watch Ichigo 100% Ep4 later. I'm downloading Ichigo 100% Ep5 and TRC Ep5 along with Gokujou Ep3 and Negima Ep16 ... and later Ep17 after Ep16 is almost done. I dun wanna watch Ep17 when i haven't even downloaded Ep16 lol. Yeah that's abt all. It's a long post. To make up lol. So cya.
Oh, it's been a long time since we had Anime Song of Da Day.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Fushigi Yuugi - Tokimeki No Doukasen by ??

[Signing off @ 11:49 PM]

PS: I'm feeling kinda ... lost. LoL porbably my feeling for tomorrow's trip .. and i'm going to buy mangas after i collect moi bear.

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