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Monday, May 2, 2005

Loveless Ep1 + I'm Cranky

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A new title once again muahahaha. Here's Loveless Ep1 screenshots! Oh, before that, i must say that Loveless is a YAOI title. If you do not know what YAOI is, YOU STILL GOTTA WATCH IT! WATCH IT! well not like i care lol. If you kids see something you cannot see, well, reality is cruel kids.

Kawaii Ritsuka.Wooo, Soubi's Aggressive Here.Making Memories Together.
My 'Princess'.Your Hair Smells Great.Papa, I Want Sweets.

The story's kinda interesting lor, here’s a long summary of Ep1 cos i wanna spoil a certain Ms SW lol. Aoyagi Ritsuka is a 12 year old transfer student and rumours on that accident was the cause of his transfer. Ok let me describe the characters lol, they all have neko ears and tails!!! Sooo kawaii~ LoL Kids have neko ears and tails, adults do not have. But in this case, the sensei of Ritsuka, Shinonome still has neko ears and a tail but she's an adult [She’s 23 years old], i think being an adult means something ba. Probably meaning that a person has not fully grown up yet in some way I dunno yet. Shinonome-sensei’s character is kinda mild, like those easier bullied type lol. Ritsuka is put into Grade 6 Class 3, in that class, there is this neko girl, Hawatari Yuiko, and she seems to like Ritsuka cos he’s so cool lol. But Yuiko is kinda bullied by other girls by always making her to do chores for them, like asking Ritsuka for his email address and cell phone number. Ritsuka refused her advances and told her that she’s an idiot [Baka]. Yuiko cried out loud lol.

Meanwhile, Soubi is outside the school waiting for Ritsuka. Ritsuka saw the girls bullying Yuiko by asking her to carry this and that again but Yuiko doesn’t seem to mind. Ritsuka seems annoyed that these used and using tactics are replaying in front of him again. Ritsuka ran out of the school and Soubi grabbed hold of him. Ritsuka do not know him at first and was hostile to him until Soubi introduced himself as Seimei’s friend. [Seimei’s Ritsuka’s brother] Then Ritsuka asked Soubi if he wants to make memories with him. [O_o that’s fast! LoL] So they took photos. [What are you thinking?! LoL] Yeah in the park taking photos then suddenly Soubi kissed Ritsuka on da lips [O_o that’s fast too lol] Ritsuka was shocked but Soubi’s smooth advances made him blushed [So kawaii] Soubi kissed Ritsuka’s hand and said that he will win Ritsuka over. [Otosu] Poor Ritsuka was trembling all over.

Then a girl and guy neko came along and wanna fight with Soubi, saying Soubi’s disgusting and that he jumped to ‘Loveless’ after ‘Beloved’ died. ‘Beloved’ in this case is Seimei’s real name. ‘Loveless’ is Ritsuka’s real name. The guy neko is called ‘Breathless’ and the girl neko is his fighter. During the fight, the girl neko, Ai is not a match for Soubi at all. Soubi seems to be playing mind games with Ai and said ‘Breathless’, Midori is going to suffer a huge damage. Ai stopped her attacks then Midori yelled not to listen to him and he’s her sacrifice. From this I can say that the ‘Watever-less’ life is in the fighter’s hand ba, if the fighter lost, the ‘Watever-less’ will die. [So cool! LoL] Soubi won I think and Ritsuka was demanding an explanation but Soubi just said Sukidaiyo Ritsuka and Ritsuka blushed and asked him to put him down. Blah blah, Ai and Midori was called back by a shadow guy, I can’t see his face, only the voice and Ai and Midori promised that they will bring ‘Loveless’ back. Blah blah, Ritsuka woke up and found himself alone in the park and wondered if it was all a dream but when he saw the pictures in his camera, he knew it wasn’t. Phew. That was long huh.

Now i'm feeling very bored, dun feel like typing any longer lol. I was over at a forum crapping abt cloning, the world ending and stuff. I'm gettin nuts, i'm losing any goals in life. I feel that my course of study like so boring, nothing but business and business ... so boring. I dunno why le. Oh i finished reading Mythical Detective Loki #1 yay, it was fun, i could sense out the murderer after i read the chapter on the 'Cursed Play' halfway. LoL, i got six sense, i juz knew he's a baddie. Hahaha.

Ok i'm currently downloading Ichigo 100% Ep4, Gakuen Alice Ep8, Tsubasa Chronicle Ep4 and Loveless Ep4 ... haha cool uh. I watched School Rumble Ep19 this afternoon, screenshot 9 lol, cos too many nice shots! I can't stand it! Hahaha, then i watched GSD Ep27 halfway. Bleh. I downloaded GANTZ scans today, CH196 and CH197, it's sad to see a good guy die. Bleh. Nothing much to say. I'm bored. I'm bored. I got 1.65GB left. I haven't bought my hard drive. Keh. I'm so cranky tonight. I wanna struggle someone. Maybe i should watch Gakuen Alice Ep7 later to make myself laugh haha. I'm still feeling cranky. Bitchy. My Gundam Seed #5 is opened but i haven't read it yet. My Tsubasa book #6 is still wrapped up. Sigh. WHY ARE THERE NO MANGA SCANLATIONS FOR ME TO DOWNLOAD?! LoL. That's the whole problem.

Yay, i'm meeting YanZi le~ I ordered the bear within the limit 50 people slot muahahaha. Now i'm feeling much better. I'm so easily satisfied. Ok i go watch Gakuen Alice to make me feel even better! Then GSD, then Loveless~ Wooo Soubi~ Hahaha he's sooooo cooL!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Gundam Seed - Shizukana Yoruni by Rie Tanaka

[Signing off @ 11:29 PM]

PS: I'm cranky tonight, so you better dun cock up on me.

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