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Monday, May 23, 2005

School Rumble Ep19 + Magister Negi Magi Ep15

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I'm going to my aunt's house later cos it's her baby's man yue, meaning 1 month old lor. Ya so i'll post it now, since school's starting tomorrow, i wanna sleep early. Double anime post again, School Rumble Ep19~

More Itoko.NOoOoOoOooo.Yakumo?!
Harima And Yakumo?!?!?!Akira And Yakumo?!Nice.

Hm, lol, ok i remembered abit, the guys in class were pretty hyped up when they so called heard Itoko-sensei's going to pose nude for Sasakura-sensei. [Sasakura's an art teacher and a pretty good one] But it seems that lol, it's true but Sasakura's not going to post it up on her gallery, probably for personal use ba [Wooo lol i dunno]

Next bit, we have Sara asking Yakumo to pose as a bride to advertise for the church and the groom is none other than Hanai. [Actually it's supposed to be someone else but Sara couldn't get that someone else to be groom so Sara has to ask Hanai haha Poor Yakumo] Later Harima thought Yakumo's Tenma and fought Hanai for Yakumo haha. Yeah while they were fighting, Sara got Akira to pose as groom and finished the shot leaving Harima and Hanai speechless and alone. Then we have this special shooting stars ep ... yeah.

Next, Magister Negi Magi Ep15~

LoL, Sliding Ayaka.Urk, The Art's UGLY Here!!!!LoL, Muru Muru~
O_OBEST Shot Of Ayaka.Rivals? Best Friends?

An Ayaka special, added with some Chachamaru goes berserk spice. Yeah that's abt all LOL. Basically around the same as the manga. The reason why Ayaka seems so attached to Negi is because Ayaka could have a little brother like Negi but her mum had a miscarriage so no little brother anymore. Asuna's 'friendship' with Ayaka was seen here too. Quite sweet and nice and funny haha. Best friends or rivals? Hm. Oh in the manga, Asuna, Konoka and Negi were the only ones who came to Ayaka's mansion. In the anime, the whole class came and destroyed Ayaka's pool lol.

Ah, the art's not getting better ... juz look at screenshot 2. That looks HORRIBLE! ... Manz.

Oh yeah, i juz downloaded GANTZ C199 and C200 scans lol, getting soooo cool! C200 was unexpected! Wonder if Reika will die? Haha. I'm so bad.

School's starting tomorrow ... sigh 11am lecture ... gotta wake up at 9am ... then after that, go Comic Connection to buy mangas!!! Then extend my concession ... yeah. WHOOOOAAAA Strawberry Shake C3 from Lillicious's out!!! lol Finally!!!~ It's really funny!~ Haha. Hayashiya Shizuru's a really good mangaka, i like the art alot too. Heh. Ok gotta go read it bye

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PS: Wheee BYE!

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