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Saturday, May 7, 2005

Gakuen Alice Ep6

[Posted @ 11:45 PM]
Manz, these days i have no motivation to type more words anymore. I need something to motivate me! Here's Gakuen Alice Ep6 screenshots anyways.

Wail! Who Took My Lollipop!DID YOU TAKE MY LOLLIPOP?!God, Mr Lollipop's Kidnapped!
Now I'm Being Kidnapped!Yay, Onii-san Here Is Going To Buy Me A Lollipop.Yay, I Got The Lollipop I Want!

Yeah, this Ep is not about lollipops lol. Mikan is sent to this 'Special' ability class aka Good-For-Nothing class she said. But that class is not as bad as she thought. She met this senpai, Tsubasa, he got a shadow ability, juz like Shikamaru in Naruto. He can control the shadows and ur movements, it's cool. Then he'll write some words on the shadow, like 'Hop around 100 times' and you'll do the hopping 100 times lol. So funny. Yeah the class's pretty cute and gave Mikan the motivation, like have fun all day stuff. Yeah. I want some motivation too!!!! Like strike 4D or wat lol.

Yeah, i juz watch Gokujo Seitokai Ep1, it's quite funny la hahaha, the damn puppet lol and Rino's expressions so cute hahaha. I'm going to Mercy Relief to collect my bear bear on monday yay. Hahaha. Oh Ichigo 100% Ep5's out. I'm going to download it later yeah. I'm still pondering whether to download Trinity Blood or not. It's abt vampires... COOOOOOL! Lol but my lappy can't hold on much longer. I need to buy the hard drive fast. Oh then on monday, i'll go buy my Mangas!! Woooo~ Ok i dunno wat to write anymore and i wanna download a one shot scanlation by Yuu Watase, titled 'I Won't Let You Become A Star' and i juz saw a new release! LOVE MONSTER! V6 CH39!!! YEAH! Off to download! So cya!

[Signing off @ 11:58 PM]

PS: I'm Bored. Cyaa

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