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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Loveless Ep4

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There's something wrong with myotaku.com tonight so i'll post here first, and i'll post it later after i watch Inuyasha and Shaman King later. If it stills don't let me in, i'll juz forget the whole post and blogger.com will then have this exclusive post by me lol. Here's Loveless Ep4 screenshots~

Soubi's So HOT With His Hair Tied Up.You Have Just Witnessed A Smashed Tomato.Shy Yuiko.
Determined Yayoi.Heartbroken Sensei.Yaoi Alert!

Yes, it's tat time again kids! LoL, more shounen-ai goodness~ Actually i had a headache juz now but now it's mildly gone when it's Loveless day~ Haha. It's cos Loveless Ep7 sub's out! Go download! Heh anyways, here's a detailed summary of Ep4.

Ritsuka's in a shrine praying and wondered if Seimei's a dream. After praying Soubi asked what Ritsuka praying for. Ritsuka then told him that the first wish is to be what he was two years ago and the second is for Soubi to tell him about the 'Seven Moons'. Soubi refused and told Ritsuka that he would do anything else then Ritsuka asked Soubi to take a picture of Iriomote Mountain Cats and Soubi solemnly agreed, pissing Ritsuka even more because he’s angry at Soubi for agreeing to a promise so easily.

Soubi went to the art room and Kio was there commenting that Soubi seems to like butterflies but Soubi said that he hates them. Then Kio saw Soubi's ears being pierced and asked who pierced them. Soubi replied Ritsuka. Kio was like [Haha] how could you ask a child to pierce and remarked that Soubi's a hentai haha then Soubi was like 'I'm not hentai.' Then Soubi went out. [Off to take a photo of the mountain cat I suppose]

Ritsuka's at home praying at Seimei's altar then suddenly Ritsuka's mum went bonkers, shoved the food on the table, stabbed a fork on the table and stared at Ritsuka. [Bet she wounded him]

Ritsuka's late for school. Yuiko's worried about him, because they promised that Ritsuka would taste the strawberry jam Yuiko made. Yuiko took out the bottle of jam during lunch and the baddie classmates saw it and played with it and bullied her. Yayoi saw it too and he fantasized of tasting the jam Yuiko made than really helping Yuiko to get the jam back. Then Yayoi accidentally slipped and the jam fell from the classroom. [A few stories high, see screenshot 2] Yuiko cried, the baddie classmates even surrounded Yuiko and kept bullying her and stuff till Ritsuka came with a bang, licked the broken bottle with jam inside and commented that the jam is delicious. Then Ritsuka scolded the baddie classmates are scums to break Yuiko's heart and hurt her feelings which is much worse than breaking physical things. The teacher came in and stopped them. The teacher then noticed that Ritsuka had bandages on his face and asked him what happened, Ritsuka just said that he fell.

After school, Yuiko and Ritsuka are about to walk out of school when Yuiko remembered that the teacher had asked her to stay back, she ran back and asked Ritsuka to wait for her. In a room, Yuiko told the teacher everything and the teacher asked what kind of person is Ritsuka. Then Yuiko blurted to the teacher that she loves Ritsuka, with him protecting her and stuff and would even die for him. Yayoi's outside eavesdropping, defeated lol and he ran out and saw Ritsuka outside. [He’s so funny]

Ai and Midori aka Breathless asked Ritsuka aside for a moment to talk [Yayoi saw all that] Ritsuka tried calling Soubi but Soubi's phone seems to be unreachable and Ritsuka recalled the time where Soubi promised to pick all calls from Ritsuka, no matter what. Ritsuka's pissed.

Later, Yuiko came out of school and found Ritsuka missing. Yayoi told Yuiko about the two strange people who came to see Ritsuka. Yuiko went to search for him.

Ritsuka, Ai and Midori had a little chat and that they are not enemies anymore because someone else will take over their job, Ritsuka demanded that they tell him the truth but both said they couldn't and told him to get away from Soubi because he's a liar which Ritsuka agreed. [Refer to the paragraph that Soubi promised to pick all calls from Ritsuka but didn't just now] Yuiko found Ritsuka and Ritsuka kinda relaxed and stuff.

Ritsuka's teacher went to Ritsuka's house to have a parent-teacher thingy and because she's worried about Ritsuka. She saw Soubi standing outside Ritsuka's house, then she's all red and blushy over biseinen Soubi~ Hahaha. Then Soubi straight out said that he's not interested in older ladies and rejected her out front. Ritsuka heard it and ordered Soubi to apologize because the teacher's crying. [Poor thing] Later Soubi showed Ritsuka the pictures he took. [Yeah, the mountain cat] Then happy ending lol. [See screenshot 6]

Ok, i didn't get to type out Loveless Ep5 summary last night cos i've a DAMN splitting headache, i had to whack and bang my head several times to make the pain go away. [Yes it sounds dangerous, KIDS do not try this at home, this is done by a professional ... LOL yeah right] Really, after a while it disappeared but it came back again and i had to repeat the above mentioned process again lol. I didn't managed to sleep till i think at around 1.30am ... that time i was juz re-reading some scanlations in hope of making my pain away. Then the thunder came and i had to switch off my lappy in case it goes kaboom or something lol. So i went to bed, tossed and turned a while before i fell asleep but i was awaken by some noises at around 6-6.30am by my brothers, but managed to fall back asleep almost immediately.

So i woke up at around 9am as usual, i walked groggily to the bathroom and knocked my head on the door lol, it's like i juz had an hangover or something. Manz. If being drunk is tat horrible, i'm never getting drunk, i'll die lol. I had cup noodle for breakfast, i took my sweet time in the bathroom cos it's raining and it's cold, hot water + me = heaven. LoL. So i was like stuffing my face with noodles at 9.45am!! LoL. Then i went out at 9:55am ... i reached the bus stop at 10:05am, the bus was 5mins late, came at 10:15am. But i still wasn't late for lec at all! LoL, when i reached the Bukit Panjang CC, 184 was right behind 171~ woo so lucky so i was 10mins early haha. I met Ms T.T in canteen 1 and we chatted a while, later LC smsed me saying she's got 2 stops more. So after saying goodbye to Ms T.T, i waited for LC at the underpass there and we walked up to LT45, along the way, we met JZ, so we walked together lor.

Going school's fun, lol i have more to tok abt. Haha. Ok ok ok, i promised to tok abt the mangas i bought yesterday. Yeah, i bought 6 mangas~ Guyver #6, Tsubasa Chronicle #7, Love for Venus #10, Fruits Basket #9, Mirmo Zibang! #3 and Fushigi Yuugi : Genbu Kaiden #1~ Spent $47 on it lol, i was shocked when i keyed in my pin number and saw $47 on the screen there, hahaha. Yeah i read Love for Venus #10 almost done le, Guyver #6 i flipped around, i tried reading it but nothing goes in lol. I read for 5-6 pages then i tell myself, ok what did i read and i dunno lol. So i put the book down and went to eat and forgot abt it le. Hahaha. The rest i haven't even tear off the plastic covering yet. Love for Venus #10 was fun, Suzuna and Eichi are lovers now woo~ lol Yuki's in love with Suzuna but Suzuna keeps pairing Yuki with Makoto~ Haha. Makoto's pretty cute and funny, nice character. Yeah tat's all i know. LoL.

Hm, OH YEAH! Most importantly! Haha i got The Celestial Zone II #28 today! Wheeee! Hahaha, Five Elements and Ziyan's on the cover with the evil Xue Wu's face as the background, quite nice. I like the way Ziyan posed lol, so sexy sia her thighs lol. I keep staring at it... [LoL sounds like a pervert] Aiya nice stuff are meant to enjoy and look upon right right? [Silence] Ha. Keh. Yeah i read it already lol, the real Xue Wu actually fought with Tian Mo Xue Wu! And there's not one or two nor three Xue Wus. There are actually 4+1+1=6! Haha. Five Elements and Ziyan saved Wang Chan from the cave of Tian Mo Xue Wu and the 4 other sleeping Xue Wu awoke and attacked Fice Elements! Will Five Elements be the first from the rightous side to die?! Woo lol. Actually i'm not sure if there's only 6 Xue Wus or not, there might be more i dunno of. Heh. Interesting.

Oh besides getting The Celestial Zone II #28, i got a $10 voucher for the June BookFair this coming saturday yay! And my metallic badge [Golden Nymph] and a chibi Chi Xue metallic badge for subscribing #29-#40~ woo lol. I'll probably get another chibi Chi Xue metallic badge at the bookfair again cos i'll surely spend more than $20 de haha. Yeah bookfair's this saturday, 28th May 2005! TCZ's booth is SP21. I'll probably go there at around 1-2pm ba. Not sure, i forgot how to go Suntec City le!!! LoL.

Ok, uh, yeah! Anime Music time! LoL, yes i didn't managed to finish downloading Gokujou Seitokai's OP/ED last night, still downloading now and i saw Loveless OP/ED's UP FOR DOWNLOAD WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! And it's done like 15mins ago lol i'm replaying and replaying it now~ Tsuki no Cursu~ Yeah, so downloading Ichigo 100% Ep7 and Loveless Ep7. Heh. Ah i downloaded Kannazuki no Miko Ch10 RAW! FINALLY! After near 6months of waiting! Chapter 10 is out! But nothing much la, no Chikane X Himeko REAL action lol juz some groping here and there by fake Himeko created by the Orochi, what's her name? Forgot lol. The nun or sister not sure. lol.

YES Gokujou Seitokai OP's done! cya i'll go unzip and upload up my Mp3 player~ Not to forgot Loveless OP/ED too~~~

[Signing off @ 10:45 PM]

PS: Wheeeeee~

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