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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

School Rumble Ep20 + Loveless Ep5 + Goodbye Hair

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Whee, i finally cut my hair off lol. Yeah, i cut up alot, it's very short lol. Wonder how my friends will react tomorrow XP. Anyways, double anime bill, long time no School Rumble, so here's Ep20 screenshots!

LoL! We Got Beard!Get Me YanZi's Signature Before I Would Go Out With You.LoL Eri Looks Pretty Cute.
God, She's Reading My Porn Sketches.Yakumo~A Scene From ... I Forgot The Name, Piper Something LOL.

Yeah it's pretty funny haha. Eri accidentally chopped off Harima's beard and in the end had to apologized to him by doing stuff for him. [See screenshot 3 lol]

Later, Harima was engrossed in the manga drawing stuff and was moping around in a cafe Yakumo worked in. So when he went to get someone, i forgot his name le de signature, he left his manga in the cafe and Yakumo saw it lol. Ah then he asked Yakumo to comment abt his manga and stuff and gave him some encouragement ... yeah i think lol.

Yeah in school, Harima asked Yakumo out in the rooftop for her to read his manga and asked for her comments and stuff. He asked her if it's alright to have a kiss. [Meaning in Harima's own manga, is it the right time to have a kissing scene] But lol, Hanai thought Harima was asking Yakumo for a kiss and she even said yes! LoL. It's all a misunderstanding. Hence screenshot 6 lol, Hanai's in for a war.

Next up, we have Loveless Ep5! I juz download Ep8~~~ Yeah! There's a Shoujo-ai couple in Ep8, even a kiss scene wheee. LoL.

Oyasumi Ritsuka.Kinka And Ginka.Kiss Alert! LoL.
Kiss Neck Scene.Ritsuka + Ducky.Smiling Soubi.

[This was typed when i was sick]
Firstly, I'm kinda sick and out of sorts right now, so my summary's might be straight to the point in what I see. I might not give explanations what and why some things happen cos I don't want and can't think straight right now. Really. Ok here we go.

Ritsuka's in his bed, he tossed and turned [Whoa that sounds so familiar!] but couldn't sleep. Then he thought about the problems behind his sleepless nights, was it because of his brother's death or Soubi's appearance.

In school, Ritsuka was yawning due to lack of sleep, Yayoi too, because he overheard Yuiko confessing to the sensei that she loves Ritsuka and couldn't sleep. Ritsuka's sensei, Shinonome-sensei too, couldn't sleep because of Soubi's outright rejection. [LoL, everyone's losing sleep here, hence the title of ep5, Sleepless]

Ai and Midori were sitting on a bus, they're heading to their school I supposed after the next batch was sent to take down Ritsuka and Soubi. They're talking about Midori's weird taste for weird drinks. [Haha]

The next batch, a girl and a guy, the guy's the fighter, while the girl's the sacrifice. The guy’s name is Kin-chan and the girl [Dunno the name yet], asked Kin-chan if Soubi's strong. Then there’s this flashback of their sensei saying that Soubi’s perfect and stuff.

Ritsuka's in the doctor's room, telling her about his sleepless nights and it's like he's in a dream and he'll disappear as the real Ritsuka comes back. [Huh] The doctor kinda encouraged him that Ritsuka really wants to know the real reason behind his brother's death so he can’t disappear now and stuff.

Ritsuka called Soubi. Kin-chan and the girl are out shopping. Soubi and Ritsuka's in some place. Soubi asked why Ritsuka would call him suddenly. [Ask about Seimei's death lor] Then blah blah, a scene of ask-you-sorry-i-can't-tell-you. Scene changes to Kin-chan feeling the presence of Soubi. Blah blah. They fought. If Ritsuka win this fight, he will get this letter where all his doubts will be answered. Oh the girl's name is Ginka and the guy's full name's Kinka, they're the sleepless duo.

[Kyaaaaahh Soubi looks so drop dead sexy without his spects~~~ Like Yuki from Gravitation] Oh there was a kiss too lol, when Ritsuka said he wanted the letter, Soubi kissed him probably to get the strength and stuff. In my opinion, it's just pure fan service la lol.

I think Soubi hates their sensei lol cos when Kinka was saying something that Soubi ain't the star student for nothing, Soubi looks pissed. Ginka and Kinka attacked Soubi and Ritsuka and they got chained up and blah, Ritsuka then did some I dunno how to describe lol, kinda like a kiss on his neck. [See screenshot 4] Yeah so Soubi won.

So Soubi got the letter from them as they lay unconscious. Kinka suddenly whacked Soubi from behind and Soubi attacked back and blah, Ritsuka asked Soubi to stop and forgive them and blah. Then Soubi asked Ritsuka to order him and use him as he pleased. Ritsuka was doubtful about their relationship, ordering and obeying, is that what they are?

Ritsuka's in a bathtub [Whee *Hops in too* LoL] Soubi sent a message to Ritsuka, asking him to give him a kiss which Ritsuka did. Then bedtime. End. Oh yes, we see Soubi smiled for the first time. [As in 'Real Smile' not 'fake']

Wheee, i cut my hair~ I cut my hair lol, i was pretty nuts when i cut my hair, i was so ... jumpy and light lol. Hahaha. It's really short haha, up to my ears, a little bit higher. LoL. From Maybe till my chest length hair i cut right up to my ears, i feel so free lol. Like some dark force is taken off my shoulders.

Also, for the past week, i had not seen a SINGLE kingfisher bird lol [To me kingfisher birds are supposed to bring luck and i will wish upon the bird and most of the time, my wish will come true or at least half of it will come true] Muahaha. But after cutting my hair, i was walking home, i saw not ONE but TWO kingfisher birds~ Wheee lol. First, i wished tat my studies/projects/anything i do, will be smooth sailing lol. Second, i hope my training will change or wat or YanZi's event change ... but i highly doubt this will come true lol, it's like wednesday night le, and tomorrow's IS day, so i dun think there'll be any changes in plans. Also YanZi's pretty busy, so i doubt tat will change too. It's juz my selfish and wishful thinking lol. I can still make it de la, i juz have to ya know, sacrifice a little time maybe 15-20mins to pry myself away from YanZi and go Singapore Post Centre lol.

But i really hope the first wish will come true lol, i'll work hard! Even though i'm in a new class, new faces, new friends and classmates i never seen or knew of and toked to. Sigh, it's going to be tough to tok to them freely. I need at least 2-3 weeks to be able to tok ... normally ba. Sorry, i'm juz that kinda person, i really CAN'T open up to people i dunno. Hahaha.

Oh yes, i wanna tok abt my IBS [Interactive Business Skills] lecturer cum tutor. Let's juz call her Mrs SC ok? Lol, she's such a bitch cum snob cum backstabber from the way she behaved and tok. I juz dun like her face, her voice, her clothes, her everything. From the moment i saw her in tutorial, i was like 'Such a disgusting face' LOL. It's really rare for me to really dislike/hate a tutor tat much and it has been a long time. I dun trust teachers/tutors/lecturers for as long as i lived, i respect them yes, but dun trust them. I juz got this bad experience back in primary school and it's not pleasant at all. Dun ask. lol.

Let me state an example why i call her face disgusting lol. I hate the way she smiled, she kinda smiled at us then when she turned, her face transformed 360 ... no more than that, let's say 1 Million degrees to a very ... 'Qian Bian' face lol. Loosely translated as 'Wanna Beat Face', it's like when u see a person, u dun like the face, and tat face is those kinda of you wanna juz bash and put a hole in that particular face. Yes, she is tat type. LoL. Besides a 'Qian Bian' face, the way she tells us stories abt business people sucking up to rich business people makes me wanna puke. I know the real business world is like tat, tat's why i've been thinking that i'm in the entirely wrong course. I dun like to tok, nor network, nor suck up to people and most of all i show people how i feel and would never 'Xiao Li Chang Dao', loosely translated as Hiding a knife behind a smile, meaning that we might smile at a person, but behind tat mask of smiling face, a knife is hidden, waiting to stab tat unsuspecting person.

LoL, i was also complaining to my friend, YL while we were sitting on 184 to the CC stop lol. She kinda dislike tat lecturer cum tutor too. Haha also my other friend, JZ, who was sitting beside me during Mrs SC's lecture, she was also like saying how fake tat Mrs SC's is. I was like YEAH, we have the same idea lol. Mrs SC might be a good lecturer cum tutor BUT her character's disgusting in my own opinion. You might be saying how could i judge a person by juz her lecturing and saying stores, cos tat might be not true and she might be juz faking it or wat. Yes, i thought of tat.

So the WORST thing that grossed me out was she said she had this close friend, CLOSE FRIEND she claimed, got married and stuff then another of her close friend [Who's the CEO of some company or wat] volunteered to be like the chauffer for his wedding and stuff and the bunch of 'Close Friends' she had, were also helping out. So after all the stuff, the groom sent out a mass email to everyone who help out, a line of thank you that includes the CEO guy AND she's complaining over tat? God?!! If he's a close friend of yours, you won't EVEN MIND sacrificing ONE DAY of YOUR FREAKING LIFE to help a friend right? I mean so what if an hour means a few thousands to you? I think tat CEO guy won't mind too, if not how would he be the CEO cos you won't mind such stuffs to help a friend. You can make a millions of dollars but can you buy friendship with money? That's pretty why tat Mrs SC's still a lecturer cum tutor in NP lol.

Really, how could you expect your friend to repay you in terms of whatever you helped. I dun expect any repayments from my friends, but if they offer, i would gladly take it and i wouldn't mind even if it's juz an email of thanks, or even juz a sms of thanks. AT LEAST people have this feeling to thank you! Do you expect your friend to treat you a 10 course dinner or wat? [In the lecture, she said even a small meal in a coffee shop's fine and must DECLARE somemore, that so and so helped me so i'm giving this meal to thank so and so] Wat the? It's so ... disgusting. I mean how can you feel tat way?

Juz so disgusting.

[Signing off @ 10:45 PM]

PS: I'm still feeling disgusted lol.

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